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Old 10-11-2020, 12:23 PM   #41
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Build list

Can anyone refer me to an ideal build list for f150 to pull a 19cb?
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Originally Posted by Batman0424 View Post
between the a 1/2 ton and 3/4 ton:
Does extra length have a significant impact on maneuverability?
If 1 foot makes any difference in maneuverability then donít buy a Ford or...

Earlier this year we bought a used F150 and a used 27í airstream. My research showed that more than 90% of the used F150s are short beds. I bought a 2018 standard bed, not long bed. Research also showed that each individual truck must be reviewed for towing capacity. I was also shocked at the lack of turning radius of the Ford (F150 or F250) so to keep options open we bought a Trax Power Dolly.
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I tow my 23FB with my SUV and it is very maneuverable. The previous owner of my AS used a F150 with a heavy duty trailer option and said it was the ideal setup. His truck had the smaller cab with jump seats and not a crew cab.

My SUV is a Range Rover that has a Ford (of Europe) diesel engine and a 8-speed tranny and gets 28 mpg (24 mpg highway when towing my AS). I believe the F150 offered the same diesel engine. If you do not have any problems with running a diesel, you might want to look into that option.

I also run a load distribution (LD) hitch which I need to prevent sway with my SUV. the previous owner said his F150 did not need the LD hitch with the F150 but did use the built-in brake controller on the truck. The LD hitch can be a pain to connect and disconnect - it can be a real workout to connect the LD bars/chains unless you have air suspension like my SUV has to adjust the TV/AS height to adjust the connection angle.

Best wishes. Hope to see you and your family on the road.

- Mike
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I have a 23 FB. First tow vehicle was an F150. A tree fell on it in a campground and totaled it. Replaced the F150 with a standard bed 2017 F250 diesel. My first thought was that the trailer was a little more maneuverable while backing with the F150 than it was with the F250. Certainly not significantly so as we have put the 23 FB into many tight spaces with the F250. Thatís what we like about the 23 FB, which has allowed us to get into smaller parks.

The fact is that the F150 was a better, more comfortable, daily driver, and the F250 is a better, more comfortable, tow vehicle. We just rolled in from a trip in the mountains. The F250 just purrs along happily never breaking a sweat up or down hill.

Good luck with your decision.
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Softer springs of a 1/2 ton may ease the pounding on your new trailer.
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Your choice try and see how it goes fir you

Iíve towed a EB 25 with an older F150 crew cab towed ok. My wifeís 2019 Armada tows it better than the F150 but no factory towing mirrors and clip ons are useless. By far the best is my F350 crew cab long bed diesel SRW Yes it is a monster 15000 towing and 3980 cargo. You barely know the EB is back there. Maneuvering is more difficult because of truck length 25í but for tight places I have a front hitch you just unhook, turn around hitch up and you maneuver everything right in front of you. I do have the plow prep package so the front end can handle the load. Not recommended to cruise down the road pushing the AS though. Good luck
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Thereís no question that the half ton is more maneuverable but that wasnít the question. It regarded backing the trailer with 1/2 ton vs 3/4 ton. Thatís a wash, thereís no appreciable difference backing the trailer.
However, safety, security in long downgrades in steep mountain roads, is where the difference lies.
It also applies to instances where you come back from a 3 week trip and realize, yeah, a bigger trailer would be nice.
With the 3/4 ton thereís no skirting the limits and having to convince yourself the 1/2 ton can handle the 28 footer.
Get your second TV first as Iíd donít worry about parking at Costco. That would be missing the real issue.
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Originally Posted by Hobo Bob View Post
Can anyone refer me to an ideal build list for f150 to pull a 19cb?
Just about any F150 will tow a 19í. ďIdealĒ as you have seen in this forum is highly opinionated. Really depends. If I was towing an 19í you can do so quite well with the Ford V8 which tows 9,000lbs. In fact the 2.7 EcoBoost would easily pull the 19í. It really then depends upon options. I pull a 28í so thatís a bit different.

Point: There is no ideal build list. I can only tell you what I tow my 28í with.
1) 2020 Ford XLT super crew with short bed.
2) 3.5 EcoBoost with Max tow haul package.
3) 20 inch wheels.
4) Back up sensors.
5) Ladder in gate to get up into bed.
6) Side steps to easily get into bed from the side.
7) Bliss side warning system.
8) Towing mirrors (I had to put these on after market).
9) Roadmaster suspension system (add on).

The thing about the max tow haul is you get a 36 gallon tank which makes the need for stops less critical.

The 3.5 EcoBoost is a towing monster in the 1/2 tons that makes a great daily driver. And in case you get a bigger AS you can tow it.

Expect to spend about 52,000 to 56,000 depending upon other options.
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Rent one

Originally Posted by Atwebs View Post
Test drive and test drive some more. Ask about the towing features and ask for a demonstration! Take the kids, the dog and any thing you are thinking of hauling along to be sure how it fits. Then also research local dealers to see who has the best reputation. Then select the one that feels best to you.

