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Old 01-25-2022, 06:01 PM   #1
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Surprise Airstream delivery - Help me get my ducks in a row. (Financing, WDH, Ins, PD

Hello all,
First, I want to apologize for likely missing some information that I might have found elsewhere. I have done my searches BUT I found out today that our Airstream which was on the production line last week...arrived at the dealer today! I have SO much to figure out when I thought I had more time. I would LOVE to get your feedback on a few topics:

1. We are financing. Yes, we are terrible people. We sold our popup and are putting down 10% and sales tax. We were originally planning on using Trident financial (best rates at the time) but our dealer (RV one) promises that they can beat anybody as long as we have good credit...which we do. He suspects that we would be looking at 3.99 to 4.25 (our target is 4 to 4.10 if possible). This gets us back $500 in financing fee vs trident and overall an easier process. It feels too easy! What should we look out for?!
2. I am towing a 30ft Flying cloud with a 2017 F150. I learned a LOT about payload vs towing capacity. I realize that I am at the limits of my tow vehicle. An F250 is in the future but it is not now. I totally realize this is worthy of a separate post. But...any thoughts about option1 = Equalizer 4 1200/12k, option2 = Anderson WDH and option3 = Propride 3p? I'm not sure I want to stomach the propride (although most consider it GOLD) and I have experienced the equalizer enough with my dad to realize it is a pain when maneuvering.
3. Would you recommend that I go the self install or dealer install route for the WDH? I am handy and capable of such a task but I realize it will be a VERY busy day. The dealer labor rate is ~$175 an hour. They charge ~1100 for the equalizer installed and he suggested that a propride will "take all day".
4. We will be using Progressive for insurance. Does anyone have experience with their roadside coverage? We do not intend on purchasing extended warranty, exterior protection, etc. As of right now, the goal is to maintain a 10% maintenance fund but I am curious if we should pursue things such as Good Sams Wheel/Tire protection or any other maintenance service.

5. I was a bit surprised to hear the dealer suggest we send a wire transfer before our demo. So off the bat I am already on the defensive. However, I realize that is NOT the way to play ball and we will be doing our DEMO first. I realize there are many resources on the web for PDI checklists. I am asking for: 4a) Do you have any unique delivery situations that you would like to share that might not be common? 4b) I last spent 4 hours crawling within, under and around a used unit. Am I absurd to expect a similar time frame for a new unit? 4c) We have the option of picking up the unit in February+ in New England. I am terrified of salt. Any suggestions?
6. Regarding Receipt...I am terrified about the paperwork process. I believe I am smarter than the average Joe and I am still stressed that we will be sent through the ringer. I am doing my best to get information up front but do you have any suggestions to make it through in one piece?!

I was growing more and more nervous as the months passed. Now I am SCARED. Delivery is extremely stressful but so is the abundance of maintenance that will soon be on my plate. But with all of that said I am also very excited to start this new chapter with my family.
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Old 01-25-2022, 06:17 PM   #2
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Do Not Buy It

You are not in a position of strength of negation. You would be better off to buy SOB RV for 20-30K (cash) use it for a year or two and donate it to charity.

You will forever regret this purchase and the headache's it will present you. Please do not tow a 30' trailer of any kind with an F150.

But, I know you will do what ever you want to, so do the best you can.......

Have a nice day...........
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Old 01-25-2022, 07:07 PM   #3
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Originally Posted by NO NOIZE View Post
You are not in a position of strength of negation. You would be better off to buy SOB RV for 20-30K (cash) use it for a year or two and donate it to charity.

You will forever regret this purchase and the headache's it will present you. Please do not tow a 30' trailer of any kind with an F150.

But, I know you will do what ever you want to, so do the best you can.......

Have a nice day...........
Hey thanks for the reply. I do not disagree with you whatsoever. At this point I am trying to balance a lengthy work commute along with the need for a tow vehicle. Yes, we will get a commuter car eventually. But for now this is a gamble that I have to accept.
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Old 01-25-2022, 07:21 PM   #4
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I think that you generally close on the deal and then do the walk through or demo. You have the right to inspect the unit prior to signing papers but they won't want to waste their time with a demo if you're not buying the unit.

You will need to be pre-approved for your RV loan from the finance company before signing papers, so have that taken care of before you go to the dealer to pickup the unit. Your Airstream dealer might well offer as low as or better rates but that should have been taken care of before now. The dealer can do it the same day but you won't have any leverage to get the best rate the day of signing.

If you don't have a weight distributing hitch now, you probably didn't need one for a pop up camper, then it might be wise to buy it from the dealer, let them install it and include the cost of the hitch in the loan.

