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Old 07-13-2016, 05:55 PM   #41
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When a visitor starts into my camper and asks if they need to remove their shoes, I say "Only if you want to mess up your socks"
Hi Ho Silver RV! Vernon, Sarah, Mac the Border Collie(RIP) -
A honkin' long 34' named AlumaTherapy https://www.airforums.com/forums/f20...num-54749.html
and a 26' '63 Overlander, Dolly https://www.airforums.com/forums/f10...ome-71609.html
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Old 07-14-2016, 07:21 AM   #42
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Originally Posted by HiHoAgRV View Post
When a visitor starts into my camper and asks if they need to remove their shoes, I say "Only if you want to mess up your socks"
Yes! We let people into ours but don't keep it very neat. If they are shocked, and some are, that's their problem. We camp comfortably, not neatly.
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Dazed and Confused
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Originally Posted by avionstream View Post
Yes! We let people into ours but don't keep it very neat. If they are shocked, and some are, that's their problem. We camp comfortably, not neatly.
Amen; we use it, and live in it, with two girls and a dog.......dust happens.

Per Mare, Per Terram and may all your campaigns be successful.

Its a recession when your neighbor loses his job; its a depression when you lose your own. "Harry S Truman"
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Old 07-15-2016, 11:43 AM   #44
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What you are really saying is how can I avoid being uncomfortable by these compliments. I respect that. I've provided two options. Say Thank You or sell me you AS because it attracts too much attention and buy a "Weekend Warrior " or "Couger" camper by another company
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Old 07-15-2016, 12:02 PM   #45
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Get those questions all the time pulling our Panamerica. Even been asked "Did I hit the Lottery?" Amazing! The VAST majority of people are truly nice AND friendly. And, as such, if time permits, I'm just as friendly - ALWAYS.
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Old 07-15-2016, 12:37 PM   #46
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1967 24' Tradewind
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AS Etiquette

When out camping, i actually love to talk to neighbors who stop by and admire my vintage AS. As someone said previously, if you've got your own sweat, blood and $ in your AS, it makes it so much easier to accept the compliments. When i bought my 1967 Trade Wind, the previous owner did a fantastic job of polishing out the exterior, but the interior was all original and very tired looking. Three or four years later, it's got all new appliances, cushions and drapes and it looks like a sparkling "twinkie" going down the road. Having some sweat-equity in your AS makes it SOOOOO easy to act like a "proud papa" when showing your trailer to others.
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Old 07-15-2016, 12:48 PM   #47
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Response to curious

