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It just seems to get worse. To say what is sometimes obvious, it takes adversity to reform an organization. Transparency and clear standards are called for when an organization disciplines one of its own and it seems humans are usually quite at that.

I really would like to see an Airstream organization that I would want to join and I guess I did when I joined the Forum. Seems quite sad the way this is working out.

I'll stop using bandwidth with my biased opinions. Wait, aren't all "opinions" biased?


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Originally Posted by CrawfordGene View Post
I'll stop using bandwidth with my biased opinions. Wait, aren't all "opinions" biased?
I thought of that d.s. comment after it was too late, like this thread.

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Originally Posted by StingrayL82 View Post
What's next, double secret probation?
You'd have to ask Dean Wormer about that
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From the WBCCI, This may be of interest to you

WBCCI Forum / Leadership / A time to change loginjoinsearch
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hutch309.2 10-24-2008 @ 8:32 PM reply profileNew Member
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My long awaited response from the Executive Committee was answered by Tom Collier, Int'l 1st Vice President. Somewhat encouraging news I think. Lets hope that this is a start in the right direction

Mr. Hutchinson,

I am not sure if anyone has addressed your email dated 9-26-08. If not I
will try to answer your questions as best I can. I have been on the road
and had little to no internet service.

I agree with your statements for the most part, although some of your
questions were not correct or I was not clear as to what you were
referring I will take your questions as you listed them.

"Will there be a reduction in signed contracts to bring expenses in line
with revenue?"

This is a little misleading because the International Rally is not part of
the club budget. As with all rallies they stand alone and set their budget
for the current International and has nothing to do with the general budget
of which you refer. This separate rally budget is often not understood
by even members that have been in the club for many years.

I know that the contracts for Madison and my rally in Gillette have already
been signed. Most International rally location contract are signed 2-3
years before the rally. This is necessary because the large facilities work
that far out and some like Gillette are already working with contracts for
2012. Most contracts, but not all, are written so we pay for only the
number of Airstreams that attend and set the budget to the expected number
that we feel will be at the rallies.

"International does not have the support of all of the membership yet they
continue with extravagant and expensive International rallies. The
1. attendance at Madison was down around 850, which broke the previous
recordof 936 at Rapid City. I see this trend continuing with less and less
people attending.. What steps have been taken for 2010 in regards to
expenses for that rally, or is it "business as usual" ".

I agree with you that some of the things at International need to be
reviewed or eliminated, but not all. We have never had the complete
support of all the members, and most likely never will but we try to meet the
needs and likes of the majority of our members who attend the rallies.
I think you meant Bozeman, as we have not been to Madison yet.

My rally in 2010 will be less expensive, as I am planning on reducing some
of the events with the intention of controlling expenses. Again the
International is not part of the general budget, so any savings at the
rallies will not affect the deficit of the current club budget.

I do not want to increase annual dues, although at some point we will have
to. Anytime we have a dues increase we always loose a higher percentage
of members than normal. The more members we can gain and retain, the longer
the club can operate without raising dues. It all goes back to membership.
1. Reduce the staff at Headquarters. This is a hard one. Since we will be
dealing with the livelihood of families, we have to consider any reduction
of staff very carefully. As the club gets smaller we should be able to
reduce staff without affecting the services the members expect and want
through normal attrition. Being in the Jackson Center offices many time
in the last few years, I see how busy our current staff is. If we lose one
of the three workers in the office, if someone is out sick and the other
possibly on vacation this would leave only one to run the complete
office.This could be at a time when either the Blue Beret or membership
directory is being assembled and edited which could not be handled by only one.
In the past we had a lot of volunteers that would come by for a few days and
work in the office to help out. Unfortunately this is not happening now.
Please ask your members to help out if possible.

2. Drastically reduce Committees I am not sure which committees you are
talking about. Is it the standing committees or rally committees? The
standing committees which meet during the year have small expense accounts
that are part of the club budget, but very seldom use all of the budgeted
dollars. Over the past several years, that has been only a small percentage
of budgeted dollars.

If you are talking about the rally chairman, they use very little of
their small budget as most spend nothing for their committee at the rallies or
very little. This again is not the general club budget but the International rally budget.