One word of caution for anyone thinking about buying a new RV is fuel cost down the road. Fuel costs are rising and most likely won't be going down any time soon. I've read that crude oil could go to $150.00 a barrel if Russia invades the Ukraine, a high probability, and that would put gasoline at nearly double it's current price at the pump. Towing a 30' Airstream with a gasoline engine getting maybe 10 mpg at $7.50 per gallon is a possibility. The future is hard to predict but should be taken into consideration.

All the best with it!
2018 Flying Cloud 30RB + 2020 Silverado 2500HD Duramax/Allison
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Old 01-25-2022, 07:35 PM   #5
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A word of caution….there is no way to safely tow a 30 footer with an F150. We just traded our F150 for an F250. We overpaid by at least $10,000. I live within 30 miles of you and can tell you that the F250 market is AWFUL.
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Old 01-25-2022, 08:48 PM   #6
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#1. Never borrow money to purchase a depreciating asset. But you already know that.
#2. We traded our 2020 F-150 for a 2022 F-250 to tow a 25FB. Too little payload. Order your diesel F-350 now. Three months ago would have been better. Itís like planting trees. While waiting for the new truck donít go very far or very fast.
#3. My Equalizer is keeping the other junk in my garage from feeling lonely. I jest. I used it for a while but bought the ProPride in an attempt to make the F-150 a more capable TV. Self-installed the ProPride in well under a day. I would not allow the dealer to install it. They donít care enough to read the instructions and watch the videos. Too many stories of incorrect installations on this forum. Once you install it youíll know how to fine tune it. Call Sean at PP if you have questions. The Equalizer is even easier.
#4. Forget about tire coverage. Completely worthless. Dealer talked us into it and extended warranty for a used trailer but sanity kicked in when the oven conked out and we got the run around. Still in the 30-day cancellation period. Got a full refund. Bought tires, an oven, and a new hitch with the proceeds. Maintenance fund - 2 to 3 percent of the replacement cost of the trailer annually into a fund. We use AAA and State Farm.
#5. Thatís what we were required to do. Pay first.
#6. You are where they want you to beÖstressed. Itís an adventure. Go in smart. Donít let them see you sweat.
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Old 01-25-2022, 08:55 PM   #7
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There is no shame in financing. I borrowed as much as I could for mine. Money is cheap right now, and the opportunity cost of divesting appreciating assets to plunk down cash is far too big for me. (In my first year of owning my Ď21 Classic 33, the investments I didnít sell have appreciated enough to cover all interest I will pay on my RV note, even if I go full termóeven with the recent stock market troubles.

While Iíve never had occasion to use it, Airstream provides roadside coverage for new trailer purchases. Maybe others have good/bad anecdotes on this coverage? If you have any bit of mechanical inclination, you shouldnít need a 10% maintenance fundóespecially while youíre under warranty. A few years down the line, this might be a good idea.

As for hitch and/or tow vehicle, I donít need to convince anyone of anything. You can look at my signature and see I tow a Classic 33 (and before that, a FC30Bunk) with a 3500HD and a ProPride hitch so you can see what team I play for. I will say that the large Airstreams I have owned are quite easy to pull/stop with my TV, and the ProPride is everything that they claim it to be.

I had the dealer install my ProPride, but only because I took delivery in mid-February on a rainy/snowy 25ļF day. I didnít want to spend 4 hours in the parking lot, 1700 miles from home, under those conditions even though I had installed one myself on my previous trailer.

Congrats on the purchase. Have lots of fun with it!
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Old 01-26-2022, 04:30 AM   #8
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Aside from your financing concerns, if you are dealing with RV One Albany NY, they do have an offsite outdoor site, they stored mine as part of our deal till Spring. Wait for a nice day then and self install your PPP hitch.
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Old 01-26-2022, 05:11 AM   #9
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Maybe I'm crazy but RVs are a hot luxury item and the market is crazy right now. You could consider flipping/reselling it. If you are paying current MSRP or less you might actually come out ahead. Then order a new truck from a dealer selling below invoice and RV. Ford wait times are 6 weeks to 9 months right now depending on how you spec it out. Airstream wait time is 8-12 months right now.

If the AS dealer is smart (and not too greedy) they would make it worth your while to get out of this one and order another.
International 27FBQ on order.
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Old 01-26-2022, 07:45 AM   #10
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No way would I finance an rv or boatÖ.too many ways to loose thy money..and your home
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Old 01-26-2022, 09:30 AM   #11
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More or less in order:

1) Financing: I would always check with my local credit union first. Around here, they normally beat anybody else. They also are *much* easier to deal with down the road. My experience with dealer supplied financing / mortgages has not been good.