"Thank you. I am glad you noticed it. That is part of the fun. Airstreams have been made and used by travelers who like to be on the move and travel vigorously, and who often keep them in the family." "Yes, they are expensive, but their aircraft style, long life and quality of construction requires that so most of us have to budget for them over time. Prices vary a good bit but can be found online." Inviting a tour is just a judgment on the enquirer and circumstances. Most Airstreamers are friendly and outgoing, but if someone is not, or just wants privacy, they will have in other life events learned how to manage. My life of 50 years practicing a high profile professional career still lets me believe social intrusion is really an inartful manner of saying Hello.....annoying though it can be. Travel safely.
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Old 07-15-2016, 01:05 PM   #48
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First week mine was home I came out of house to find a family member taking pics and sending to everyone . I'm the only one that has wanderlust .
I also require no shoes . I keep different sizes slippers by door
At parks if I don't feel social I sit with back to road , works fairly well . I do allow some inside ( if willing to take off shoes lol) Only if I'm comfortable with them . Usually older couples with nice rigs . I give out name of my salesman and dealer with the ones that I don't want to be inside ....The ones that ask price I ignore , go see for yourself . Exception is the people that clearly have means and desire to purchase a Airstream .
Just realized how unfriendly this sounds ....I'm not . Most of the time I find that it's fun to show BeBe to other campers . We often argue and agree and laugh about TT and their issues , all brands .
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Old 07-15-2016, 01:07 PM   #49
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Usually my answer is to mention how much time and energy it takes to keep it road- and camp-worthy, but that it's worth it. They either get it, and want to see inside, or don't. The fact that a 33 year old motorhome has absorbed more $ than a new, lesser one would cost doesn't get mentioned...
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Old 07-15-2016, 01:12 PM   #50
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Hey, let the "german guy" jump in here.
As you may imagine, in Germany an Airstream is EXTREMELY rare to see. When ever we travel with our beloved "Bangles", we make a REAL big splash, once parking her for a night. (you may check our thread "the adventures of Bangles in Europe", Peter started this thread a while ago.
We ALLWAYS are asked the main questions:
-is this a Diesel (no, gas...!)
-what is the gas mileage,? In German we count not miles per gallon, but liter per 100 km...! People are thinking about 25l/100km (about 9.5mpg) but my answer is mostly "no it's much more, you are thinking, but she is worth every gallon. We use 40 litres per 100km,(5.8mpg) but we move a 8,5 ton piece of luxury, you have a 4,5ton RV, using 15litres per 100. What's cheaper..."!
Then the question is: often: "Is it a converted bus", or "we saw a few trailer, but never a bus".
Then -ALLWAYS- the question is "how much you payed?
This is, what i don't like!!!! I would never (!) ask about a "toys price"! We feel sometimes like "zoo-monkeys", we stoped counting the people taking pictures of us, more or less indiskret sometimes,. The wirst was a dutch guy, stepping in, while we had breakfast! (of course, it make's you proud also in sort of thought...!)
We invite discret people sometimes for a drink under our awning or some small talk, but i can be also "rough", if people are too indiscret. We do not let enter in somebody unknown, i alway's answer then: "Sorry, but i live inside, i am pretty sure, you do not want to let me enter your bedroom...!
What's great is, with an Airstream, you can allways raise a smile in peoples face, while "regular" US motorhomes are not very apreciated by "german" RV'ers! In tiny roads, once we block (!) sometimes the spots, people are patient and smille!
Even if Bangles is often far too big for german RV parks, we allways found a "nook" to stay, we never got trouble.
We say "hello and goodby", whenever arriving or leaving, we mainly get compliments.
Funny for us to hear, even in ghe US the Airstream is a "point of attraction"! (I remember, We were photogaphed in the US also often...!)
We should be proud of our "Babies", but without any "bossy attitude".
Happy Airstreaming!!!
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Old 07-15-2016, 01:37 PM   #51
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I have a hard time with the "silver" owners that turn their noses up to their painted cousins. Like many others in this thread, when another airstream pulls up, I can't wait to check out their stream. Seems many owners have forgotten we are all kindred spirits. While I understand that many are on vacation and are looking for peace, quiet, and relaxation, I don't understand shunning anyone who shows intrest in the brand or my trailer. Vintage or new, painted or shiny all Airstreams capture my attention and curiosity. My neighbors at home have family that come in their 2005 international at least twice a year and they have never even asked about my Argosy, even with me asking about theirs. Heck I've even offered up my 30 amp plug-in and sewer connection.

Having restored my Argosy myself any compliment received goes straight to my head.
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Old 07-15-2016, 01:58 PM   #52
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2007 27' Classic FB
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I've only had my AS for a few months but have been amazed at the response. My usual response what people admire her is "I've loved Airstreams since I was 5 years old , I'm so lucky to have her".
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Old 07-15-2016, 02:17 PM   #53
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Originally Posted by cazual6 View Post
wait a minute, wait a minute. You actually offer them to see the inside? I know they all look some what the same, but what makes you comfortable enough to show them the inside? That is one thing that would seem to me like a line is crossed. I am not saying I have anything private or embarrassing or anything. Would that be considered "Rv'ing" etiquette to allow people to see the inside? (or ask to see the inside) Especially with shoes ON? I'm of the asian culture where no shoes inside is our norm.
Well, first of all, you didn't buy a run of the mill "pedestrian" trailer. You bought something special. There are a lot of people who share your interest and appreciate what makes an AS special - fellow owners and many more who would like to be fellow owners. That means that you share a perceived bond, a common interest, that you're part of a fraternity, whether you knew you were joining or not. That's why everyone wants to meet you, take a look, and would even have the audacity to ask for a peek inside; because they feel a bond/connection with you even though you've never met before. It's actually a pretty cool thing.

I don't have an Airstream anymore, but I still have a few vintage muscle and sports cars, and I think the situation is the same... A surprising number of people want to see and talk about the car and ask all kinds of questions. My response generally depends on 1) how much time I have to spare and, 2) the inquirer's attitude, interest and sincerity.

I'm fortunate to have the privilege of being the current steward of the cars I own. And I generally share as much as I can with anyone genuinely interested. I feel I have a responsibility to help make Mustang/Pantera/Airstream disciples of others. If I have the time, and they're genuine in their interest and enthusiasm (not some egotist or braggart), I'll let them in, take them for a ride, and sometimes even let them drive. Some of these folks have also become owners and I count them among my best of friends, for years.