3. Eliminate International 3rd Vice President
4. Eliminate Region 2nd Vice Presidents
5. Change Regions from 12 to 6. I am grouping these three together and
answering them together. The Int. 3rd VP is a very important VP at the
International Rally. He is in charge of everything that happens outside and
some committees inside. He is responsible for the setup of the parking,
electric, water, trams, trash collecting, engineering, and many other
necessary behind the scenes jobs. Locating and negotiating International
sites also can take a lot of the VP's time which sometimes takes the
entire three years. I am not in favor of eliminating this VP. The Region 2nd
VP, depending on the region, could possible be eliminated, although it
would not save a lot because either the Region President or the 1st VP would be
traveling more to cover the region. It would only reduce the time of the
region officer from 6 to 4 years, not 3. Each position is for two years.

Reducing the number of Region's and VP's was presented to the membership in
2004-05 and was totally rejected. With our current budget, perhaps the same
thoughts need to be presented again and see where it goes. I have mixed
thoughts on this some pro and some con.

6. Promote Rallies more effectively in the Blue Beret. I totally agree with
this. We should be using the BB more for the promotion of rallies and
member services. I will be encouraging units and regions to promote their
events and also using the BB to inform our new members what is available
to them as benefits.
7. Eliminated unnecessary travel promoting Regions & International
Rallies.I also agree with this. I will be assigning the 2010 International
officers so their travel distance will be less, and I am also going to look at
possibly eliminating some of the functions we attend. I still want to cover
all the Region Rallies, unfortunately some of the Special Events and
National Rallies may need to be cut from the schedule. It will depend on
the number of members that register for the rally. I am also going to
encourage each Region to closely monitor the officer travel miles. This
will only affect the budget at the close of the year, as the travel dollar
is set by policy in the Blue Book.

8. Change the format on promoting rallies. Delete past months
rallies. I was not sure what you meant on this one. We do need to promote
the rallies more and definitely need to delete old ads and news from the web

In the last paragraph you listed a total number of employees. The only
employees of WBCCI are the four women in the office at Jackson Center.
The others are all volunteers and only get reimbursed the travel expense up
tothe amount listed in the Blue Book policy for each office.
Lastly I am not in favor of raising dues at this time, neither am I in
favor of rescinding the At-Large dues increase nor changing their voting

I know we may not agree on some of the items you listed, but I do sincerely
thank you for your concerns for WBCCI. We are all in this together and
with cool heads and reasoning we will continue to make this the greatest RV
club anywhere.
Tom Collier, International 1st VP

This is my reply to some of Tom's questions

Executive Committee
Tom Collier, 1st Vice President
Dear Tom:

I am very pleased that you have responded to my e-mail of 9-26-09 and the
answer to your first question is no, you are the only one.While it is
disappointing that more have not taken up the challenge, I'm grateful to be
able to communicate with someone from the Executive Committee. One of these
days we may get wireless Internet as we travel across North America. The
purpose of my proposal was to stimulate action and dialogue between members
and the EC and to move this fine RV club into growth and survival.
Dissension is not healthy.

I realize that International, Region and Unit rallies have to be
self-supporting but when there is a shortfall, money to pay the bills has
to come from somewhere whether you call it general budget or rally budget. I
realize it takes 2 -3 years of advance planning and my only concern is the
cost of those commitment could be a burden should projected estimates fall
short of expectation. I will reluctantly agree that the 3rd Int'l is vital
for advance planning, but we must reduce our operation expenses to coincide
with membership loss.

Corporation are cutting expenses and work force to survive, so must we .I'm
not sure we need 18 Standing Committee chairpersons. I'm sure the staff at
Jackson Center could be reduced by one, after all, membership is down.
Hire High school help for peak times.

With the reduction of 12 Regions to 6, it was my intent to have them serve
only one year in each office. In these economic times, travel may have to
be cut way back.
On site under Rallies, I'm referring to rallies that took place
months ago and I don't see any advantage to keep them on the site, just my

Thanks again Tom for your comments, while we don't agree on some things,
there should be room for compromise on both side of an opinion. Posting on &
Best regards, James H.
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Blue Beret

As noted to the members of the WBCCI:

The suspension of Robert E. and Harriett Thompson II is overturned.

The International Executive Committee is hereby directed to reinstate Robert E. Thompson and Harriett Thompson with no break in service and to publish these findings. It is recommended they be published in the Blue Beret and on the WBCCI WEB page.

