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benicia , California
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How have you arranged your rear compartment?

My 28' FC has a rear bedroom and compartment. I store my water hose, electrical cords, towing hardware and other heavy stuff back there. It's a mess and I can't seem to keep it arranged neatly. How have you kept yours orderly? Got pics? Thanks!

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2003 25' Classic
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Wink Don't feel bad...

....I have to fence it in.

Tents,2. Ground tarps,3. Roll-up aluminum table. TeleSteps ladder. Pancake LPG tank for genset. Wheel covers. Stuff I forgot about.

The drawer just get's stuffed......


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That big compartment is just for our big stuff: Honda 1000, BBQ and the rest of the space is for Sam's fishing gear- rods, a few bags of gear and her waders.

This compartment was one of our major reasons for getting the rear twin.
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I tend to pack differently than many - I carry the messy stuff that always gets used in the bed of the truck rather than the trailer (electrical cords, water hoses, water filter, wheel chocks, etc) and use the big rear compartment for tables, chairs, small mat and levelers. The sewer stuff lives in the bumper to prevent any cross contamination with anything else.

Nitril gloves, trash bags, awning tool, small amount of tools, etc go in the forward small outside compartment.

I use milk crates in the back of the truck to organize the plumbing, electrical, propane cylinders and chocks. I think they may be a bit tool tall to fit thru the rear compartment door, though.

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Keith & Barb
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Ditto to Keith whose approach keeps the heavy stuff out of the trailer's rear compartment, which can get overloaded IMO with heavier things like generators etc..

I haven't loaded up our new FC20 yet, but intend to weigh all axles incl. tow vehicle at Max. Gross weight in the spring. If too much heavy stuff is placed in the rear of the longer trailers, it can affect the weight distribution set up.
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2007 28' International CCD
Springfield , Missouri
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I measured the rear compartment an found two large plastic containers.One is used for water hoses and often used items.The other has maintenance items and backup replacement pieces etc.That leaves approximately 2ft area on the side for blocks etc.

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Does your trailer have the roll out tray under the bumper? That is where I keep hoses and 120v extensions - works well for that.

Brian & Connie Mitchell

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Apache Junction , Arizona
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I try and put things in plastic storage containers to keep things organized. Potable water hoses etc in one container and sewage stuff in another. Several tools boxes containing specific tools for specific jobs. All seems to help quite a bit. Like many others I carry around far more stuff then I actually need.
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Mine's not really organized- just stuff crammed in there- in reverse order to facilitate setup-
Power cord, surge protector, water hose, leveling blocks, TV cable, satellite dish antenna, charcoal, fishing poles-
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All of the hookup hoses and cords are rolled up individually and bungeed, and along with chocks and blocks we set them just inside the truck's tailgate where they are handy to access as we move across the country. Tools, generator (when we take it), lawn chairs are also in the truck.

Our ProPride hitch is mounted on the trailer tongue and stays there, I just pull forward about a foot and slide it's stinger from the hitch back into the hitch head.

We use the storage compartments for trailer maintenance and repair material, any tarps, rags, or wheel covers, and extra clothing and shoes, all put in appropriate size plastic containers we have shopped around for to fit the gear and storage area.
Doug and Cheryl
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We also have a 28'--and International--so it also only has the one outside storage compartment--about 1/2 of the rear bedroom queen bed.

On the right side of the compartment, I carry a number of 12" plastic containers that stack and are also easily moved around without pulling them all out. The least used items go all the way forward and down. These included black Rustoleum for the entry steps and Equalizr, liquid wax for the exterior, and some board and sail repair stuff. If no item has been used for a year, it is removed and discarded. Among these containers is also a flat tool chests that actually stores on it's narrow side and wedges among the containers. It is very easy to pull this up and out of the forward containers. In front of all of these is a small, very rugged open plastic basin--actually two--one stacked inside the other. When in a beach environment, one comes out and is filled with fresh water and place by the entry steps to rinse off sand. During winter storage, one is worked alongside the other and holds our Equlizr hitch--it makes it a bit easier to maneuver in and out without damaging anything else. The top one of the two basins contains a smaller plastic container with handy hose attachments like y-splitters and extra hose washers--easily accessible for campgrounds. Also in the top basin is a crescent wrench, WD-40, anti-bacterial soap container for hand washing after sewer work, and wire twist ties for the hose when they're not on the hoses.

On the left and middle side compartment, we have a shallow (6") large sealable plastic container. In here is store the longer sewer hose (which we only use for one campground for three months each summer), spare attachment parts and spare sewer area Valterra cover, and a clear clean out sewer attachment. This container is rarely used, so it rides all the way to the left and all the way forward, and serves as a second "floor" for that section of the compartment.

