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Funniest thing that has happened to you.

As I approach my 500th post I started looking back at the things that have happened to us during the restore of our trailer and I went back to some of my early early post and had to laugh out loud. I remember very clearly the time we took the front gaucho out when we were looking for a leak and my husband stated we have a little floor rot underneath the window and about that time he fell through the floor where the gaucho had been, I laughed soooo hard I almost tinkled in my pants. Lets here some funny things that have happened to you.

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Originally Posted by rebel beck
I remember very clearly the time we took the front gaucho out when we were looking for a leak and my husband stated we have a little floor rot underneath the window and about that time he fell through the floor where the gaucho had been, I laughed soooo hard I almost tinkled in my pants.
I personally don't think that is very funny . I took the front goucho out last night and I too noticed some floor rot. Not a lot, but I hope I don't fall through the floor tonight as I really clean things out and take a closer look. This one might just strike a little too close to home. And if I do fall through the floor, I may do more than tinkle in my pants.

So far in my project, no "doh" moments have ocurred. I am sure they will, but not yet.

Thanks for the laugh,

Andy S.
Murray, Utah

69 Overlander
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Frank S
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Hi--We arrived in Limon CO one summer evening, just in time for a thunder storm, that included hail. I went outside to see if I could do anything to protect the A/S or my new Suburban in front of it. While pondering a piece of hail as big as a golf ball hit me right on top of the head. Instantly the ache in my head sent a message to my brain, "go inside dummy", so I did.--Frank S
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Funniest thing that has happened to you.

I am almost to the point where I can laugh at this situation from June of this year. It was about 48-hours before I HAD to be on the road if I expected to make the Vintage Airstream Club parpade into the WBCCI International Rally. After 24-hours of frantic preparation getting my Minuet ready for the road, I was down to the last three projects -- checking the tire air pressures, filling the fresh water tank, and installing the new house battery. The first two went without incident, but you would have thought I was in the middle of a slapstick comedy bit when I attempted the third.

I have had the battery out numerous times to check electrolyte levels, and wasn't paying particular attention as I opened the exterior battery compartment door. As is usuall, I reached into the compart to grasp the battery and slide it out -- I immediately felt a strange tingling in the fingers of my right hand, but didn't thing too much about it (assumed that I had scratched my fingers on the edge of the compartment). A moment later, wasps began swarming out of the compartment -- I had grabbed hold of their nest as I grasped the battery. Needless to say, the old battery was abandoned half-in and half-out of the compartment as I made a beeline for the house and the nearest shower. The remnants of the nest fell to the ground as I withdrew my hand.

What could have been a terrible situation was not as bad as it could have been as I was only stung five times in the left hand. I had no idea whether I was alergic or not as I had never been stung by a wasp before. I spent the next 18-hours regrouping and then bought the largest can of wasp spray that the local garden store had -- sprayed every exterior compartment or place where wasps might have tried to make home around the Minuet. While there weren't many, I was still seeing stray wasps after arriving in Salem, OR as they flew out of the opening around the range hood vent and the air conditioner shroud.

By this time next year, I will be able to get a good laugh from this -- it is at the half-hearted chuckle stage right now.

Kevin D. Allen
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In line with Kevin's wasps....
When we picked up the 63 Overlander in Washington State, it had a strange buzz in it, and large bumble bees would surround the trailer as it was parked.
We did not think too much of it, being unfamiliar with Washington State insect habits...
As we drove through Oregon and California, at every stop, there were more of these bumble bees, still hovering around the trailer. Later in the week, at the DMV, guessed it, bumble bees all over the place. Non aggressive, just hovering around without much purpose.
Later we found a huge nest of bumble bees, in the floor insulation of the trailer. The nest was very odd shaped, like something out of an Alien movie. All crusted with what I guess to be honey. We had to kill them, unfortunately, but even then, weeks later, I would find stray bumble bees at Area 63.
I supposed we exported an entire state of bumble bees into California.
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Fuel problem

We bought our 83 MH in April 2005 and checked it out for a couple of weeks before going on our first long trip. Put on 6 new tires , changed oil and filters, replaced fuzzy channel in windows, checked all appliances, all lights working , windshield washers and wipers OK. Looks like everything is go . Loaded clothes, dishes, linens and medicines. Stopped 15 miles from home to fill fuel tank.

Suprise! Surprise!! fuel is running out from under the MH. Roy is disabled and he was inside telling me to see what is wrong. I had to get on the ground to look up under the fill spout. Rubber hose has split in it, Roy says "wrap some duck tape on it" Hoping this is a fix I lay on the concrete drive at the punp and try to put tape on, the split. Only my feet are sticking out from under side of MH. A truck pulls up to the other side of the pump and I hear them talking about my feet. I get to laughing so hard that I drop the tape and decide that it isn't going to be a fix. you should have seen the look on the people's face when this white haired old woman crawls out from under the MH covered with diesel.

We had to go back home unload the MH put clothes and meds into the pickup and go on our trip to see the grandkids in AR. we couldn't take time to fix as granddaughter had a concert the next day that we didn't want to miss.