The Review Committee would also like to apologize to Robert E. and Harriet Thompson II, the New England Unit President, Region 1 members and all WBCCI members for the poor timing of the suspension of Robert E. Thompson II.

I received my copy of the Blue Beret last night and I went throught it twice and did note see the findings written anywhere. Perhaps I overlooked it. There is so much more they could do with our clubs newsletter and I found this issue extremely confussing and hard to follow what few articles worth reading. Has anyone found what I missed; the promise of the findings report?
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I looked also, but came up blank. The letter overturning the suspension was dated 10/8/2008. The cutoff for submissions for the November issue of the BB was 09/15. I would expect to see the notice in the December issue.


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I suspect you are correct Richard with regard to the timing of the printing versus the timing of the review recommendations. I hope to see it in the December issue. I also wonder if there will be any additional comments added by the BB contributors.

Barry & Donna
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Originally Posted by azflycaster View Post
The letter overturning the suspension was dated 10/8/2008. The cutoff for submissions for the November issue of the BB was 09/15. I would expect to see the notice in the December issue.
I will be very surprised if there is ever any mention of this matter in the Blue Beret. Here's why:

1. The Blue Book (those pesky rules, again) unequivocally gives the Appeals Board the power to overturn the ruling of the Executive Committee, which they did.

2. While I very much appreciate the Appeals Board issuing an apology not only to the Thompsons, but also the membership of the WBCCI (indicating their awareness of the problems that this disciplinary action has caused), the rules give them no authority to order their findings to be published in the Blue Beret.

3. I very much doubt that the Executive Committee has any desire to have this sorry chapter in WBCCI's history publicized any more than it already has been. And the Executive Committee decides what gets published in the Blue Beret. (Do you remember seeing an article presenting opposition arguments to the motor home amendment? Neither do I.)

4. And, arguably, there is no real reason to publish an apology in the Blue Beret. In accordance with the Executive Committee's secrecy policies, neither the original grievances nor the Thompsons' suspension were published. Everyone who would appreciate an apology is already aware of it. Many, very possibly a majority, of WBCCI members (the ones who don't use the internet) still don't even know about these disciplinary actions.

The real question still is, what is the Executive Committee going to do with Leo Garvey? They need to acquit him immediately and put this fiasco behind us as soon as humanly possible.
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Originally Posted by Nuvite-F View Post
The real question still is, what is the Executive Committee going to do with Leo Garvey? They need to acquit him immediately and put this fiasco behind us as soon as humanly possible.
Do you think it would help or hurt if we started a "reinstate Leo" campaign? Leo isn't as high profile a figure in the club as Bob, so I wonder if his case (and cause) would be helped by doing this.
If we do this, time would be of the essence, so the issue can be brought up while Bob's case is still fresh in the minds of the people that matter.
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The Blue Beret only publishes ten issues per year. I know they skip July, and I thought they skipped December, getting the new directory set up.
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Originally Posted by Charlie M View Post
The Blue Beret only publishes ten issues per year. I know they skip July, and I thought they skipped December, getting the new directory set up.
They skip January, you get the Membership Directory instead.


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Originally Posted by Isadora View Post
y'a know, it is threads like this and others that put me off joining the WBCCI. I don't need this kind of discension and politics in my recreational life. I am here to have fun, not be involved in in-fighting and squabbling.
You are exactly right with your comments. We had been members for two years, in a north western Florida chapter. About half of the members would speak to us, the rest of them were only interested in their exclusive gossiping, nitpicking, groups.
This came to a head with me when a discussion at one of the meetings about the Airstream motorhome. There were several members who said that Airstream would never be allowed to have another manufacturer build a motorhome, and put the Airstream name on the product!
I was in total amazement when this happened. How can a "club" begin to believe they can control a company's product line...
After a long two years of being a WBCCI member, I did not, and will not renew the membership...
We enjoy our Airstream, and have friends who enjoy theirs also, we don't need WBCCI, and won't miss it..
Old age is coming at a really bad time!

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Originally Posted by Isadora
y'a know, it is threads like this and others that put me off joining the WBCCI
To clarify... probably not the occurance of the threads but the reason and content within the threads Isadora???

Sometimes I am confused and taken back because there truly are some that believe the whistle blowers are the problem. Because some will not go quietly into the night despite wrong doing and injustice they have been assigned as THE culprits adding insult onto injury. I applaud those that speak out. I hope for change with our consciousness raised. The generation of unquestioning compliance has come to its end.

