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Originally Posted by SilverWind View Post
Do away with sharps edges inside ALL Airstream models.
^ This! My arms are a mess from the scraping.
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Originally Posted by SilverWind View Post
Do away with sharps edges inside ALL Airstream models.
Originally Posted by StanA View Post
^ This! My arms are a mess from the scraping.
Let me tell you about our 2002.

Shortly after buying it (new), I spent about a week filing and smoothing off all sharp edges and corners. This was mostly on cabinet and door/drawer edge banding, but there were also other cut and scrape producers. It was worth the effort. Running a hand over all those places without cuts and with a silken feel has been a pleasure ever since.

Yes, it would be an improvement to have what we have enjoyed ever since!

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Politicians, like diapers, should be changed often, and for the same reason!
Mark Twain
So 'em
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Thor, KZ live but Camplite is No Longer Produced

Originally Posted by Hermes View Post
“Let's not make changes; let's only make improvements,” Wally Byam

So here goes!

Any improvement suggestions?
Build the Airstream to last forever

Will it add to the price of a unit? Possibly, but if another RV builder has taken this path, it is worth evaluating the cost-benefit for a product like Airstream which is in the higher end of the market. For a better look that the “all-aluminum” trailer:

Click on "Plant tour" on page:
Originally Posted by Tim A. View Post
It is worth noting that Livin' Lite is owned by Thor, Airstream's parent company.

Thor is a giant, owns KZ but Camplite is no longer in production.
I like the idea of an aluminum frame but steel is better.
Long Live Airstream.
"Talk is cheap, Airstreams are expensive," Wally Byam.
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Thor is all in favor of improvements.
"improvements" in the profit margin.

Remember if you sell the Airstream and buy a Jayco, Dutchman, Entegra, KZ, or Keystone, they own those too.
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AWESOME thread Hermes.
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Love seeing all these suggestions and agree that now is the time for Airstream to take it up a notch with its popularity and resale value for its owners.

I’d like to add one perpetual frustration we cannot seem to resolve-finding the openings allowing vermin into the belly and then easily into the cabin. Despite reading many posts, and trying many things, have been unable to resolve.
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Dishwasher option

I’d put this request far below most of the others I’ve read in this thread, but I’d love to see an option for a small (4-6 place setting) dishwasher.

We’ve been able to retrofit a Danny countertop in our 1993 Excella. Many of us don’t use the microwave so it could go in that location instead and be much easier to run through an inverter while dry camping because of the lower wattage requirements.
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Originally Posted by fastrob View Post
Thor is a giant, owns KZ but Camplite is no longer in production.
I like the idea of an aluminum frame but steel is better.
Long Live Airstream.
Steel maybe stronger but I don't like the aluminum touching steel. I have a lot of rivets underneath for belly pan and wrap around that have corroded away. I am presently getting ready to replace those but wonder how long before it needs to be done again .🙄
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Underbed storage area

We have a 28 ft FB and it is our third AS. The underbed storage is great but as it opens to the outdoor storage it allows cold air to enter the bedroom. Any suggestions to DIY a fix?
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- electric stabilizer jacks
- better insulation under beds in Twin model FC so the condensation doesn’t make mattresses wet on cold nights
- quieter fans for fridge
- water pump switch with auto-turn off timer
- built-in cell phone booster (or at least pre-wired for one)
- hdmi cables/connectors for streaming box (near dvd)
- fantastic fan in bedroom of 25 FC RB
- build subwoofer speaker into cabinet under seats instead of at feet under dinette table
- a better way to extend bottom of jack stand that doesn’t require removing and replacing pin
- mobile app for leveling
- mobile app for monitoring temperature while away (when leaving pets)
- quick water hose connects
- a storage compartment that is deeper (where you could stow a wider item like a fold flat table)
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Great ideas

I’m all in on the dedicated upright alcohol storage!
2018 20’ FC
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Great thread!!!!

I ferl we all love our AS as positive owners I feel our efforts in sughesti ok ns shows the love we have with the trailer.

I hope our ideas/suggestions/improvements find the correct ears in corporate JC.

My suggestion comes from an egonomic one. I neing 6'-2". I love my 30' Classic. But some review of interior setups can easily be more made with new 3D Cad systems so that taller or even shorter people could be evaluated for areas of better fit of interior spaces.

My improvement would be for areas where a tall person cannot easily stand to work. Such as at sink and counter without rising the upper caninet door so I don't hit my glasses off or knock my forehead into the door constantly.

Lastly couch. Good for some and likely most,but longer legs or upper body the reclining couch doesn't work.

Great thread and I hope JC listens to the loyal owners.

