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Barb---I can read the dissappointment in you post and can understand after waiting all that time. I also sence you feel some guilt for starting what you may feel caused the "Blowing the Deal". DON"T LET THIS DEALER PUT A GUILT TRIP ON YOU !!!!. The fact that they<1> did not sit down and explain EVERY cost involved and <2> didn't deliver the vehicle as promised from the factory, is reason enough to look elsewhere.
Perhaps you may have over reacted but this was started by HIS action. Have found if you start a deal of on a sour note it never seems to get any better when issues of warranty etc. come up down the road. Find another dealer, negotiate a deal , get it in writting, get your Airstream and come have fun with us.
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Delear Over reacting

Barb, i have followed this post from post1 i have not read one thing that you wrote that you should apologize for. you simply asked the forum an innocent question in regards to fees on your new A/S, there is nothing wrong with asking a question like this. these questions are what this forum is all about. if the dealer got upset over you questioning the fee. too bad. this is the age of information. we as consumers have an edge (the internet) that we did not have in the past.
I hope that you find another A/S and i hope you get an even better deal on it.
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I think there is 19' CCD in Tx

Barb, Dan,
So sorry about the mess with the dealer. But as has been pointed out, a dealer prep fee is NOT the norm. While I can't be for certain, but I believe I saw a 19' CCD at a new dealer in the Dallas FtWorth area. I do know that it was either a 16" or 19' CCD as I only glanced. I was there helping Tin Hut setup his new tow vehicle and Hensley Arrow on his new 28'CCD. His experience with the dealer seems to have been excellent. They found and fixed a multitude of little things before Tin Hut even saw the trailer (ie was a custom order as well). I really liked the statement that the service manager made to Tin should not have to spend any $ or lift a finger after buying a new A/S...our job is to make it right and keep you happy. The dealer is The Happy Camper located in south Ft Worth.

david & bret
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Originally Posted by CaliforniaStreamin
We are first time buyers here and are picking up new Bambi19'CCD on Wed () so we reviewed final charges today and total includes an amount for dealer prep fee of $695. and wondered if this is a normal charge new buyers have all paid.

I expected all other charges but this one and he assured me this is normal, that all new trailers/MH's etc are assesed this fee. I believe him to be an honest dealer and he has been very fair in this entire process, but wanted to ask just the same.

Barb and Dan, you have nothing to be sorry about.
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I am overwhelmed with the support of all of you reguarding this, every post has really meant a lot and I thank each of you for all the time you have spent along with your advise and suggestions, I have appreciated every word.

We are moving on, dealer is returning our money and the tv, and will let you all know when we have found that new AS!

Thanks and Best Wishes To All



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Barbara, unknown to you are many others of us who also have followed your posts and believe that better times are ahead for you. Learning is sometimes a little painful, but I believe all learning is good. Best wishes. We are all rooting for you to find the dealer with whom you'll be confident and the Airstream of your dreams. May you find many wonderful and exciting bends in the roads you're going to travel!
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A selling dealer is supposed to check out the entire trailer, to make sure that everything functions as Airstream intended it to be.

If anything is found wrong, Airstream pays the dealer to have it corrected.

However, a dealer is also supposed to have a service department, and stock at least some repairs parts, along with at least one Airstream trained technician.

Normally a PDI (pre-delivery inspection) takes anywhere from 2 to 3 hours, depending on the equipment. Anything over that is caused by a problem of some sort, which Airstream pays for. But you could maybe toss in a wash job, or so, to add to the basic time.

A customer check out, takes about an hour.

Paying for a dealer prep at the rate of $695.00, for ball park three hours work, is a fantastic labor rate. Gosh, that makes our $80.00 per hour seem like a give away.

Perhaps "dealer prep" charges have come about like the fuel surcharges, steel surcharges, discount surcharges and the like, many of which we feel is hog wash.

Just gives more justification to buying a used, but completely rebuilt trailer, with all new appliances, carpet, drapes, upholstery, axles, exterior refinsh etc, and have a full 6 month warranty on a 31 foot trailer, for about $30,000.00 to $35,000.00.

Market suveys indicated a tremendous demand for such a coach.

Anyone doing it?


But there may be, very soon!!


Stay tuned.

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Originally Posted by Inland RV Center, In
Perhaps "dealer prep" charges have come about like the fuel surcharges, steel surcharges, discount surcharges and the like, many of which we feel is hog wash.

I can tell you my shipping costs have doubled in the last year. The quoted rate is NEVER what the bill is for when it comes I wonder where it will stop......

I think a dealer is entitled to make a profit. I don't think any one here expects to buy something at a loss for the selling dealer. The issue here was a pure lack of communication during the negotiation for the original coach. California Streaming had a number they were quoted, that was what they believed was the purchase price. The dealer did not communicate to them the additional charges over the price they negotiated (from what as been described). Had they known up front they could have factored that into the negotiation.

