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2005 Classic 25' Rear Twin Beds

Hi All...just had the opportunity to look at a 2005 Classic 25' w/rear twin beds. Yes, one that was not located in Florida, California or Texas.

80 year old owner says it has never been used...wife ill and has stored in a barn with a cement floor. Nearly two years later...wife still not up to RVing and says Sell.

Looks like it truly has not been used. Only "issue" appears to be surface rust on Hensley hitch and the Hensley orange paint is faded...kind of looks like it may have been stored in the sun a bit? Also, seems like some white "corrosion" on some of the trim metal on the exterior?

It has an 8000# GVWR and appears to have disc brakes...which appear to have some surface rust. I know that 2005 was the year during which they switched to disc brakes but did not know if the 25' Classic had the discs?

Options are larger AC, kitchen skylight, 15K AC, Awnings, solar charging system, generator prep, spare tire and the Hensley added by dealer.

Any owners of this AS year/floorplan or close?...what are your thoughts?...most use would be just wife and I...first RV...maybe a grandkid or tow on occassion.

What issues other than clean up should i be concerned about since it appears to have "sat" for two years? Is the surface rust and fading on the Hensley unusual? What about a bit of surface rust on the disc brakes? How about the "white corrosion" on some external trim?

Any thought would be helpful.

My pricing thoughts would be something like MSRP less 25% and then less 10% and 10% to reflect what is soon to be a three model year old AS...your thoughts???

Thanks...Tom R in Two Harbors, Minnesota

P.S. Note that there is also a 2005 25' Safari FB in the St Paul, MN. Why would the owner talk about changing the door to a 2006 version AND replacing "all of the external chrome parts"? Is that the "white corrosion" issue?...TMR
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A couple thoughts from owner of older 25 with similar floorplan...

1. Are you happy with bedroom arrangement? There are twin bed people and queen bed people, and trialers are not easy to convert. If bedroom is good, rest of trailer will be good.

2. I'd not worry about some surface rust on hitch and disks, unless really heavy... Steel brake disks start forming rust within days (look at car dealer lots) and usually it can be scraped off with light braking and no damage... Orange paint on Hensley's fades for everyone... I'd be more concerned about brake cylinders or pump gunking up from storage in humid climate, as brake fluid has a useful life, and ages faster when not moved... Similar with evidence of corrosion. Static humid environment can induce some corrosion to start, but it should clean up and be able to block with lubricant or preventatives.

As for pricing, you should perhaps assume they paid a little more for it, and depreciation per year is not very scientific... I'd try to find some others listed somewhere, and calculate a value based on relative condition of yours, with options and condition... Worry is that another buyer using different calculator might jump and grab it while you're still discussing. It is important to get seller's idea of worth, and rationale, to help you decide whether they and you are going to reach a satisfactory deal...

In Theory, there's no difference between Theory and Practice, but in Practice, there is usually a difference...
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Check the tires - tires that sit for long periods of time in the same spot may develop "flat" spots that will cause vibration and may have damaged the belts inside the tire. Was the trailer on jacks during storage.

Was the plumbing ever used? Drained?

I'm sure you will do a complete system check - but it's hard for me to imagine anything going wrong with a 2-3 trailer stored inside. I see 2005 models still on the dealers lots - stored outside. Rust on disk brake - no issue, same with it on the hitch - go to Walmart and get you some orange paint.

Sounds like you have found the Airstream version of a 66 Mustang "driven by my little old Grandma to and from Church".
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None of the "issues" you name are really "Issues." The trailer has depreciated. It depreciated when it left the lot; however, I think you have over devaluated it appreciably and I know for certain that you are trying to find things wrong that just aren't issues at all. Hensley Arrow orange paint fades within weeks. It is the nature of the beast. One dealer I know paints all of them he sells black before mounting them for that reason. The only way to prevent the fade is to keep them waxed every few months. Brakes rust immediately, within days. A trailer stored inside would have few, if any issues.

