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Old 03-27-2019, 08:58 AM   #21
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Two six volt batteries are heavier and taller than the two group 24 batteries that Airstream provides. Depending upon your trailer age and model the battery box may need to be modified (about 1" taller) to fit the slightly taller six volt batteries. That's the downside. The upside is six volts are true deep cycle and hold more amp hours than group 24's.
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Replace converter, and go with 6V batteries

Replace the converter with a Progressive Dynamics or other high quality converter, extend battery box (if required) with Vinnies battery box extension, and go with 2 - 6V AGMs. I went with two Lifeline AGMs, but also heard that Fullriver were very good. I have little experience doing these types of projects but had no problems doing the work myself, and now have a much better understanding of the trailers electrical system.

Converter purchased from Bestconverters.com
Battery box extension from Vinnies Airstream
Batteries from Batteryguyscom

All very helpful vendors
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I'll bet it is Harbor Freight.
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Old 03-27-2019, 12:18 PM   #24
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Originally Posted by Rpatrick16 View Post
I am about to start my 4th season with my 22FB Sport 2016 unit. At the time I purchased it I added a 2nd Interstate Flooded Group 24 battery. I've tired to manage and use my batteries wisely. Since i live in a harsh winter climate the batteries are always removed and placed on a quality trickle charger. I just put the batteries back onto the trailer and started prepping for the new season. The batteries were fully charged when I did this. Since then I've noticed they are losing their power quickly even though they are attached to a portable solar panel. Nights have been cold...upper teens low 20's however daytime high's have been in the 50's with bright sun. Is it time to replace them? The batteries are right at 3 years old.
My Interstates go 5-6 years....in Billings....I use a solar..in the winter we don’t have much sun....I trickle charge every couple weeks
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Old 03-27-2019, 04:46 PM   #25
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Battery Conundrum

I read most of the right words on the post except for, “checked the water level in the batteries.” Just asking.
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Originally Posted by chdeatley View Post
I read most of the right words on the post except for, “checked the water level in the batteries.” Just asking.
Good question....I'm Missoula so during the winter months the batteries come off the trailer and are stored in our heated garage with a Battery Tender on them. Water levels were/are checked regularly. As i said in my original post when the batteries were re-installed in the trailer this season they were at full charge. But,when a load was put on them they went down quickly. They are maintained by a 120 watt "Go Power" portable solar panel which brings them back up but they don't hold there charge. The only thing runing in the trailer is the heater when I'm working in it. I turn off the battery switch when I leave it.
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Old 03-27-2019, 06:42 PM   #27
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Have you had them load tested as suggested earlier? You may have one or two bad batteries/cells.

Originally Posted by OTRA15 View Post
. . .
. . . seems like having them load tested would be worth the cost and effort IMO.
. . .
If the batteries are not perfect, the "why" of how they failed cannot be easily resolved until you get new batteries, and check all the components in the charging system.

This recent post in another thread is encouraging IMO:

[click on orange arrow in quote to go directly to the following post]
Originally Posted by pjmarkham View Post
I had both batteries tested at Interstate. One battery tested fine, the other had 3 bad cells. Interstate said they would replace one battery, no charge. When I questioned him about having different two batteries of different ages he stated that it would not be a problem given that there was less than a year's difference between my original battery and the new replacement battery. He then went to fetch the one new battery but when he returned he said he had decided to replace both batteries under warranty no cost to me. Right now I'm an Interstate fan and will reinstall the new batteries tomorrow and hope for the best.
. . .
Good luck,

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Old 03-27-2019, 07:53 PM   #28
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Originally Posted by Rpatrick16 View Post
I'm planning on replacing my batteries but I'm giving serious thought to changing over to 2-6v golf cart batteries. It looks very promising and I've heard a lot of positive comments. But, what is the "down side" of this change?
I made the swap to twin Trojan T105 flooded batteries and they have been great. I had to build a battery box extension ring but other than that. No problems.
Here’s my blog post on the swap.


