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Items to purchase prior to trailer arrival


We will be taking possession of a 2020 28' twin in April. I would love a list of things that I need to acquire that are integral to enjoying the airstream experience.


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Very little, water and sewer hoses, paper towels, tooth brushes and toilet paper. A credit card will get you whatever else you need along the road.

We all are tempted to buy piles of attractive looking stuff that turns out to be impractical or doesn't fit on shelves, etc. Use old stuff from your home or a thrift store until you get to know your trailer. You'll spend a lot less and end up better equipped.

Today is a gift, that's why they call it the present.
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Congrats on your new Airstream!

Your dealer might include a “kit” that has water & sewer hoses as well as toilet chemicals and plastic gloves for working with the sewer hose (important). You might want to check with your dealer. If not, you’ll need to get that stuff.

Other things you will need right away:
- wheel chocks
- something to level the trailer with (right to left). This could be anything from pieces of 2x6 wood, The plastic stackup blocks they sell, or the Anderson style levelers.

in my opinion the bubble level on top of the jack post on the Airstream is pretty lame. I would suggest getting a couple of stick-on levels and using a carpenters level the first time to level your trailer.

Other things to seriously consider:
- Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) for trailer tires. There are entire threads on this topic. It’s not that expensive and is a good investment in my opinion.

- An electrical surge protector/ line monitor to protect your trailer electrical system. Campground electric service can sometimes be suspect. Again, there are entire threads on this topic.

-In line Water filter. You can buy them for $10 at Walmart.

That’s what I can think of off the top of my head. I hope this is helpful.

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When we got our first RV we bought all kinds of cool stuff. We wound up replacing most of it within a couple of years. For a short time out the first time...

1. A decent sewer hose. I like the Rhino brand and there are others that are very good.
2. Nitrile gloves to handle the sewer hose.
3. Paper plates cups and plastic ware. Permanent dishes can come later. We like the Corelle brand for the permanent dishes.
4. Water filter
5. Wheel chocks
6. Tool box with some basic tools.

Most of all, enjoy your first time out!
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To get you started...

So much will depend on where you are camping, how long you'll be there, the climate and weather at your camping spots, and your style of camping (i.e. where on the scales of primative-glamping and/or boondocking-trailer resort)

So, to begin, plan to campout at your dealership (or a very nearby campground) the day/night of your delivery. Can't empathize this enough. Your goal is to find the (perhaps few, but more likely many) little issues (hopefully) that the dealership needs to fix/adjust/replace, etc. You'll want to inspect every screw inside and out, test and use every system to 1) make sure it works and 2)familiarize yourself with the system and how it works. This includes the septic system, water and heating/cooling systems, appliances, all plumbing, all propane and electric systems. As you find issues you can't fix yourself, make a punch list for the dealer before you take delivery, and preferably before you ever leave the lot!

This short shakedown will also start to clue you in on the basic essentials you'll need.

But depending on your style, here is a rough breakdown, beside those already mentioned (this list is not exhaustive, but hopefully will get you thinking)

Must haves that the dealership should provide:
  • Tools necessary to change a flat
  • Road flares/reflectors for emergiences along the roadside
  • Hitching hardware and trailer umbilical
  • awning extension rod (especially if you have manual awnings)
  • full propane tanks and a charged, working battery
  • a toilet sanitizing/deorderizing kit

Necessary items you may already have:
  • brake controller
  • towing setup on your tow vehicle including hitch receiver, transmission cooler, enhanced oil and engine radiater, electrical umbilical receiver
  • towing side mirrors

Helpful items most pack along:
  • Box of baking soda for the fridge
  • General cleaning supplies, inclucing a broom/dustpan and small portable vaccum
  • waste cans with lids and deoderizing stickums or equivalent (odors are a thing in trailers)
  • Fire and CO2 detectors
  • matches and/or lighters
  • ponchos/boots/other rain gear
  • buckets/jugs/ice coolers that fit somewhere
  • various styles of flashlights and batteries or gas lanterns
  • a good welcome mat/outdoor carpet/boot brush and mat to place shoes upon trailer entrance. (You will find going shoeless inside the trailer preferable, most wear slippers or just socks or go barefoot)
  • resealable plastic bags and clear plastic containers (various sizes that nest inside each other)
  • a few more towels than you think you'll need.
  • disposable cloth rags you can use for grease/oil/that type of thing
  • a mat, carpet remnat, flattened cardboard or something to allow you to more comfortably craw under the trailer for whatever reason.