2) Don't know how far you are from the dealer. Getting the trailer home / into storage with the F150 is likely ok. There's no way on earth I'd use it to tow that big a trailer for anything past a short run home. If it's a 20 mile run, just tow it slow on the ball. When you get a bigger truck, get the "real hitch" to fit it. ( = things like shank size change on the larger trucks). Yes, there are a *lot* more details one could dive into on your specific truck. I'm assuming you have a "typical" F150.

3) When the big truck gets there, self install is possible. Be very ready to spend some quality time running back and forth to the local CAT scale. As a first timer, there's really no other way to be reasonably sure you have it right. Also set aside a weekend to get it done. You don't want to rush the process.

4) I don't believe AAA sells RV coverage in RI. If it did, that is the option I would pick. Pretty much everybody else is "not as good" (which is not in any way to say AAA is great). Your factory new (I'm assuming that's what it is ...) trailer comes with 3 years of Coach Net coverage ... for what that's worth ....

5) Every time I've done this, you do the sales stuff first. Money changes hands. Contracts get signed. Title paperwork gets started. Once that is all taken care of, the walk through and demo stuff happens. You get a walk through / demo of a trailer you own. You don't do it the other way around. There are a number of reasons they do it this way.

6) The paperwork process is not very different than buying a car or truck. There may be the same "we'd like to sell you a warranty / wax job / oil change / shoe shine plan" discussion. The answer for all of them is "no thanks". If this becomes traumatic, you picked the wrong dealer. Sorry about that. It has not been a big deal on the RV's or vehicles we've bought.

Are jitters a normal thing? Sure they are. Deep breath and relaxing thoughts. Focus on something else for a while.

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Old 01-26-2022, 10:28 AM   #12
Jim J
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1. Financing - I do not know your financial condition, job security, etc. so can't give you an advice. on that.

2. I do not know what your F150 payload is or its towing capacity or its general condition. I towed my FC30 with a RAM 1500 (with max trailer tow options) for years but it lacked enough payload for my needs so I moved to a RAM 2500. You will need to have an electric brake controller installed if you do not already have one.

3. WD hitch with sway control. If I was in your shoes I would look for a used Equalizer hitch which does both and is easy to install and adjust. May have to buy a new wrench or two though.

4. Roadside protection - In my experience it is more needed for the tow vehicle than the trailer. A tow vehicle break down like running out of gas, dead battery, or engine malfunction will leave you stranded. If you get a flat tire and are in a safe location, you can change it yourself faster than the roadside service will get there. I have Good Sam roadside assistance for all of my vehicles. The best tire warranty I have experienced, is the one you get from Discount Tire when you buy a new tire there.

5. Dealer relations - You are a willing buyer that the dealer has already invested some energy finding so you have some leverage. Do what you are comfortable with and don't spend a lot of time second guessing yourself.

6.PDI - Ask to see the dealers Pre Delivery checklist. Make sure it is completed before you take delivery. It can take all day to check out every system and feature but they are all covered by warranty if they do not work.
You are bound to find a few things that need correction in your first year of use.

7, Enjoy your new Airstream.
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Old 01-26-2022, 10:32 AM   #13
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You'll have to come out way ahead because in many states (like Florida) you pay salestax when you title it. 6% where I am.

Originally Posted by Monoman View Post
Maybe I'm crazy but RVs are a hot luxury item and the market is crazy right now. You could consider flipping/reselling it. If you are paying current MSRP or less you might actually come out ahead. Then order a new truck from a dealer selling below invoice and RV. Ford wait times are 6 weeks to 9 months right now depending on how you spec it out. Airstream wait time is 8-12 months right now.

If the AS dealer is smart (and not too greedy) they would make it worth your while to get out of this one and order another.
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I'll only comment on the hitch situation. I towed a 30' Classic (9100# GVWR) using an Equalizer on a Ram 2500. I then bought a ProPride, but not for towing reasons. I couldn't tell any difference between the two hitches under any circumstances I experienced. I changed hitches due to the difficulty of lifting the equalizer hitch head into the truck for storage/transport when not towing. The ProPride stinger is lighter and can be safely left on the trailer. I believe the ProPride is probably better in certain cases as the design eliminates sway instead of stopping or reducing it when it happens but I never experienced any tendency to sway with my Equalizer 1200/12,000.