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Fortunately not me, but I did watch my brother come out of the trailer onto a very wet (and slippery) step that he'd warned everyone about half a dozen times in two days of the kind of rain you can only get when you are camping and wanting hot sun, and he did a legs straight out and down hard on his butt fall. He had a beverage in each hand and the completely startled look on his face as he sat there for a moment and wondered what had just happened had almost the entire group around the sputtering campfire in stitches. He'd clearly hurt himself somewhat as when he stood up, down he went again, both knees buckling underneath him. In both falls he managed to not spill one iota of his precious drinks, but he had severe bruising for several days. I remember one of the kids calling out "great show, Charlie Tuna" and he's carried that nickname ever since.
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Do "virtual" funnies count?

We haven't even picked up our new airstream yet, and we're already belly-laughing... My husband is driving over 1000 miles to get our girl ("Maude," we've affectionatley decided to name her - in keeping with the whole retro '70s thing). Ever since we made the deal and the trip plans, we've had nothing but AIRSTREAM on the brain.

So yesterday morning, he woke up from a vivid dream that he arrived to pick her up and she had shrunk. Everything was in miniature -- the beds, the ceiling, the bathroom - you name it. He was in a panic, thinking it was going to be impossible for a family of four to fit without feeling like sardines.

He laughed about that dream all day. I guess we won't rest until she's parked in our driveway (full-size, that is).
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Got another one.

When we got the nerve to check the water system, we were so excited we attached the water and my husband was going around checking the faucets and then we got down to the toilet and it flushed. It was like we had indoor plumbing for the first time so excited no more public showers or restrooms great. Then I stepped outside and it was like we had a Minny swimming pool at our campsite oh well new plumbing on the list.
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At 9:00 pm on a Sunday night in Elk City , Oklahoma I returned from the pool to find my wife locked out of the trailer , saying her key would not work and she could not get into the trailer. Mine wouldn't either. Not sure what happened but we were locked out.

By luck our front window was open just enough that I could cut my brand new screen and shove her through the window ( no way my 6'3" 285# would fit) . I really thought we might get to meet the local law enforcement officials for this fine action. Once inside I talked her through the removal of the lock and we got the door open.

For the rest of the trip we left either the door or window open. We now have a new Bargeman lock and a piece of screen in our scrapbook labled - Rv adventure #1.
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When I purchased my Airstream, the counter was separated from the wall due to the collapse of the base of the cabinet. I built a new base & attached it to the floor. Well, the screws were too long & one of them punctured the water tank (I know, how stupid). I went along & drilled out the screw holes larger so I could stick my finger in the hole to see if I could feel a hole in the water tank. You guessed it...I got my finger stuck in a hole like a chinese puzzle. The plywood bit me every time I tried to pull it out. Luckily, a neighbor came out to get her mail, after I sat there for about a half hour, and she got my daughter from in the house. She was of no help. I had to call my husband home from work to drill holes around my finger & break apart the plywood to free me. I can laugh about that one. The second stupid thing I did was dislocate my shoulder while polishing. It was a case of the polisher gone wild & my not letting go of it. I'm still aching from that one & not quite laughing about it yet!

1964 Bambi II
1988 Avion 32S
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Hi All,, here is one that was a case of mistaken water fill connections. While travelling home from the International,,, with a very long term ex wbcci state president... he insisted on connecting me to the water at the campsite,,, strange gurgles from my trailer,,,, open the shower door,,, and out pours about 20 gallons of water,,,, soaking rugs,,,, and questioning perhaps a broken pipe,,,, morning came,,, and in checking the trailer,,, guess who connected the hose to the city water over fill?????? names are with held to protect reputations,,,, donna
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Ok, I'm in

So we had just driven over 1300 miles in two days with our two little kids, plunked down the money for our "new" airstream, and set off on the drive back to CA pulling our trailer. Total newbies, clueless to towing and airstreams, we were tense at every creak and bump in the road, total basket cases through the Rockies (even though everything went just fine.) We had to drive all night to make up for the extra day we had spent in Denver so by the time we reached our first stop in Virgin, UT, we were beat. But, it was hot, and the kids were restless, so we sucked it up and played in the river with them and made the best of it. Finally, the sun began to set and the kids settled into their bunks for the night. Jack and I were so relieved to finally have a moment to rest and reflect. We lit some candles, poured ourselves a glass of wine, and settled back to watch the outrageous sunset. Just as we raised our glasses to celebrate our first full day of AS ownership, we heard a loud thump and swooshing water sound. We dashed to the trailer just in time to see water pouring out from under it. Jack quickly turned off the water connection. A ruptured water line? Something awful, for sure, but too wiped to investigate in the dark, we called it a night without even finishing our glass of wine.

The next day, after a good night's sleep, it turned out we were only missing a water pressure regulator and there was actually nothing wrong with our trailer at all! We will never forget that first eventful night in our AS!

hey you, get off of my flying cloud
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