Items you may end up acquiring over time:
  • Various tools (there are entire threads on this topic here in the forum you can review at your leisure)
  • a dehumidifer
  • a space heater
  • a better shower head
  • folding tv trays and other camping furnature
  • weather radios
  • indoor/outdoor wireless thermometers
  • an outdoor rug
  • carpet covered steps
  • awning lights
  • outdoor extension cords, incl. trailer electric extension
  • battery tester and portable battery charger
  • assortment of bungee cords
  • solar system of some type
  • satellite system/HD TV antenna/Cell booster
  • rear backup cameras or telescoping tennis ball magnets to assist trailer hookup
  • heavy duty mud flaps/rock tamers on the tow vehicle
  • plastic pink flamingos

These are many of the most common items, others here may be able to offer more suggestions, but remember, generally speaking, when camping, less is more.
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Ummm .... errrr ..... beer?

A lot depends on how you plan to *use* the trailer. If you will be spending months off grid that gets into some fairly specific stuff. There are *lots* of "you" specific cases.

Best solution: When you get the trailer, find a campground that is a short drive to a Target / Bed Bath and Beyond / Walmart / Home Depot .... Spend a bit of time trying this and that. Then go shopping. Come back and see how the new stuff works. Repeat the process. With a couple of trips and a long weekend, you can settle in pretty well.

What you ultimately will need:

1) The stuff to set up the trailer, chocks, hoses, cords, surge protectors .....

2) Kitchen gear to prepare / cook / serve the kinds of foods you like to eat. What you get is highly dependent on what you cook. Do you get a pressure cooker? Is there room ....

3) Eating utensils / plates / glasses so you can eat the food you cooked. Paper / plastic vs wash it up stuff is a very basic choice here.

4) Bathroom supplies. Some find it easier to duplicate all this stuff, others haul it out from the house for every trip. We are in the "duplicate it" crowd, even for toothpaste.

5) Basic tools to fix stuff. At the very least a couple of screwdrivers and pliers are called for. The lug nuts on the wheels are another thing you need to have a tool for. For us, the tool kit is up into the "over a hundred pounds range". Not everybody goes that crazy.

6) Food. Some may go in the fridge, some will go in the pantry. If it's 34 degrees out and pouring rain all day, being able to stay in and still eat may be an attractive option. Having a bit of a "buffer" is usually a good idea.

7) Spices and the like. Some people are bigger on this than others. Just like the bathroom supplies, we duplicate for the trailer. No hauling a salt shaker out each time we load up. No "I can't fix this because we forgot the XXX" three days into the trip.

8) Probably need cloths / shoes / boots / outerwear that is appropriate to your destinations. Again, for us, some portion of this inventory stays with the trailer.

9) Sheets / towels / rugs ... The trailer will come with one set of sheets. Towels for the bath and shower are needed. Some sort of rug by the door will reduce the dirt load in the vehicle. We have dogs so there is a pretty good pile of dog towels along with us. Outdoor rug or not? Up to you ....

10) Cleaning supplies. Will you just be out for long weekends? Not much is needed for that. For months long trips, a vacuum probably is a required item. A mop, a broom, wash bucket, all may be on the list (or not).

11) Beer ....

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Is a water pressure regulator built in on these new models? If not ...

"I'd rather be happy for just one day than miserable for the rest of my life."
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Here's what I thought was necessities.
Sewer hose.
Coupler lock.
Wheel chocks.
TPMS tire pressure monitor.
Surge protector, don't scrimp.
Water filter, hose, water pressure regulator. (Airstream builds one in, but one at the source protects your hose.)

They'll be a million small things like dishes, pots and pans, but your significant other will have a voice there.
Minnesota? How about a small electric heater?

Hang around here and you'll have a long list, often justified by, "You just spent $100K on an Airstream, so don't let another $200 stop you!"

Auxiliary items:
Visit Harbor Freight and buy a long 1/2" breaker bar, assorted deep sockets including 1 1/8", 3/4", 13/16". (Lug nuts and hitch bolts)
Toss in an inexpensive torque wrench for the lug nuts.
Oh, I really like the work gloves and rubber gloves HF sells cheap.
A box of disposable rubber gloves lasts forever, and helps wrestle the sewer hose; the Hardy work gloves keep grime and grease off your hands and they're like $5.
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Items to purchase prior to trailer arrival

Originally Posted by Dan and Liz View Post
Is a water pressure regulator built in on these new models? If not ...

Built in or not, an adjustable pressure regulator with a gauge is necessary to protect the fresh water hose. Put the regulator on the campground spigot end of the hose and set it to about 50 pounds.

Be sure to use a filter on the Airstream end to keep sediment out of your system. Also use the filter when filling your fresh water tank for the same reason.
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Welcome to the forum!