Vote for Leo! You may have to write him in on your ballot but he IS running from the floor, though it has not been made transparent at every unit level, nor at the international level!!!!!!!!!!!I think that is obvious as obstruction and shameful that it does not get flagged and corrected by the parliamentarian and other officials of the club. But it would not be the first year of such grevious obstruction and voting fraud. Arm your delegate to vote FOR CHANGE!!

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Originally Posted by Larry C View Post
We enjoy our Airstream, and have friends who enjoy theirs also, we don't need WBCCI, and won't miss it..
Larry C, I felt the same way about WBCCI, after reading a copy of Blue Beret and reading the controversies surrounding WBCCI. However, after 5 years of owning our Airstream, we found a WBCCI unit with a great group of people. So, we's the Four Corners Unit (FCU)....even though we live in Northern California. We attended our first rally in February, with 30+ other Airstreams & Airstreamers. We also attend AirForums rallies and get together with Airstreamers and SOB owners, and camp on our own. Getting out and enjoying life is what it's all about....
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Originally Posted by Larry C View Post
You are exactly right with your comments. We had been members for two years, in a north western Florida chapter. About half of the members would speak to us, the rest of them were only interested in their exclusive gossiping, nitpicking, groups.
This came to a head with me when a discussion at one of the meetings about the Airstream motorhome. There were several members who said that Airstream would never be allowed to have another manufacturer build a motorhome, and put the Airstream name on the product!
I was in total amazement when this happened. How can a "club" begin to believe they can control a company's product line...
After a long two years of being a WBCCI member, I did not, and will not renew the membership...
We enjoy our Airstream, and have friends who enjoy theirs also, we don't need WBCCI, and won't miss it..

I agree with those you disagree with... I know that I don't want a Hensly hitch built by Draw Tite, a Ferrari built by Ford, or any of countless other items. Why would you want a motor home labeled as something it is not? The WBCCI has the criteria that it is a club of Airstream made products. There is Good Sams and a few others that the non- Airstream trailers and motor homes clubs they can join.
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International cartel railroads Bob - the whole story


When an individual is elected as Region President, the members of that region expect that person to represent them in all matters affecting their region. In addition to the Region 1 Policy which states that the President represents the members of the region, the WBCCI constitution reinforces that policy by stating under in Sec 1. ARTICLE IX “… In the event the Region Presi*dent is unable to be present at a meeting of the Board of Trust*ees, the next ranking Region Vice President, in the order 1st and 2nd, shall sit with the Board at that meeting as a voting member representing that Region in all matters coming before the Board….Thus it was clear that the Region 1 President must represent the region members in all matters.

Background: - Why was the e-mail written?

Therefore at the Electronic IBT meeting after the midwinter at Perry, I voted NO on the Motorhome Issue. This was reinforced when the majority of members in 100% of the New England units voted NO at the delegates meeting at Perry. The international leadership appeared to be very unhappy about this and so the Region 1 Proxy representation motion was called “out of order” by the IP at the Jan 08 Mid-Winter. (although according to Robert’s Rules (RONR) it was not. Proper procedures were used and all members notified and a copy of the motion provided 90 days in advance.)

For several meetings of the IBT, the “business” at hand was deciding Titles for spouses/mates, discussing badges and three digit numbers for selected “international” persons and increasing the expense allowances. In reference to members, they raised the dues for MALs, ruled the Proxy Representation (Not Proxy Voting) motion “out-of-Order” and increased their deficit spending. So Bob Thompson (BOB T) wrote his e-mail rendering his opinions about the failed performance of the 2008 Administration.

Mind you, in that e-mail, Bob T did NOT cuss, did NOT use foul language, and referred to the International President (IP) by his title or by MR, or by his name. Bob T pointed out the 1M1V; the deficit spending; the issue with the parade flags; Representation issues; Recruiting membership and Retention problems along with some other minor issues.

Who was it sent to and why?

The e-mail was sent to the WBCCI Executive Committee (EC7) and the other IBT members; to the International Standing Committee members; to the Region VP’s, to the PIP’s and a few other people who appear to have influence with the leadership of WBCCI.

The deadline for submission of IBT business was May 30th, just a few days off and it was hoped that those receiving the e-mail would get some real meaningful business before the IBT.