Increasing exposure of the uninitiated to our rigs is a good thing for our hobby, and the vendor support we enjoy! And ultimately, for the values, if and when the time comes to have to sell.

I can't tell you how many times someone, or his wife, has told me I "made their year!" by taking them for a ride or letting them drive one of my cars. Years later, I still hear from those folks what an impression it left on them! Some have become owners, and some are still dreaming and searching for the right one.

First and foremost, you need to do what you're comfortable with. But, given the circumstances, if you have the time and it's someone who's sincere, you have the opportunity to usher another into our hobby, to make their day, and possibly make a new lifelong friend.

Originally Posted by cazual6 View Post
When I first joined this Forum and stated a dollar value, it didn't seemed welcomed. So I have been very careful on this forum not to mention dollar values. I have told close friends how much I bought it for and how much more I had to put like, spoons, forks, gens, solar,etc that added a few more dollars. I think I'll go with a few deflect answers from the others when it comes to pricing. Owning an AS to me was unrealistic reality until the wife surprised me and signed while I was drooling at the accessories. It was our biggest impulsive purchase to say the least. So technically, there is A LOT of me on this trailer. Not exactly hands on as some of you are, but indirectly through my hard earned dollar that I put in it. Is that fair to say?
Yes, it's fair to say! You've poured your blood, sweat and labor into paying for it. Some here are much more skilled than others - I'm constantly amazed by skills of some of the DIY'ers here and on the other forums I participate on, but your trailer is still yours! And as for your wife, she sounds like the real prize! You're a blessed man! Cherish her and spoil her with great adventures and memories made in your AS!
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Most people I've encountered are genuinely interested in my Airstream, and yes, I get the same questions everyone else. Since I've done so many mods, they are also curious about all the solar panels, the satellite dish and the various antennae. (Someone once asked me, "are you with the NSA?" My very favorite of all comments, though, was a guy in a park in Tucson who could handle wait for me to park before saying, "how many slides you got in that thing?" My answer: "None, this is a TRAVEL trailer." His response: "oh." If you have interesting/beautiful possessions and you have them on display in a public setting, you just get used to it and express appreciation.
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We have a 66 Streamline, had a 67 Airstream before, we let people look inside some just because it is pretty much original and has survived the 50 years so well it is a curiosity. Most people want to know if its a new one or vintage.
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Old 07-15-2016, 03:04 PM   #56
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Love what's it's meant to be but our truth is:

Regarding our less than a year old Interstate -2016.The cabinets & refrig door fly open hitting rather small highway bumps so everything has painters tape - it's l lovely look on a $140k vehicle. And no, the cabinets aren't over loaded or improperly packed. We've had 3 trips where the retractable step alarm has sounded for 300+, 700+ and currently over 1000+ miles. Yes, it was in to the dealer already for a computer reset & the step has been kept clean. Next we had a bottle opener that apparently was dropped down the toilet when the dealer winterized it causing pump & hose recoil failure a 1000 miles from home. No, we didn't own the bottle opener and never saw it prior to the out of state dealer handing it to us. The extended premium warranty was a waste of time & money. We had to rent a car etc for 4 days to get a repair slot. Then, we had ball bearings rolling all over from the slide out support for the bed. The side screen door has never shut properly and used to fall out on a regular basis. After adjustment by the dealer you now have to lift up very slightly, but not too much, to get it open. Having taken only 3 long trips we have 2 latches where the holding screws have ripped thru the balsa wood cabinets. The unit looks beautiful & we take very good care of all our vehicles but I must tell people these units are built very poorly. Each time something breaks we just hope it's the last of the problems! Getting them in for service is nearly impossible so plan way ahead if you have known issues.
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Originally Posted by Plasma800 View Post
Wish I had that answer BUT, we're making headway on it... I'm thinking we could be paid off by the end of the year, leaving us with only a mortgage, again.. that would be nice.
It is always safe to say "It's paid for." This says nothing about who has been paid and who did the paying. Nor, of course, whether anyone else still owes and is owed. But it is certain that at least Thor and the dealer have been paid.
"Having differences makes a difference"
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so you don't give tours you just tell people of all the problems? Sorry for your bad luck. Referring to post 56.
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I always reply $150,000+
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Old 07-15-2016, 04:19 PM   #60
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I had always wondered if the fiberglass coaches had the durability and dependability of standard airstreams, or if they were sob's with the airstream name.......guess I know now. Thanks for the post JAdams.
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