On top of that compartment from front to back, we used to start with a rolled up aluminum table but found that we hadn't used it in two years, so I just removed it. We have two highly specialized camping/climbing chairs each of which fit into a 10"x3"x3" bag and are extremely light. Next comes our Napoleon BBQ, purchased to just get into the 11" opening to the compartment with legs collapsed. It squeezes perfectly between the somewhat flexible plastic top of the large, flat container and the compartment ceiling--I use a small piece of styrofoam to make a larger area contact/padding, so all the items on that side remain fixed and don't move at all going down the road. This has actually left a small area between the front of container and back of the compartment that is currently free of items.

Our heavy duty doormat goes on top of the plastic container and over to the right hand side containers (there's room to the right of the grill.) And the hoses and wheel chock go on top of that.

The electrical connection cord lives in the bumper. I also have an old windsurfing parts bag that is long and narrow in which I store the Equalizr spring bars and all attachment equipment as well as spares which is stored in the bumper, too.

A couple of times a year we boondock at beaches where we need a large, heavy tarp which we peg securely to the ground that we use as a somewhat smooth, protected surface to rig our windsurf sails, which are very sensitive to sharp objects like rocks. It has taken years, but we finally have the technique to roll the 20x30 tarp up tightly in high winds, but it's still a pretty big package. We also need a plastic container dedicated to tent stakes, and need to carry a customized 5 lb sledge. Typically, for these two trips, we will remove the lesser used items to make room if necessary.

In our Sprinter, in specially built compartments, we carry additional wax, jumper cables, a larger more comprehensive tool kit, a small solar panel (for the Sprinter's aux battery), a drill and impact drill set, a collapsible ladder for the AS, and all of our windsurf gear--six boards, 11 masts and 11 sails, four sets of booms, wetsuits for each of us for water temps from the 50s to the 80s and in between, and various smaller equipment, all in carefully designed and built racks/compartments for easy access from the rear of the Sprinter.
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Stay CazuaL
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I use two of these, labelled them "Electrical" and "AirPump" and I have a Bigger Stanley for a few more things. This works for me. I added handles on the side to make it easy for me to pull them in and out.
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I use the rear compartment for items needed to set up (power cable, water hose, slinky, leveling legos, tv cable, tool bag, rug, etc). I use gear ties purchased at Home Depot to keep the items rolled up. They bend into any shape and are reusable. Hitch parts are in the side compartment. Hitch ball and shank are stored in the bed of my truck.
Search Results for¬*gear ties¬*at The Home Depot
I prefer them to bungee cords.
Large bulky items like generators, BBQ, propane tank. I load in the bed of my truck.
The sewer hose is stored in the bumper.
This system has worked well for me over the years.
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No wonder I'm close to max load.....

We have a rear twin bed 25. The road side rear compartment carries small tupper containers. One has the sewer hose fittings, a bottle of hand cleaner, and a box of HF disposable gloves. Another has spare hitch parts. Another has miscellaneous small stuff.

The bumper compartment carries power cord, TV cable wire, and wooden leveling blocks. The rear compartment carries a Cobb grill, a Camco gas grill, a dutch oven, a rollup table, a rolled up patio rug, a rolled up side curtain for the awning and two folding chairs.

The curb side rear compartment carries water hoses, a spray bottle of bleach solution for water hookup faucets, water filter, an emergency marker kit, a set of lego leveling pads and a trailer aid tire changing ramp.

Generator, tools, sat dish, and inflatable kayak in the truck bed.

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benicia , California
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Great ideas everyone. Thank you! Happy New Year!
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Originally we put all the "get set up" stuff back there. Then we started thinking about weight and g-forces when bounding on I-5 and I-10, among other obstacle courses we've travelled. Ballistic weight may matter.

We moved the 30 amp electric cord to the truck bed, only store a 10' sewer hose and it's related paraphernalia in the bumper. Pretty light weight there now.

The rear compartment went through a few iterations (everything does when changing things around is so easy.) The only things in the rear compartment are a pair of flamingos (mostly feathers and air, right?) three tennis racquets (definitely light,) a few spare rolls of paper towels, a couple of Aerobies, and two cardboard tubes containing spare parts for my HF antenna (bulky, no weight.)

The side compartment (also under the bed) is a little weightier with two bags of leveling blocks and a couple of bulky things.

We moved all the heavy stuff to the truck bed - it's got the weight rating, frame and suspension to carry it. The trailer just doesn't.
Chasing 75 Degrees,

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Hi from AZ. . . our FC28 is set up the same as Greenflag, seems to work for us, regards, Craig

WBCCI 2851,4CU
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