Thus, in my position as Region President, I prepared a message indicating the position of the region on several matters to include 1M1V, Proxy Representation, Membership recruitment and Retention among other items of concern. This message was sent t5o those who were either in leadership positions or had a great amount of influence on the leadership. Although I received much support, two PIP’s responded in a very insolent manner (which were the only negative messages received). What happen next follows:

It appears that the “International Cartel” has, with the cooperation of WBCCI International President railroaded Bob Thompson for expressing his opinions about the performance of the administration under the last PIP.

Who is the International Cartel? In my opinion, it is a group of self-serving individuals consisting of the International Officers (EC7); the past international officers (PIP); and selected international committee members. Some of their “Perks” are: special parking, free meals at the members expense and who consider themselves the “Elite” – example, one PIP spoke about “Quality over Quantity” and something to the effect that we should be more selective. (is that racial or what, I don’t know?)

Do you know that International President (IP) stated that the “Blue Book” would be followed, and to prove it, he stopped a grievance against a PIP because it was filed after more than 30 days. BUT he ignored the Blue Book and allowed his administration to ignore the same blue book by-laws and procedures in the headlong effort to railroad Bob Thompson via a grievance was dated 34 days AFTER my message was written and first sent out. (Something wrong there, 30 day limit when against a PIP but ok to proceed when a grievance is dated 34 days against a member expressed his opinions. Just because the PIP did not read or receive the message when first transmitted is not a valid excuse. If one could file a grievance about an incident which was over 30 days ago because they just found out about it , then I could file a grievance now about an election problem which occurred last year because “I just heard about it”

Example: Article V. sec 2 A. “it shall be the duty of such committee to mail a copy of such complaint to the accused and notify him …” To this date Bob Thompson has NOT received written and post marked notification of a grievance being filed against him nor has he received a copy of the “enclosed complaint” as indicated in the PIP’s grievance letter of June 9,. It appears, Mt. President, that your August 28, 2008 comments were not true as to your “facts” “5A and 5D”. Looks like the required process was, in fact, NOT followed. And where is the truth in “5B”? Can any of the executive committee provide a list of 5 or more WBCCI committees or projects that Bob Thompson has worked on during his service of over 33 years? And , if not, How could they have considered his WBCCI service?

Well the PIP who filed the grievance apparently chose this as an opportunity to achieve “quality” over “quantity” and get rid of “differing opinions” First off, the PIP’s cover letter contains NOTHING EXCEPT his opinions as to what Bob Thompson was trying to do. Secondly, His “Attached evidence” is nothing more then an apparent copy of the e-mail which has been altered and marked up. Finally, the PIP refers to “The enclosed complaint and grievance …” which, to this date has never been provided to Bob T nor has it been shown or read to him. The PIP’s grievance is without substance. It only reflects his biased opinions..

Wait, there is more.
Para B,Sec.2, Art V of the Club By-Laws state that: “A complaint so filed, shall be in writing and shall state the date and place of the alleged violation or misconduct and the facts upon which such complaint is based.”

The PIP’s letter did NOT meef or comply with this article. He provided the date of the e-mail which he received
And not the date the message first out. His letter did not state the place of the alleged violation – the Internet is not a place, it is ciber space and covers the entire world., and NO facts were stated. Thus the letter is non-compliant and should have also been rejected as the letter was 34 days after my e-mail was first sent out.

The PIP’s letter was sent to the then IP who forward it (instead of rejecting as he should have as it was non-compliant with the By-Laws) to the Ethics and Greivance Committee Chaiman under a cover letter which indicates that three copies of the “complaint” are included for his committee’s consideration. Although Bob Thompson is copied in the letter, he was NOT provided a copy of the “Complaint”. (The only reason Bob received a copy of the IP letter of transmittal to the E&GC was because it is required to send a copy to the Region President.

Now Chairman of the E&GC had been quite vocal in his attack on Bob Thompson at the Cape Cod spring business meeting. His attempts to demean Bob Thompson were ill received by the unit and they voted to support Bob by a very large margin.

Now, since the Chairman of the E&GC was “on record” as being biased against Bob Thompson, he should have stepped down from being on the committee, but he did not, thus conducting himself in an un-ethical manner from that point on.

