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Old 01-12-2009, 11:44 AM   #1
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USAA No Go for Vintage Insurance

I tried to get insurance on my 73 AS and found out that USAA uses the NADA book to determine value of the trailer. The book only went back to 75 and we came up with a value of $1630 for a 1975, mine would be less. Now with $1k deductible, I would pay about $90 year for insurance coverage of $630 (-). No thanks!

How do you cover vintage trailers?
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Just like with a collector car, you can't use a 'normal' insurance policy to cover you Airstream. You need to ask your agent if they do stated value policies. If you total your Airstream they pay you the stated value and that's all. Give RV Advantage a call. RV Advantage - Your RV Advantage

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"Stated Value" is no good either. You need to get an insurance company that offers "agreed value" coverage. 'Stated Value" is simply your statement of the trailer's value, but it allows the insurance company to go back to the NADA books when a problem arises. "Agreed Value" is where the insurance company requires an appraisal be done on your trailer. I had my appraisal done by an Airstream dealer. You submit the appraisal to the insurance company, they accept it and price the insurance you purchase according to the appraised value. Should anything occur, you are covered for the appraised or "agreed" value.

When I last checked, the only company offering "agreed value" insurance on Vintage trailers was Progressive. I had a claim on my trailer last year insured with Progressive under an "agreed value" policy. Progressive paid the amount for which it was insured. I was very, very satisfied.

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Check with Sneed. I have two Street Rods insured with them, and I understand they will do agreed value on vintage trailers.

Talk to Lillian Gore. At National Stret Rod Association in Bakersfield last year, I think Lillian said they would.

800 619 7827
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As a long time USAA member, I too attempted to insure my 1956 Air Stream with them. They redirected me to Progressive who has a contract with USAA to insure vintage cars, trucks and RVs/trailers. They used the bill of sale to determine insured amount and wrote me a very good policy. They have, thus far, provided me the same great service that USAA does. Actually, I found out you are listed in their records as a USAA member. The USAA agent you spoke to was not knowledgeable enough, it seems to direct you to the USAA/Progressive policy.
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I have my auto insurance through State Farm. The local office at first did not know how to handle insuring my 71. I ended up having it professionally appraised by Polk Associates (805) 585 4067 who also is a vintage AS owner, and I think a forums member. That did the trick. I had several options of coverage with a big difference in premiums depending on deductables. I think I end up paying less than $100 year for about $10,000 in coverage. Basically the appraisal consists of listing restoration costs, photos of my AS, and a market comparison of value of similar coaches. You could do all this yourself but having it "professionally appraised" lends credibility.

I was first told by Progressive I had to have a letter from an AS dealer stating it's value. I took it to Holiday in Albuquerque and the guy pulled out his NADA bluebook. He said the blue book only goes back to 75 and says a 75 Tradewind is worth $2000. Mine was obviously worth less because it was a 71 and was not shiny. He then said he could fix my dents for $5000 by replacing the segments and when I didn't bite gave me the bums rush.
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This is very helpful information. I have been with USAA since the early 70's but will call Progressive when we have her value above the deductible
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I got a quote on my 76 Sovereign, valued at $10,000.00, from progressive. They want $448.00 a year to insure. I didn't do it. I pay $250.00 to Foremost to insure my 78 Argosy. Just recently the rear window was broken in the Argosy and Foremost wrote me a check for $1087.00, to have it replaced. I thought $250.00 was a lot until I talked to Progressive. Oklahoma Farm Bureau has agreed to insure, and since I have my homeowners with them they say they can give me a good price on $10,000.00 agreed value. We'll see. Right now the Sovereign is not insured and it makes me nervous, but it's paid for so I guess I can shop around. I think whoever insures "thecatsandi" would be the way to go. Of course they may have all they can handle with Michelle. Just kidding Michelle, we love you and we're happy you get such good service. You deserve it.
Judy At Home in Oklahoma
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Old 01-12-2009, 08:16 PM   #9
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Rick, How did you find out I was "listed in their records as a USAA member."

Later today I got this email from the USAA agent:
"Hi Earl,
I pressed the insurance group at USAA and was finally passed off to an "associate" insurance turned out to be Progressive. The guy I spoke with was good. I got an appraisal from North Dallas RV nd sent it to Progressive and got the agreed value policy.
Hope that works.
Robin C"

No contact info given for Progressive, but I'll call them and see if my info is stored on some database.
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ok we have our gal covered with USAA and i think as long as we have receipts for upgrades if she is hit or stolen we should be covered. years ago you had one person who was assigned to your insurance policies , these days who knows. WE do not pay very much for the insurance and I assume it is for liablity and damage. I explained she was vintage and they were ok with that. Hope I do not have a horror story to report.
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Old 01-13-2009, 04:09 AM   #11
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Gail, I would ask USAA what the coverage is. Rep told me they use NAA book but it only went back to 1975. Like I said, their coverage was for$1600 of a 75. I was not going to waste my money on so little of coverage. See my #9 post about Progressive.
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Me again,
I actually insured the Caravel with USAA "in the blind" to speak. I just called USAA with the info and said I wanted it insured. They said OK....and it was cheap. Much to my surprise I got a letter from USAA saying that in review, my Caravel coverage did not look substantial enough. Contact them. I did and then was told they would not give agree value coverage. Thats when I pressed them on the point....and was called back and put directly in touch with the Progressive rep. The final coverage is complete and "agreed" and costs about $400. per year. I have not shopped the price....hows that check with you all? Whenever I have had a problem in the past....both USAA and Progressive have come thru big time. I have a contact number and name if you need it.
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Old 01-13-2009, 09:15 AM   #13
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This isn't exactly a vintage story... I originally set up my '06 Safari insurance with Progressive. It's a policy that covers replacement value if I always keep my coverage with them. It runs about $550 for what was originally a $45K Airstream. I called up USAA at renewal time last year and sure enough you get steered to a USAA desk at Progressive. We'd have needed a better used valuation if I'd continued, but USAA would have covered $32K for $500. That wasn't enough of a saving for the difference in policy so I kept my Safari with Progressive.

I've had my house & cars insured with USAA for 34 years. Their coverage is slick and easy. It runs like their office was right down the street. And I've never heard anything different from other customers.

5 meter Langford Nahanni

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Is it still one bill with USAA?

If you are carried with Progressive, do you have two bills or are you still just paying the USAA bill and a portion goes to Progressive? I will be calling today!
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I have my auto and renters insurance thru Hartford/AARP, and they will insure my 76 Argosy for 10,000.00 for about 12.00 a month with a 250.00 deductible.

I told them what I paid for it and what I felt it would be worth to replace after restoration, and they never questioned me further.

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Old 01-13-2009, 11:22 AM   #16
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I have been insured with USAA from 1976. I have insured with them a 64 VW, 68 VW, 99 neon, 03 Passit, 04 Tundra, home owners policy, all for under 3k a year. Added my 63 AS the cost is $50. a year additional. I am going to call and confirm the coverage with them. i am satisfied with USAA.
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Old 01-13-2009, 11:53 AM   #17
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Originally Posted by robandzoe View Post
If you are carried with Progressive, do you have two bills or are you still just paying the USAA bill and a portion goes to Progressive? I will be calling today!
Let me know what you find out, Rob. I am interested as well.

I love USAA, it's probably the best company I've ever done business with.

Through USAA, we have our auto insurance, boat insurance, home loan, and a car loan. I'm sorry to hear that they won't insure vintage RVs, but if their service through Progressive is seamless, then I still like it as an option.

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insurance, usaa, vintage insurance

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