I'm not sure I understand your concern about maneuvering with the Equalizer. As stock they are noisy when turning, but the pads under the bars stop the noise. Some have said they remove the bars to back. I never did. The ProPride will pivot when backing uphill. That will change the steering but can be dealt with as long as you realize it happens.

All that said, depending on the capabilities of your F150, the ProPride would probably be a better bet. Another benefit of the ProPride is sway control is part of the design and is always there regardless of weight distribution settings. You can use as little or as much WD as you like without affecting sway control.

Both hitches require a large torque wrench, at least 250 lb-ft for installation. One or both require 350 lb-ft but I don't remember the details. That said, I have installed them both. The Equalizer is easier as there are fewer parts to install/adjust.
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Not sure if the model you're getting has a front exterior storage compartment, but if it does, I would check to make sure there is no front panel creasing or separation before you leave the dealer. My 2021 Globetrotter 25FBT had front panel creasing even before it left the dealer's lot. There are lots of threads on front end separation on models with front exterior storage compartments.
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2. I tried to tow my 2014 FC25FB with a max tow, max payload, 3.73 axles, F-150 and an Andersen hitch. This probably would not have overcome overloaded everything (including the draw bar receiver rated at 1,100 lbs.) even if the hitch weight had been closer to the factory spec 837 lbs. rather than the actual 1,252 lbs.

I tried a Blue Ox with 1,200 bars which did not improve my situation much.

I traded the Ford for a 2016 GMC 2500 Duramax, reinstalled the Andersen and went back to the scales. All good.

I love the Andersen--light weight, no grease, and excellent sway control for me--but during my "learning experience" I spoke with an Andersen engineer who told me it can't transfer more than about 500 lbs. I suspect you will need more than that and probably more cargo capacity than your F150 has.

I agree with those who recommend a 350/3500.
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1. You're right. The dealer can get a better rate than you, because the bank gets a lot of business from him. Fact of life.
2. I'm a fan of the Equalizer. Mine has never been a pain. Creaky? maybe some but install the bracket jackets.
3. WDH. I bought my hitch off Craig's List. So I had the truck part installed but not the trailer bits. The dealer balked at installing them. "We only install hitches we sell." Jeez.
We compromised and I paid one hour labor for their 'hitch expert' to install the rest. Since then, I've redone it several times.
5. Yeah, they understand the trailer isn't really yours until the money changes hands. They drove me to the bank to do a wire transfer. The walk through is a big deal and they don't want a tech spending time if you don't buy.
6. The dealer will sit you down with their finance person and he/she will walk you through step by step. Mine was totally painless. Don't forget sales tax, registration, title and all the small $$$ all add up.
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Old 01-26-2022, 05:11 PM   #18
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Iím interested in how the entire transaction goes with RV One. We also purchased our AS from RV One and we plan on picking the unit up in Buffalo, NY hopefully sometime in April or May.
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Old 01-26-2022, 08:31 PM   #19
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If you have any concerns you should walk. If you're not going camping right away. Why do something you may regret later.

If you walk - you have time to save the $$$ that was going to the payments, insurance and other expenses.

The dealer is not your family, so do what's right for your fam. We spent 5 years building up to our 2020 Airstream purchase

Steps we followed:

1. Save some cash
2. Buy a new 2018 F 250 - cash..... the right truck is critical.
3. Research the AS to death
4. Find the right one at the right price
5. Never let a dealer push you around - he won't be sitting at the kitchen table with you as you reflect on making the payments,

As a friend of mine said who sells most of the trucks to farms in Northern CA - this is not the time to be buying vehicles right now unless you really need one.

Regarding Ford Trucks - if you go on the Ford site and build one, leave your email as an interested person you may see a Private Offer emailed to you - I just got one that was an additional $2500 savings on top of your best deal and all rebates.

This is a long string - but you can read about the offers here.

Lastly check out Marc and Trish on YouTube -Keep Your DayDreams - look at the older ones - they will help you see reality. They own a Class A and an F250 + a Classic 33. Whatchtheir YouTube channel.We did and we learned a ton. FYI - they started with a F150.

If you buy it to resell for a profit depending on where you live you may want to consider the tax and liscyou are paying on top of the purchase price. That could be a lot of lost cash.

Hope this helps.
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For what it is worth and don't take this as a criticism only trying to be helpful. Personally I think you need to take a step back and understand why you are putting yourself in a stressful situation. As others said this is too much trailer for an F150, so now you will have to spend even more money (a lot) getting a more capable tow vehicle, and you are already a bit concerned about finances. IMHO just slow down and test the waters with a more conservative and thoughtful approach to this whole thing.
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