On 22 June 2008, while en-route to his trailer, Bob was approached by a member of his region who was NOT an International Officer nor a member of the E&GC who said he found out that a grievance had been filed against me and asked if he could help. Now, at this point in a grievance, only the ones who complained, the EC7 and the E&GC should have been aware of the grievance, but it appears that it was general knowledge BEFORE Bob T received notification. Confidential? No, this railroad job was being broadcast to others.

Upon return to his trailer in the late afternoon, Bob found a document in the message device on his trailer from E&GC which contained 10 questions, some of which were very biased against Bob and some questions appeared to be a witch hunt for someone else.

Later that same day, the chair of E&GC came to Bob’s trailer and demanded that he answer the questions and asked Bob if he would meet him in the morning. Bob indicated yes, but first wanted a copy of the complaint. The E&GC left and returned a bit later with a copy of the PIP’s cover letter and the attachment, (the altered copy of the e-mail message.) BUT NOT any copies of the complaint.

The E&GC never did provide Bob with a copy of the complaint, only its cover letter. At that time, the E&GC stated that Bob was to attend a “Hearing” the next day with his committee. Bob responded that he wanted it in writing and stated that he would not attend such. The E&GC left and returned shortly indicating that he had talked to the then International 3rd VP and stated that Bob had to attend the hearing the next day. Bob stated that he would talk to his attorney before attending any hearing, The E&GC response was that Bob could call his lawyer before the meeting (08:00 AM EST- No Lawyer whould be available) and he then gave Bob a paper which indicated the date, time and place of the hearing. Bob indicated that he would not attend that hearing at that time.

The E&GC’s repeated actions and demands reflect gross mis-cdonduct and unethical conduct. The E&GC did NOT follow the procedures outlined in the WBCCI by-laws. The E&GC did NOT mail a proper notification (with the postmark as that starts the time line for the accused to exercise their rights). The E&GC scheduled (and held?) a hearing at a time which was less then the 30 days provided in the by-laws. It also appears from his own statements (in front of a witness) that he discussed Bob’s case with a member of the WBCCI Executive Committee out of turn and that International Officer should have withdrawn from the case, but did not (more questions of ethical mis-conduct of the part of both persons..) Let me set aside the gross mis-conduct so far and address the second member of the Ethics committee.

A PIP who was a member of the Ethics and Grievance Committee, sent an e-mail to Bob Thompson (and copied several others) which clearly disclosed his bias against Bob before the complaint was received by his committee. Futher, that same PIP sent several e-mails to others expressing his comments against Bob Thompson to include false statements. He said that Bob Thompson was found to be “not qualified” by the WBCCI Nominating Committee. In truth, Bob T has a written and signed letter from the Chairman of the Nominating Committee that states he is and was fully qualified (but not selected).. Thus this PIP should have stepped down when the committee received the complaint, but he chose the un-ethical route of remaining on the committee.

Thus two out of three of the grievance committee were clearly anti-Bob and were conducting themselves in an un-ethical manner by remaining on the committee.. The third member, while a strong supporter of Barry in the upcoming election, did not express any bias to the best of my knowledge.

On the 14th of August 2008, an e-mail was received from the current WBCCI President (via Now Region 1 President) which indicated that the Ethics & Greivance Committee had met on or before the 21 of July and had sent a letter dated 21 July 2008 to IP with their “findings and recommendations”. The letter went on and indicated that the WBCCI Executive Committee had met and Suspended Bob Thompson for one year, effective the 15 August 2008.

No notification was received in reference to the above hearing nor was I given a chance to appear or to submit documentation or witnesses to the E&G Committee. It is to be noted that the E&GC Chairman, did NOT follow the procedures under the By-Laws and that it was only 29 days from his June 22nd verbal notification to the July 21st letter of his committee’s “findings and recommendations”. The Blue Book / WBCCI By-Laws states that no such hearing will take place less then 30 days after notification. Again No letter of notification has ever been received about that July hearing. Or any other hearing for that matter.

The IP was in my opinion remiss in not replacing the tainted ethics & grievance committee. He knew or should have known of E&GC Chair;s prior efforts against Bob T and his discussions with members of the executive committee; he should have known that the E&GCand Bob T belonged to the Cape Cod Unit; and it appears that he did not take into count the fact that, to this date Bob Thompson has not received a written (nor a verbal) copy of the “Enclosed Complaint” referenced in PIP’s letter and, of course, it appears that the Executive Committee did not consider Bob Thompson’s years of service to WBCCI. Don’t think they even cared.