FYI there are lists already in various threads:

Sticky topic at the top of this OTR forum -- If Only I Had Thought to Bring:

See also:

Good luck,


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Go camping with the bare essentials. Go somewhere local and as someone said, near a grocery store, Walmart/target and maybe even a camping store.

Just remember, as you learn, things you buy now will get replaced by things you find out work better. As an example, if you buy wedge chocks for your tires, later you will probably get X-chocks as they work wonderfully in all kinds of terrain. I bought three sets of chocks before realizing that the X-chocks worked so much better.

Another example is those great little yellow blocks to use under your wheels for leveling. I've broken more of them than I had left before turning to 1 foot 3/4" oak boards that I carry in the rear bumper. 8 of them and they have all lasted 2 years so far with many many years to go. I pulled them out of a lowes scape bin and they cut them to size and gave them to me!

So what to do? Just ask here! you might get three different answers, but at least it will be three good answers!
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Originally Posted by Dan and Liz View Post
Is a water pressure regulator built in on these new models? If not ...
Yes! New trailers have one built in
Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	City Water Hookup.jpg
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Size:	33.8 KB
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JustRehabIt, congratulations on your new Airstream!

While you're waiting until April, you can "read ahead" in the Owner's Manual that will come with your trailer. There's some basic checklists included and a general overview of trailer operations.

You can download or read it online here. Parts manuals are also online.

Consider joining the WBCCI and making it to International Rally in Loveland, CO this June. Hope to see you out on the road!
2019 27’ Globetrotter FBT Walnut/Dublin Slate
2018 FC23FB
2019 Ram 2500 6.4 Hemi Laramie Blue Ox 1500#
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Greetings from the Florida Panhandle

Hi and welcome to the Forums. We're glad to have you with us. The previous posts cover most of the essentials.

We have been Airstreaming a long time (14 years/2,100 nights) and would highly recommend some additional items.

- A fairly complete tool kit, including a pop rivet gun and a battery-powered drill/driver with a socket lug to accommodate a 3/4" socket for the stabilizers.

- A vacuum cleaner. We use a Dyson Stick. I's great on the floors and it easily converts to a hand vacuum.

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Two glasses and your favorite libation are a must. You might also consider two folding chairs. That way you can sit, sip, and gaze at your new Airstream at the first place you camp. You’ll be amazed at how pleasant that is.
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watch the LoLoHo videos for new campers, especially about backing, hitching and surveying a campsite before you back into it. If you're truly new at it, email me at "" and I'll send you a set of checklists I made up to help develop habits of set-up and pack-down. One of the videos advocated "walkie-talkie"radios and that has been one great tool! Do not depend on cell phones, internet radiation is not "everywhere."
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all of above or you choose what you need and like. travel as light as possible. Most stuff I USED to carry were not needed at all. left all those at home.

One more thing.... Leveler. I got a 4 foot Craftsman leveler so I could put on site to see if its level or not. also to determine if I need to use my Lynx level blocks or not.

Also another small level that you could put on camper tongue to see if the camper is level after cranking down the stabilizers.
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We mostly camp with hook ups. My Insta pot, and the smokeless grill, and a well-equipped first aid kit. I have learned to cook everything in the Insta pot on YouTube videos. Yankee pot roast, in 55 minutes with the backdrop of the Utah Parks -Bryce canyon -Yellowstone doesn’t get any better. The smokeless grill makes grilling in bad weather awesome . Congratulations on your new airstream. welcome to the community. Hope to see you at the Loveland Colorado event in June . Safe travels and God bless.
William Sonoma has a 3 quart size which I keep in the trailer, and I have a 6 quart at home. When traveling with other Airsteams .I sometimes bring both. Easy to store underneath the lounge area. And clean up so easy. One pot.
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Originally Posted by skyguyscott View Post
[*]plastic pink flamingos[/LIST]
These are many of the most common items, others here may be able to offer more suggestions, but remember, generally speaking, when camping, less is more.
Yup, the pink flamingos were pretty high on our list.
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I wouldn't clutter it too much. Less is more in an RV. I find that the floors get dirty almost every day with sand and tiny rocks. Get something powerful like a Dyson V8. I like lighting that puts out a lot of lumens. You'll need this to search for your parking spot. I have a Streamlight with a USB cable to charge it. Recently, I purchased a couple of Milwaukee Compact Site Lights. They are very solid, have great directionality, and last a long time with the larger batteries. For me, the best thing that I purchased is my Goal Zero 3000. It really frees you up to go where you want. My quality of travel experience is better when campgrounds are not involved. If you are looking for a nice foldable panel, check out the Hard Korr 200 watt portable solar mat. I've got two of these and could probably make enough electricity to live off grid. You can see it and a lot of cool pics on my Instagram page @coasttocoastphotoatl

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