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Have been in the looking phase for a while. Kind of shocked by what I saw on a new nest. Rusting screws on the back grab handle. Rusting white painted steel near the license plate holder. Seems very unimpressive for $50k.
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1. Nautilus RV retractable shower door. I’m actually thinking about doing this myself. It would make getting in and out of the shower much easier. Also wouldn’t have water falling down off the door onto the floor. Plus it only weighs 6lbs!
2. Put a window in the shower to get light in. My wife is a bit claustrophobic.
3. WiFi/Cell booster installed by the DVD player. Or at least a place you can put it with an access to put up an antenna. At least make it an option.
4. Get rid of the European hinges. Constantly coming off and hard to adjust. Maybe this is their intention. But especially on the closet door. Why not put the same type of hinge on the closet door that’s on the bathroom door? That door get used quite a bit. Needs a more sturdy hinge. Again something I might do myself.
5. Winterizing valve by the water pump so it makes it easer to put anti-freeze through the system. I had that installed at the dealership since it was hard to get to all the fittings and I really don’t have much experience plumbing with pex. Cost about $240 after the fact. Probably cost $50 when things are being done at the factory.
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I have a 2017 FC 27FB:
  • +1 on get rid of Euro hinges!
  • Add a positive latch for travel on the kitchen cabinet above the microwave. Door opens, canisters fall, dent flooring, and spill contents. 😡
  • Improve flooring to avoid squeaks, rot, & leaks.
  • Vertical awning legs. On my previous RVs, the awning supports would detach from the trailer for vertical placement. You could walk under the end of the awning, not around it.
  • Right angle power cord attachment to reduce strain.
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Airstream improvement suggestions thread (August 2019)

If Airstream wants to make a better product and keep costs under control, ditch as much of the "RV stuff" as possible.

I built a trailer cheap and good using residential products.

I'm five years in and for me the reliability factor has been stunning.

Most of the modern RV stuff is built for a five or ten year lifespan, and that's insufficient for a trailer that will have the lifespan of an Airstream.

My .02, take it as you will.
The fact that I am opinionated does not presuppose that I am wrong......

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Thank you for starting this thread. I know AS reads this forum and they occasionally comment. I wrote this letter to them back in March 2019 AND NEVER RECEIVED THE COURTESY OF A REPLY. Maybe they’ll see it here. BTW, I was not selected to the Advisory Board.

419 West Pike Street
P.O. Box 629
Jackson Center, OH 45334-0629

Attention: Marketing and Development Department

March 17, 2019

Dear Sir or Madam:
I am writing about the design and actual usability of your 16’ Bambi Sport. I previously owned a 2017 Basecamp for a year (I won’t go into that) and then traded it in for the 2018 Bambi. I applied to be on the Customer Advisory Board. I doubt that I’ll be considered because I am a small player here and a single woman camper.

I mostly dry camp and chose the Sport because it is a size I can manage alone. I am set up with portable solar and a generator if necessary. I chose Airstream because I need reliability. Before I list the things I’d like to see added or changed, please look at the demographics. You should start marketing more to women. I belong to several women’s outdoor adventure groups. Sisters on the Fly now has exceeded 13,000 members. Lemon Drop Divas has more than 400. Many of us have trailers or are in the market to buy. Many of us are retired and have the time and money to use these trailers. I’m not really talking about cutesy decor but about making using the trailer easier. Here are my thoughts regarding the 16’ Bambi Sport:
Add at least 1(12 volt) outlet
Make the stabilizer connector bolts longer and more accessible. I have to use a mirror on the ground to see to connect to three of them (all except the one under the step)
Make the sewer connection closer to the edge of the trailer. Why is it so far under the trailer? I’m practically on my head at the dump station in order to connect to the sewer pipe. This is not a pleasant position to be in.
Offer, as an option, cargo holders in the bathroom, each end of the bed and in the dining area. The same ones they use in the Basecamp.
The sewer hose storage pipe should also be closer to the edge of the trailer for access. It’s useless as is.
The table needs a wedge cutout on the corner next to the refrigerator. There’s not enough space to squeeze into that bench. It’s useless.
A usable 110 plug next to the bed. No place to plug in an electric blanket in the rare event that I have shore power.
Attach two handles on the window edge of the mattress so you can lift it onto its edge in order to put a mattress pad and sheet on the mattress. Have the designers actually used this trailer? Are any of them short women?
Make the axle height higher, the rear of the trailer scrapes on even the most normal of driveways. “

Thank you forum for listening even if Airstream doesn’t.
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I'm new to the Airstream world. As a novice, I don't have the experience that many of the people who have already responded to this "call for improvements" to the product line have.

I didn't realize until reading this that the Advisory Board even existed.

It looks like the best quality control/improvement, that can be made is to understand the advisory board's place and how they interact with AS Management. If the Advisory Board is THE conduit from vehicle owner to the company, perhaps this thread would be better utilized by The Advisory Board as a way of communicating the wish list of the user community.

If, on the other hand, The Advisory Board is ineffective for whatever reason, that's a whole different matter. Just the fact that I've never heard of them tells me that there is clearly a communication breakdown somewhere along the line.

Can anyone explain The Continuous improvement process that's currently in place with Airstream, The Advisory board's role, and how the user Community is supposed to communicate to Airstream management?

I completely get the balance between cost of improvement and benefit from that cost. I know Airstream looks at that constantly, they have to or they wouldn't be in business almost ninety years. I also know that Airstream wouldn't dream of implementing the suggestions in this thread without knowing the payback. But that does not denigrate the need for the list, it just proves that the list needs to be managed and communicated.

I would love to know how it all is supposed to work. That makes changing for the sake of improvement whole lot easier and this thread a whole lot more effective.
David Briggs

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