Of course, a certified letter was sent to WBCCI President asking that the Executive Committee reconsider their decision. – NO Response after a month – Guess IP is “too busy” to reply. (By the way, “Reconsideration” is allowed in Robert’s Rules.)

Another letter, along with a copy of the above letter, was sent via certified mail to WBCCI Headquarters to be forwarded to the members of the IBT. While a letter from IP was received which indicated that a 3 man committee would hear the appeal, there is no indication that each member of the IBT received their copy in accordance with the procedures.

At this point, one should be aware that the WBCCI President who is on the Executive Committee and on the IBT could appoint any three people he wants, even members of the Executive Committee who gave the suspension.

One should know that Bob Thompson has worked for over two years on the development and organization of the first Regional Rally in Prince Edward Island, Canada and that the suspension was timed to take place just 2 days before the start of that rally. However, the planning of the rally was such that the Canadian Atlantic unit was able to step in and host the rally without missing a heart beat.

Ok, there you have it. No “he said – she said” because: I have two laptops that have mikes and video cameras built into them and were on; a miniature tape recorder; witnesses and written documents. If there is any other reason for my suspension, I am unaware of it. OH! By the way, the last certified letter from Mr. Larson which indicated that a copy of the complaint was enclosed did NOT have such, Yes, it had a copy of the PIP’s cover letter, but NOT the referenced “enclosed Complaint” Don’t know what they are trying to hide.

Now don’t tell me about ethics and grievances being secret – The Constitution and the By-Laws do not require such. And Robert’s Rules say only that the “investigation” part to the Committee’s Hearing is ”Confidential” the rest is NOT confidential – Read the fine print in ROONR Just thought I would pre-empt your comments on such. You’ll have a nice day.

Bob Thompson served two months of the bogus suspension when it was overturned by the IBT review committee who also apologized to Bob and his wife for the wrong doing brought upon them and who also reinstated them with no break in service. They also requested that the IP apologize to the Thompson’s and print their findings in the blue Beret. Of course, the IP refused, saying that info on grievances was confidential. Of Course he was wrong. Only the investigations are confidential but NOT the process nor the hearings and in fact RONR indicates that such should be held before the members.

Now don’t let me say the EC7 was biased but I saw and interesting advertisement by the I2VP VP which said - Wanted person with Marketing and Sales Experience – If the EC7 had read Bob Thompson’s resume in the April issue of the Blue Beret and considered his service to WBCCI, they would have seen that Bob has a degree in Marketing and Sales among other degrees.— biased, yep, I believe so.

No Bob Thompson will not be going to WBCCI International Rally at Madison – Because he can not and will not support leadership that abuses their authority, violates the Constitution and By-Laws and ignores RONR and Interferes with the election process as they did with Leo’s candidate efforts and who think nothing of putting the Club in the red.

That’s all folks. My third Presentation will be on the “State of WBCCI” and my comments on how to fix it before it is too late. And, of course, that will be followed by my forth presentation: “A new Beginning” You don’t want to miss either of these.
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Originally Posted by bob280 View Post

Bob, I'm confused. As far as I can tell, all of this was old news, some of it more than a year old. So what's the point?

WBCCI 21043
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Consider the above plus the IP and Ex comm interference with the up coming election and what they did to Leo Garvey a from the floor candidate and the continuing membership loss and potential dues increase and the in the red finincial budget.

and add the +/-$100,000 loss to the club this year - maybe people will come to know that they have got to put different people in then those people who are simply moving thru the chairs apparently to improve their eagos.
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From what I understand with regard to this years election, and Leo G. running for the Nominating Committee, that information was not forwarded to all Regions that he was even running. So many Units could not even vote on the issue. His resume was withheld from the Blue Beret, even though it was submitted long before the dead line.

Looks like if nothing else EC7 still know how to keep the Trains on schedule.

I be leave I mentioned this before but I will mention it again. The Membership book now has e mail addresses for a majority of the membership. Any future campaign of anyone outside the inner circle should send notification to the membership via e mail. There is no way they could sequester ones intent after that. They may deny access to the Beret and official channels but the facts would be presented to the membership.
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Leo did send out his resume to all regions and it is believed to all unit presidents however the problem is "block voting" where if a person got 51 votes and another 50 then the one with the most votes get 101 votes by the delegate..
this is not right nor is it ethical, but is is a means whereby selected units can control an election.

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