I have and love my 31', but the 25' is probably the most popular size out there. It will depreciate less than most any model built by Airstream if maintained andprotected. If you like this trailer, try to buy it, but don't try and steal it.
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Tom--we had an 05 classic with a queen. I think the bedroom was the only difference from the one you're looking at. Disc brakes were introduced mid year 05. Ours was an early 05 and still had drums.
A couple things come to mind. Floor plan: Will you be happy without a dinette?? We thought we would but traded the next year for a 30' ,primarly to get one. There are lots of trailers out there without dinettes that people are really happy with, We prefered the dinnette model. I would look at the tires closely , maybe figure a new set in my bid. Warranty; Check date of delivery to see if there is any warranty left. It's quite possable there is some. If not remember, most "new" trailers have some bugs to work out . If it's been used as little as advertised there could be some warranty issues lurking that will show up with use. If the warranty has expired you would have expence there. I think you're close on priceing but would shoot for 25%--15 & 15% and a set of tires.---2 cents from Pieman
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Good trailer with reservations

I had the 25' with a queen before trading up to my current 28. We found it to be more than adequate for two people and two cats (litter box in shower).

Only drawback is the lack of drawer space in the 25. I had many more drawers in my previous 22' and more drawers again in the 28'. In the 25 , you have only the 2 slide-out trays under the galley and a small drawer in the credenza. We made do, but it is tight, although I have friends who spend many months in a 25.

As for the dinette, I don't have one and I don't want one. Dinettes are space hogs; I converted the dinette in my 22 to a couch and folding table. For the meals we eat inside the trailer, the folding table does just fine. We either extend it or use one of the Zip-Dee chairs depending on the scope of the meal.
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Nice opportunity

Sounds like a nice opportunity to pick up a pretty new Airstream Tom. Good luck in your negotiations. Don't sweat the rust on the disc brakes or the faded Hensley. You'll no doubt love the disc brakes. I wish we had them but don't care to pay for that upgrade just yet. The Hensley is great insurance and an added bonus as well. As one writer mentioned, be certain about the twin bed setup. We occasionally have reservations about the bed in ours. At times it would be nice to swing out of a twin bed and have the extra room in the middle and at others it's really nice to snuggle in the same bed. We've added a Sleep Number Bed and eliminated the hard Airstream mattress. I recently saw a twin Sleep Number (previously not available) at the Nashville Camping World store. As one writer mentioned, cat box in the shower works great! You'll appreciate the 15K BTU AC in the unit as it will cool down quickly on those hot summer days. We've just returned from taking our Classic to our favorite dealer in Weatherford, TX to have our AC updated to the 15 along with other upgrades. Good luck and keep us posted. Happy Trails
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I've had a 94 25' Classic with twins and now a 2007 25' Classic with twins. The size and layout are perfect for us. In the model with queen you dont have trunk space and side storage like you do with the twins. John's right in that there is little drawer space in the kitchen, but it works fine if you plan well.I thought that I'd want a dinette too, but the fold out table works just fine.It's a great compromise between the smaller units that are just to tight and the 34' which would be great for fulltiming but seems large to travel a lot with although there are those out there that swear by the 16 and 19 footers and those that travel with the 34's.
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Good Input...Thanks...

The twin beds are not on our target list...we have a King bed at home. However, the twin beds might be a bit like the King...can actually be like two twins when you are too hot (which seems often these days ). Maybe would work out well in a camping situation...might be better than an undersized queen?

As far as theoretical can find 25% discounts on prior year models if you shop enough...and a two year "used" but soon to be three model years "aged". I think Pieman's 25%/15%/15% might be a good starting point...with just a bit of flexibility.

Another point of interest...there is still no snow here in Minneapolis...but SOON the white stuff will fall and the trailer will be sitting in a parking lot with the "for sale" sign and a pile of snow on it.

Opps...I guess I would have to find a spot for it also. Tom R in Two Harbors (or Eden Prairie) Minnesota
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If your thorough inspection reveals that this is a for real deal, it sounds like a keeper. Rust on the discs is meaningless. You would get that on your car if you didn't drive it for several days. Make a serious, but low end offer, and you might just get a really nice Airstream for a really good price.
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hi tomr

if there are disc brakes on this unit, it was likely built after 3/05...

check the production date plate on the streetside front...

and ask the owner WHEN it was purchased.

warranty is 2 years from date o purchase...

that would matter for me; there may be 8-10 months warranty left...

unused implies, furnace, water lines, fridge, tanks, SENSORS and so on...

the warranty for the unit and appliances is winding down...