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Old 03-27-2019, 11:28 PM   #29
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Went my Interstate RV marine batteries gave up (not true deep cycle) I replace with US Battery US-2200 XC2.. 6-volt golf, multi purpose "true deep cycle" batteries. 2--6-volt banks in series. 20-hour rate 232ah each bank. 4--100 watt Renogy solar panels with 40 amp MPPT charger. The system is expandable to 520 watts, I can add one more panel but also working well for now. I got it up and running April 2016, so 3 years and the batteries holding up well. We dry camp some and the DW always as when we make a pit stop, can I use the microwave ? Yes dear, that what the 2000 watt true sine inverter is for. Made in the USA US Battery locations. Two in GA and one in Corona, CA been around since 1926.. Since the late 80's I have never gotten but about 3 years out of any type RV Marine battery. In the beginning I didn't keep as close tabs on the water as I do now and had the old single stage charger that was good for boiling them regularly..BTW of course I had to have custom battery boxes made to accommodate each of the two battery banks of two. Designed by "RIVET" LOL Like many have said, if you need to change them do it now don't get stuck out on the road, it usually cost lots more when you're not in control of the situation. Good Luck
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Old 03-28-2019, 08:59 PM   #30
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When they test batteries, they just check for whether or not it has enough capacity to start an engine when fully charged. Our deep cycles, just lose charge slowly when aged. They don’t test for that. Replace and move on.

The key to long life is to keep it charged. They dont mind deep discharges as long as they dont stay discharged long.
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Old 03-29-2019, 09:32 AM   #31
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Strange that nobody has mentioned using a battery hydrometer test.
It is very clear when a cell us bad abd you can spot when a cell us going bad.
Plenty of YouTube videos showing how to do thr test.

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To cap this thread off....here's what I did.
I replaced both of the Group 24 12v Interstate with 2 Interstate Golf Cart 6v batteries that I bought at Costco. The batteries were on sale for $94 each. These are 210 Amp Hour. I had decided to go Batteries Plus but they required buying the batteries on-line in order to get their discount ...10 percent. In-Store price was $125 each with a $25 core charge for each battery or $50. Since I wasn't trading 6v for 6v but rather 12v for 6v. Either way it was going to cost me $250 for the new batteries. Just happened to stop by Costco the same day....for a different reason and found their deal. Core charge was the same for either 12v or 6v ..$15. Saved a bundle although the Amp Hour rating for the Batteries Plus was 225 AmpHr. a Duracell Battery. To me it wasn't worth paying $60 additional to get 15 AmpHours. Thanks to everyone who commented on this project.
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Do the new 4 stage converters work with 6 volt batteries in series as well as with 12 volt in parallel? Do you have to change the converter or adjust it some way?
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Old 04-08-2019, 05:12 AM   #34
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Originally Posted by Bill M. View Post
Do the new 4 stage converters work with 6 volt batteries in series as well as with 12 volt in parallel? Do you have to change the converter or adjust it some way?
Can't speak to the "new 4 stage converters" but I didn't change anything. Trailer contol center is indicating that I have right at 13 volts and on a sunny day the solar portable panel is kicking that up to 14. Everything is as it "originally was". Really should not be any concerns as the system "see's" 12v. I'm really pleased with the change. I've been working on upgrades in the trailer depending on the solar panels to keep me charged. Even using the personally installed 2000 watt inverter on ocassion to run power tools is working as expected.
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Rpatrick, You will be very happy with your new 6V golf cart batteries. Their construction is much heavier duty than most "RV deep cycle" batteries based on this article which is recommended reading for anyone replacing their batteries: https://marinehowto.com/what-is-a-deep-cycle-battery/ Nothing "needs" to be done with the stock converter when installing a pair of 6V batteries in series to create 12V. These 6V golf cart batteries should last twice as long as typical RV deep cycle batteries and provide greater amp hour capacity.

I did replace my stock converter with a PD4655 for faster bulk charging with a generator. But I rarely use the PD4655 because my solar is capable of charging my batteries about 95% of the time. I probably would not change the controller again while installing 400W of solar since its so rarely needed. I only turn on the PD4655 for bulk battery charging with the generator and leave it switched off while connected to shore power. The reason for this is because my Victron 100/30 Solar Controller is much better for charging my batteries with its custom programmable charging parameters, voltage compensation and temperature compensation.
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