In the end it feels to a buyer that the dealer is "piling on" to up their profit on the deal. I have walked out on car dealers that try to do the same thing once I get into the finance office. This is why I NEVER give my only set of keys to a salesman to test drive a trade in.

I was always taught that the dealers job (any dealer) is to get as much as they can for the product, The sellers job is to pay the least amount they can for the same product. The Internet has helped the buyer in this, as people can shop nationwide or ask how someone else's deal was done.

If the dealer is not happy that someone did the research before finalizing the deal it may be for reasons that they are unwilling to admit to. Tying to make the customer feel guilty and apologize because they are questioning the deal they are about to finalize tells me a lot as well.
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I am sorry for your disappointment. Waiting for a trailer on-order is hard enough but then to not get it in the end must be a killer. Like everyone on this thread, I feel for you.

Along with Porky, I would recommend you talk with Glen at Toscano RV here in Northern Cal. They are the biggest and oldest AS dealer in the state. They have been selling AS since the late sixties and were the #1 dealer last year. And they deal in good faith. I got 18% off List and a good price on my trade-in so I was happy with the deal on my 2004 30' Classic.

And NO PREP FEE! They will prep it perfectly. None of that garbage I read from other member's about picking up their brand new units DIRTY! Glen called me when my unit arrived on the lot and I gave them exactly 1 1/2 days before I was on their lot. It was waiting for me under cover and Man, it was immaculate with all systems checked.

So I say to you Barb, keep your chin up and soon that perfect Bambi will be in front of your house before long. And if you get it before Halloween, take a shake-down trip up to the Nor Cal Rally. We would love to share in your excitement and joy. It would be fun.

"It's the journey."

NorCal Fall Rally, Jackson Rancheria, October 7-9 2011 Click here for more info

Come rally with us.
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I totally agree.

Dealers that are up front with the buyers, usually stick around for a long time.

Those that have gimmicks, usually don't.

A dealer of anything must make a reasonable profit which allows him to continue.

But I think the few that have perhaps hidden last minute charges, and other unusual charges, sooner or later are bitten buy the bullet.

In my 38 years, there is still a number of dealers that have been around longer than I have.

But there also has been many dealers that come and go. Some sooner, some later. Some get large customer deposits, and then pull out, only to start all over again.

As always, the customer is "the boss." But he or she sometimes doesn't have the knowledge that many smart buyers do, so they unfortunately can fall prey to some dealers.

I also agree that with the internet being what it is today, we have a much wiser buyer, perhaps more than ever before. Thats great, as it should be.

This site alone, has made hundreds if not thousands of information contributions, to not only make the buyer/owner more informed, but it also has helped many be more knowledgeable about what they own, and how to take care of it, or perhaps where to take it for proper repairs.

Some of the simple questions asked on this site, indicated that the typical Airstream owner, who in the past had to depend on his local dealer, or share information at a rally, has become very eager to learn more and more.

That part of Airstreaming, (not being informed) has long been past due, for correction.

Giant steps have been made just in the last couple of years towards that goal.

Granted, much more needs to be done, but time will bring that to the front
page, probably much sooner than any of us could predict.

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Greetings to all our airstream friends,

Dan and I are on our way to Eugene Oregon to pick up our new Bambi

Terry at George M. Sutton RV was great, we agreed to a bottom-line price and we're thrilled, I was literally jumping up and down! It is appx same price however it comes with the following extras the other unit did not have: Awning Package, Solar Package, Satelite radio , which is a lot of $ in upgrades, along with audio package, stove cover, elec jack tire, etc, and my brother lives by Mt Hood so we're visiting and camping for 10 days after coming back through Crater Lake.

Oh yeah, my sweet brother has agreed to be half owner so no sales tax for us, that worked out well!

Dan says if I don't get off this thing he will kill me, so will write when I can find a connection, and again thanks to all....things really did work out for the best...I'm so excited I'm going crazy!!

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Congratulations both of you!!! That is terrific news!

Sutton RV is a great store - I know because George Jr gave me some of the best quotes when we were shopping for ours - he just didn't have one coming in. They seem very sincere and interested in you.

Have fun and be sure and carry your WBCCI member directory with you!
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I NEVER pay those fees. Last auto I purchased, I negotiated the "out the door" price with the salesman to include sales tax. When we were sent to the "closer" he had us look over the invoice and the had added a $350 "dealer service fee"!!!!! All they are doing is waiting till you really get your hopes up and hoping you'll just agree. I bet most people don't even question it.

I said, "well, I'm not paying it" and looked over at my wife who was gathering her things....... They changed their tune instantly!!! In other words I DID NOT pay the dealer service fee.....

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We did not pay a dealer prep fee. It was in most of the initial dealer price quotes we received. When we got serious about the negotiations, the prep fee went away.
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