IF you buy it, will it sit till spring? bummer.

gotta go camping and use everything to find the bugs...

the twin bed model has a little? more storage and the beds are longer? than the short queen

15k ac is NICE option. awnings are standard.
gen prep is nice and the solar means agm batteries which is good too...

this isn't a limited? straight classic?
how about fridge size... 10 c/f is the upgraded option.
lpgas tanks 30 or 40?
black or white corian?

here is a link to pics of a haha fading orange sorbet paint, they start day 1...

and new paint! so much nicer.

post 60 or so...

you will not have a warranty on the haha...

unless u contact them, supply a serial # and pay 500$ for it...

then the haha is covered for life...

also the stinger may not be sized correctly for your tv..that will cost ya too...

unless haha will do a swap WHEN you buy the warranty

in additon to discs, taller segment protectors and up rated axles were added..

while the skin is clear coated from alcoa, the window trim, rivets and other exposed aluminum is poorly plasticoated or bare...

a good was and wax will do wonders...

and the msrp was increased 5-6k$ for units produced after march...

so late 05 msrp pricing was really 06 pricing...consider this when making an offer...

i see no advantage to buying now IF not planning to camp till next year some 4-5 months from now....

-unless this is a 'perfect' unit and
-close to home which makes buying now a good choice...
-and it does already have a haha...
-the next 05 u c may be earlier in the year without the upgrades
-and used 700days by a 5 cigar-a-day owner with 2 dogs and 10 cats...
-who never used the shower...
-but ran the smaller a/c 24/7...
-and kept the kitty litter under the bed...

buy it already....

all of the true things that i am about to tell you are shameless lies. l.b.j.

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Hi 2air...the AS was ordered by the PO 2/15/2005 and AS Invoice is dated 3/18/2005.

Purchase date on dealer to PO invoice is 5/21/2005.

I checked the weight sticker and GVWR is 8000#. Does that sound like the upgraded GVCW w/disc brakes?

I am not a disc expert...but you can see what I believe are the discs...with a little rust...and what I believe are the calipers. Sure looks like discs.

It is the Limited mentioned.

Corian is black/dark grey.

Option list does include...Awnings - Window 16'4.5" & 52" Rear...maybe the passenger side and front were standard?

With the warranty good until May 21, is likely I good get a good "shake-down" and try to get initial issues that should have been found when new...fixed.

Now I have three issues...

1) Price...right now it is priced higher than I am willing to pay...but I do think the PO will come down...just need to see how much. He does want/need to sell as he is 80 and his wife has some health issues that will prevent her from going RVing. BTW...amazing 80 year old...still full of passion and fully active in his construction business.

2) No tow vehicle...I have learned from you guys that my 2004 Toyota Land Cruiser is not a match for an 8000# GVWR 25' AS. If I buy a tow vehicle I will buy with enough rating to handle a 34' .

3) This 25' is the has all the positives that 2air lists as the problems with the "next" AS I might find...but my intuition is that if I buy I will be looking for a longer AS w/dinette in a year or tow.

My Conclusion is that I will still follow through and make an offer...but I will be careful to keep on what I deem to be the "low side"...Thanks...Tom R in Two Harbors, MN
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Originally Posted by TomR
It is the Limited mentioned.
There is no such thing as a 2005 25' Limited. The Limited option was only available on the 31' and above.
John W. Irwin
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Originally Posted by TomR
With the warranty good until May 21, is likely I good get a good "shake-down" and try to get initial issues that should have been found when new...fixed.

Now I have three issues...

1) Price...
2) No tow vehicle...
3) if I buy I will be looking for a longer AS w/dinette in a year or tow.
hi tomr

having 4 awnings is really nice.
no 25 limited? well the blue awnings are nicer anyway...
the 25 length is popular, but often a steppin' stone...
so it is wise to buy a tv for the 34 in your future
which may not cost much more than than little trailer...

the build time is right when the discs went from 'option' to standard...

does it have the 'full' lower segment protectors?

here is a link to a post with the weight/capacity specs for later half of 05...

the multicolored doc can be 'clicked' for a larger view...

and shazam the classic model specs appear, below the safari and internationals for 05

the pdf doc linked is info on 30-34s but the option list has approx weights for the added dodads...

IF you really aren't sure which brakes are on a picture....

also the disc brake models will have an actibrake fluid reservoir on the tongue...

mine is in the box behind lp tanks.

all of the true things that i am about to tell you are shameless lies. l.b.j.

we are here on earth to fart around. don't let anybody tell you any different. k.v.
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