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Old 06-05-2021, 01:51 PM   #1
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2021 25' Flying Cloud
Miamisburg , Ohio
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1 A/C vs 2 on 25FB

Hey everyone!
My wife and I decided that we like the 25FB for our family of four. There are a few options we are debating and one is the 1 air conditioner vs 2. We live in the Midwest and 90% of our trips would be in the area. Our dealer told us that it may be better to buy the awning package and have just 1 A/C. We do plan to boondock so that sounds reasonable. We will not have power for 1 or 2 A/C units, so we might as well use the awnings which can cool the unit by 5-7. However, my wife is afraid that we will need two units. She has no rationale for her thought, she simply thinks that it must get hot if they offer two units. What have others done? Thanks!
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Old 06-05-2021, 02:00 PM   #2
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You definitely want the awning package. You will use the awnings often! I would not make it either/or. Awnings are a must IMHO.

Regarding the A/C's it depends on your tolerance for warm temperatures. We have two A/C's on our GT. There are many times we only use one of them. We have on a few occasions used both of them. If you cannot tolerate temps in the 80's inside at times when you are parked in the sun and it is 90+ outside you should get two A/C's.

One thing we miss is have two fantastic fans. You can only have one with the two A/C's.
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Old 06-05-2021, 02:00 PM   #3
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Your question has been debated here many times (sometimes on a semi-monthly basis). If I could figure out the proper search words I'd have posted a link.

If you primarily boondock, then it makes a good argument for one ac and a good power vent (or two) in the other roof positions. But in those past discussions, it is routinely pointed out that in sunny Southern climates, the second ac is a must. Only you can decide what is best for your situation.
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Old 06-05-2021, 02:13 PM   #4
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I'll share my experience. We were living in the northwest and bought a 25' with one AC and no awning package. Then we wound up moving to Tucson and got way too hot! We added the awnings (much more expensive after the fact) and are wishing we had a second AC. If we were to do it again we'd go with awnings and 2 ACs. You can always use just one AC if you don't need both or don't have 50a service. Our heat is much more extreme than most face so take my experience with a few grains of salt.
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Old 06-05-2021, 02:20 PM   #5
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How do you use just one A/C? Does the system automatically sense 30amp and simply turns on 1 unit? Or are there buttons to push? I would be afraid I would screw it up and blow one or both, of the air conditioners.
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Old 06-05-2021, 02:25 PM   #6
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And I was able to find a few other threads about the topic. One was from 2010 and I assumed the quality of the AC unit and the insulation of the trailer have improved. But you know what they say about assuming. Some of the folks with a 27/28/30 said two units. However a number of people with a 25 felt comfortable with 1 unit. I guess it comes down to personal preference and where you plan to travel. Thanks!
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Old 06-05-2021, 02:27 PM   #7
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With the double A/Cs there is a single controller with two independently controlled zones.

Here in Florida there was no question: awnings AND two A/Cs.

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Old 06-05-2021, 02:55 PM   #8
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Airstream - Other
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Another vote for awnings and 2 a/c units. We live in Texas and when we need them both it is priceless, as they say. As you can see our's is a 25 (RBT) and 90% of the time we'll only need one unit and mostly just use a 30 amp cord with 90 degree adapter, a lot lighter cord!

The thing that gets missed a lot are the wrap-around windows on the front and back. They don't provide a lot of insulation.

There are a number of threads on the topic and with the 25' you will lose one of the vents but living in the SW it was a 'no brainer' for us. Your mileage may vary!

Another plus to the 2 unit installation is we can switch the active a/c from front to rear depending on what we are doing.
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Old 06-05-2021, 04:40 PM   #9
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we had a 2020 Int 25 with one AC. We never had an issue keeping it cool traveling all over the county. Yes on the awnings!!! We now have a 30’Bunk with two AC’s. The biggest issue now is finding 50amp service without booking months in advance.
- Stewart
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Old 06-05-2021, 04:42 PM   #10
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Old 06-05-2021, 05:29 PM   #11
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We have a member here on the forum, silvertwinkie, who has a 25 with the 15K unit. It can double as a meat cooler if he cranks it down. For midwest use the 15K unit will do a more than adequate job. I'm using a 15K unit on my 30' Classic here in the midwest and have never felt the need for a second unit.

Jack Canavera
AIR #56 S/OS#15
'04 Classic 30' S.O.,'03 GMC Savana 2500,'14 Honda CTX 700
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Old 06-05-2021, 05:58 PM   #12
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2021 25' International
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We have a 25RBT with one A/C
We just got back from a trip to Disney/Ft Wilderness in Orlando FL. On our arrival day at the campground, at 1:00 in the afternoon it was 93 degrees and high humidity. I have a 25' with one 15k A/C. As soon as we arrived I ran the fantastic fans to suck some of the hot air out and turned on the A/C.
I also bought one of those cooling towers from Amazon for $79
Turned it on high, in oscillating mode to help circulate the air. Within 2 hours the inside temp was down to 75 degrees. At night we had to turn the A/C off because it was freezing. The cooling tower was the single best purchase that we have made for the Airstream for hot weather camping.
The key that most people don't realize is that it's the circulation of the cold air within the trailer that cools it down.
I was nervous about my decision to only go with one A/C , but now I am convinced that it will suit our needs just fine.
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Old 06-05-2021, 06:05 PM   #13
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We live in Central Texas and have a 25FB with one AC unit. About 85% of the time, the one AC provides sufficient cooling. The other times I do wish having that 2nd AC. The Awnings keep alot of radiant energy off the windows. I honestly did not realize awnings were optional, and so after using my Airstream for three years, I believe they should be mandatory for every Airstream trailer.
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Old 06-05-2021, 06:31 PM   #14
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Two and awnings.
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Old 06-05-2021, 06:49 PM   #15
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We are currently parked in Sedona, running a single AC. It is fine. It would not be fine if we have no AC.

