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Newbie Diesel question

I know I've previously read threads on this topic, but cannot seem to locate them now , so my apologies for rehashing this, but would appreciate your insight!

For those that tow with diesel (specifically 3/4 trucks) -- do you use the 18 wheeler lanes when fueling up?

Does this require some sort of flow restrictor to do so?

Thank you!!

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I rarely use the big truck lanes, but when I have I haven't needed a flow restricting device. Does fill quickly, though.

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I rarely use the lanes for truckers because they do not accept my credit card. They are set up for some type of trucker-only credit card system. I usually try to fill up when not hitched so the regular car lanes are fine. When driving a long day that requires a fill up while towing I will usually look for a fuel lane that I can use given my 50 foot length.

Having said this, I have fueled in the truck lane on occasion and really like the fast fill that I get due to the larger fill nozzle! I don't see the need for any type of flow restrictor.
Bob Martel
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I use the truck fill lanes sometimes. I have to walk inside and leave the card and go back out to fill and then back in to pay. The large nozzle, fast flow works fine with my Dodge. I do hold the nozzle and run it slower than wide open. I try to stay out of really crowded large truck stops because I feel in the way. When traveling we may go 5 to 6 days or more without unhooking so we do sometimes fill while hitched,
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If you feel uneasy about leaving a credit card inside prior to filling, could you say leave a $100 bill inside, fill up, go back in and retrieve the $ and then use the credit card?
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Newbie Diesel question

We use a debit card with a very restricted account balance on a very isolated credit union account without overdraft protection of any sort. That limits the exposure.

I can transfer money to the account in moments as needed from my cell phone.

This card was recently used fraudulently. The attempt would have hit the card for thousands had it not been limited. The only loss was a parking meter fee in Chicago, and that was refunded. When that card is not in regular travel use, I keep the balance below $50.

Being a paid paranoid computer security weenie is not a bad thing....

As a practical thing, I can see returning to the cashier and being asked, "what $100 bill?" The credit card can be killed in two minutes.

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We rarely use the truck lanes/fast flow pumps to fuel up. It seems like the auto diesel pumps are becoming more prevalent in the areas we frequent. When the fast flow pumps are the only option, I stay at the pump nozzle and don't run it wide open.
Greg & Mary
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As well, in non-urban settings, stations which pump diesel often position the diesel pumps in locations which have fairly good access to those pulling trailers. Approaching urban areas, I plan ahead to insure I have sufficient fuel to get out of the area. Sometimes that means I stop to refuel when I have 1/4 to 1/2 full tank.

I rarely use the truck lanes anymore. Truck stops often have RV-friendly diesel pumps as well to keep RVs out of the truck lanes.

Apps like GasBuddy and Google Maps can also be your friend to scope out fuel stops, giving you a "birds-eye" view of the access.

In a desperate situation, I figure I can drop the trailer in a grocery store parking lot or side street to refuel, but I've never had to resort to that.

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When we need fuel , we go wher ever we can fit, truck islands are fine...
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After a couple of tries not taking our credit card, we don't attempt to use them. Use the auto/pickup lanes instead. Sometimes there is a auto/pickup lane to one side of the truck lanes, marked as such.
Doug and Cheryl
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There has been disagreement with myself and others in a past thread about truck lanes, but I try to avoids them because the faster flow nozel has the potential to stir up more sediment and thus add contaminant to your tank.

For me, here in the west we seem to have a lot of wide open and spacious fill stations, so I have never had a problem getting fuel while hitched. I might just have to pass a few stations on the process.

Happy travels with your new diesel!
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Because I drive a diesel Airstream Motorhome, size, height, and easy access are a factor for me. Flying J and Pilot Truck Stops usually have an RV lane but I have no problem pulling into a truck lane especially when towing a Jeep. The fast flow nozzels work fine, only sometimes they do cut off with tanks full and foam comes out.

Most times the pump takes my credit card but cuts off at $100. If filling up, it can take anywhere from $140 to $165 so I have to put nozzle back into pump and reinsert card to start again. A few times I did go inside and leave my Amex. Overall its not a problem and I take the extra time at fuel ups to check other things like the tow car, food, drinks, and potty breaks.

In the middle of a long cross country trip from MT to FL so pulling out tomorrow on the last leg from Atlanta to Ft. Lauderdale. Spending a month on the road has been exciting and interesting to say the least
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A lot of truck stops have a normal size and flow nozzle closest to the building if they don't have Rv pumps.when we were out west we found several stops with Rv pumps you could only get to with a VW camper at the largest.
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Typically, in the auto diesel pumps are on the outside islands but they can be occupied by gas autos. I'll find out next week on my first long trip with my Ram CTD how it all works out.

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My 2016 Ram 2500 diesel's fuel nozzle will accomodate either large or small fuel fill hoses.

I've fueled at high-flow pumps before, but only as a result of being the only available pump when pulling into a strange station towing a 30' Airstream.

The high flow pumps work, but I have learned to keep the detent on the lowest possible flow setting, and to carefully listen to the sound of the tank filling up. This avoids awkward overflows. (trust me on this one )

Finding a diesel pump when on the road is one of the most frustrating part of towing.

It will generally:

- Be unmarked as to 'diesel'
- Be not working or otherwise covered, which you discover at the last minute
- Will have an island completely occupied by a parked minivan, with 12 occupants outside, eating chicken at the pump (true story)
- Be marked 'biobiesel' in tiny 8 point font
- Be so hard to manuever as to be impossible to pull out of
- Have a handle covered in diesel oil and dirt
- Will elicit a response of "Oh diesel? It's around back"

...or some combination of the above.

I've had good success at Scheetz and Wawa, being new-ish stations with large approach approns and working card readers.
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That is 3 times as fast and on a 40 gallon tank that is time.
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Thanks so much guys! I guess we'll need to keep our eyes open for RV lanes with diesel or in a pinch hit up the 18 wheeler side. This will be a learning experience I'm sure ;-)
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Hint. In a pinch if you can't get into the diesel pump, try unhitching at a parking lot or shopping center and drive the tv over for a fill up. Better than running out of fuel. I can unhitch in a couple of minutes. Just something that has saved me a couple times. Good luck.
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auto islands

THIS --> - ",,,Will have an island completely occupied by a parked minivan, "

Never fails, oblivious ( 'Beeps' ) blocking the diesel islands while gas only island are available.
You have to watch those 'Sheetsz' stations, they have trouble with their pumps, where you get a really slow flow rate. It always seems to occur at a sheetz more often, and I have had it occur at a gasoline pump too, where you get a super slow fill rate. Even if you stop and restart the pump. If you're not careful you can waste 45 minutes at a sheetz in no time flat when this happens.
I have started avoiding sheetz. They can be annoying by being occupied by so many 'drones' in 'four-wheelers'.

A lot of diesel pumps in the Truck fill areas are now becoming pay at the pump.
Pilot, Loves, and a couple Shell truck stops, I have had good luck at and just pay at the pump and get out of the way.
Have a good one,
Ra, Chelle & Natasha
For my next trick, I will use my new Airstream & Dodge Ram 2500 CTD to make this pile of money disappear.
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You're a diesel newbie, we all were at one time.

Unrelated but yet related to your inquiry, carry a replacement fuel filter with you for your diesel.

You can catch some crud in fuel and filter will clog, reduced power etc. pull off, let it cool if necessary, change filter and continue with trip. No filter? Wait for tow or billy bob repair and video rental to get you going.

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