This is relevant because we lost our second AC in Needles. One AC in 105 that night was not fine, but since then we have been ok.

Two AC’s are necessary because you really need a backup.
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Old 06-05-2021, 07:01 PM   #16
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One AC and awning package. The fantastic fans quickly exhaust the really hot air upon arrival. Having two fans is nice. When gone for the day open both fans but only run one. Lock all windows and the door. Trailer stays temperate and secure. Seek campsites with deep shade when its really hot.

As someone else said, it really depends upon your heat tolerance. Its hot where I live so I'm okay with 90 degrees sitting in the shade, but at 105 I'm inside.
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Old 06-05-2021, 07:32 PM   #17
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2004 30' Classic Slideout
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One other thing to be mindful of. Dependent upon age of the trailer many of the larger Airstreams only came with 13.5K air conditioners. The way Airstream dealt with the larger trailers was the addition of a second 13.5 or 11K air conditioner over the rear bedroom. As late as 2004 my 30' Classic slide out only came with a 13.5K unit as standard equipment.

After the first trip in my new 2001 27' Safari in which the 13.5K unit failed to provide adequate cooling is when I learned that that size unit was inadequate in hot midwest weather. After having the air conditioner unit checked by Jackson Center and my local dealer to verify it was properly operating, I added a second awning that was the length of the body of the trailer on the street side. Deploying that made a big difference and I never had an experience like that again.

When I looked at the 2004 30' Classic slide out I instantly knew that 13.5K was totally inadequate and requested the then new 15K unit could replace the 13.5K unit as an option. Personally I'm glad I didn't opt for the second A/C unit which would have been placed in the bedroom hatch. I like the fresh air that the second Fantastic fan in that bedroom hatch provides wonderful ventilation at night. My summer trips stay in the midwest or are planned for cooler climes since I spend much more time outside. I didn't buy a trailer to be trapped inside due to excessive heat. However, if I was a southwest deep south summer camper I'd have two units.

So my take on this one or two debate ties to the length of your trailer and the climate that you camp in. I really think that a person using a 25' unit not living in or regularly going down to the 100 degree climes can feel good that the 15K unit would be more than adequate. If you want a little insurance consider some awnings also. They will help more than you can imagine. You will notice that most of the folks recommending two are not using 25' trailers.

Jack Canavera
AIR #56 S/OS#15
'04 Classic 30' S.O.,'03 GMC Savana 2500,'14 Honda CTX 700
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Old 06-05-2021, 07:34 PM   #18
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If you have two A/C's you also get a 50A shore power hookup. That's 50A at 240V so it's 3X more power than the 30A hookup. That power takes you from "run this but not that" into "you can turn it all on at once". Maybe not a big deal, but indeed less hassle.

It's the first week in June and they are hitting the mid 90's in North Dakota. The idea that you only need A/C in the Deep South .... not so much. Yes, I've been there and some summers aren't that bad. This isn't something you can control. If it's getting to 85 at midnight, that's that.

If you can head off into the mountains when it gets hot, that's great. The Rockies are a bit of a drive from Ohio. I'd bet you are correct in saying that most of the time you will be out in midwestern summer weather. That can be crazy hot / humid for days / weeks on end.

Go with 2 A/C's .... Get one of the National Parks passes, use it for discounts at all the great COE campgrounds. 50A power ... no problem .... You are east of the Mississippi, there isn't any BLM land. You won't be out in the scrub land 200 miles from the nearest water .

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Old 06-05-2021, 07:41 PM   #19
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Don't waste your money on a second A/C. It takes up precious roof space for fans, skylights, solar panels, Sat TV, etc.

We had a 2015 27' International Serenity with 2 A/Cs. All the two A/Cs ever got me was back ache from dealing with the 50 Amp power cord. Almost 100 percent of the time I only used 1 A/C. We had the awning package and live in the Southwest. We camped all over Texas, Arizona, Utah, Nevada. Never needed two A/Cs.

Now I have on order a new 2022 Globetrotter 23' FTB, and I am looking forward to only using the 30 amp cord and one A/C unit on the roof.
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Old 06-05-2021, 08:07 PM   #20
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I have a 25 and get this, an 11K BTU unit and it will freeze you out of the trailer! The most difficult part for me is getting it regulated the first few days of camping Volume-wise, the 25 is easily cooled with one AC; however, that said, the number of people and windows makes a difference too. The only time I had trouble keeping it cooler was in Charleston, SC during the day. It was 95 degrees and highly humid but I was also parked in a campground with no trees and the long side of the trailer faced south with three of us camping. We were gone most of the day but when we got back around 4pm the trailer was mildly cool. I do not have an awning on the right side and it was warm at 19 degrees below ambient temp (about 76 inside) I have a Safari without wrap-around windows on both sides which understandably tend to transfer heat. Additionally I do not have ducted air. If you are boon docking you do not want 50 amp. but you can use one AC. A friend in the AC business in Bonita Springs, FL told me that ACs work to first draw humidity out, then cool the air- somewhat an overlapping process. He told me about people who would want larger units for their homes thinking they would get cooler results and have to talk them out of it if he could, the reason is that too much AC and you have cold and damp air. At least with two units you can switch one off in that case. Also, AC units do not work as well in dry climates. Westerners can share on that issue. I believe you will be fine either way in the 25. Having two gives you some advantages but I do not believe it is mandatory. I am certain that shade on the trailer body makes a big difference.
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