While we loved our Ford F250, we discovered the Chevy 2500 is quieter, has a more comfortable back seat and a much smaller turning radius. The local Chevy service center is far better than the local Ford shop we also helped to finalize our choice.
We recently purchased a 2021Flying Cloud FBQ and weíre undecided about which TV to buy so we rented an F250 from Enterprise for a week and headed out on our first adventure. Glad we did as it gave us plenty 1st hand experience and was very reasonable to rent. We figure we can take 14 trips a year for 10 years to break even with buying one. Since we already have a 1/4 ton truck, this makes more sense for us. Also, no PP tax , insurance, sales tax, or maintenance to worry with.
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Old 10-12-2020, 01:15 AM   #50
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Just FYI: I pull my 1999 AS Safari 25C with a 2018 Nissan Titan XD Diesel. It's capable of pulling up to 10,000 lbs on the drop hitch, but the Safari is nowhere near that. The Titan is technically a 5/8 ton truck with a torquey diesel engine. It's also a crew cab which can haul over 2000 lbs and still be below the 8900 GVWR per the sticker on the vehicle. I usually get 19-21 mpg running unloaded on the highway and we have been seeing.12-14 with the Safari behind it. It doesn't seem to care if there's something on the hitch, it handles about the same either way. I bought it used with about 6000 miles on it. So far it has performed admirably, and in my opinion, it has good maneuverability. The truth about the Safari 25C is that it's just 26 ft long, including the hitch and back bumper. I have had no trouble backing it into campsites with the Titan. And the Titan has had no problems pulling the trailer up or down the grades on the interstates. Plenty of torque for pulling a trailer. But you have to like diesel - some people don't like the extra hassle even if it gets them 20% more fuel mileage. Diesel seems to cost about the same as gasoline most of the time.

Whatever truck you buy, check for reliability. Nissan seems to have a pretty good record so far. There are lots of used vehicles for sale just now. Mine came with a full warranty but at a used truck price.
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Old 10-12-2020, 04:34 AM   #51
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Thank you all for the detailed information.

Based on everything over read (and the fact that Iím not going to daily the truck), Iím strongly leaning towards the 3/4 ton option. When we break down our specific needs for purchasing a truck, the answer is easy. Nearly every used 1/2 has some trade off for our intended purpose and I really donít want to spend 30-40k (used) for a compromise.

Iíve been eying a few hard 3/4s in my price range and have a few more months to actually find one, but hope to have this part sorted well before that point.

We thought about renting, but options here are a bit limited and we tended to do this last minute. For example, was heading cross country for a week long work trip and, as I was about to drive away, my wife (before kids) hopped in the car and wanted to join. No suitcase and no plane ticket - sorted the ticket during the drive and she bought cloths when we landed. Granted, with kids it takes a bit more planning, but we have done a 2 week vacations with a couple days lead time.

Anyway, very excited to join this amazing group of people. Iíve been on forums for 20+years and this is by far the best environment Iíve ever seen - the collaboration and support is outstanding.

Thank you all!

Hope to have this wrapped up soon and will be sure to post when we finally purchase our TV.
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First the all important caveat. I haven't owned less than an F250 since I was a teen in the 80's I tend to haul big and heavy, with far too much crap with me. I currently use an 1990 F350 4x4 supercab, and I tow a 30ft 5th.

The "right" F150 will absolutely do the job you want. It'll be way more maneuverable, eat less gas, and use cheaper replacement parts.
The problem is you're buying used and it seems everyone that buys an F150 wants an almost a truck. So you're stuck finding that unicorn you mentioned that's probably had more than a few hot suppers because no one buying an F150 is buying too much truck for what he want's to do, and even less for what they end up doing.
You can never have too much truck, . However all that surplus comes at a cost.

My personal recommendation especially for a first time truck owner is buy one size bigger than you think you need as long as you can stay in your budget and space requirements.

TL/DR When buying used a good enough 150 is hard to find and probably more $$$ than a good enough F250.
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Old 10-13-2020, 05:10 AM   #53
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Originally Posted by Lazerus View Post
When buying used a good enough 150 is hard to find and probably more $$$ than a good enough F250.
This is exactly what I am finding. There are several F-250s within a few hundred miles of my location in the low to mid 30s with anywhere from 60-130k miles. For then F-150, most are the 2.7L, the 3.5L eco and V8 are harder (not impossible) to find and often have more damage / scratches than the higher mile F-250s. Mikes tend to be lower, but pricing is mid 30s to mid 40s. What Iíve found to be the biggest limitation is having to stick with the current generation F-150. The previous gen used more steel and was heavier and (from what Iíve seen so far) a lower payload. The current get has more payload, but also newer and at a premium.

Hoping to pull the trigger on an F-250 soon. Debating if we should spend a little more and get a newer version or stick with the older version and pay cash / pay it off before the AS arrives. Leaning towards the older version and something in the 2011-2015 range - diesel or has.
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So, I’ve been eying a very well maintained and clean 2012 F-250 diesel for a few weeks now and jumped on it today. Waiting to wrap up the paperwork and have it shipped.

Thanks all for the help and advice!
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Old 10-18-2020, 12:03 AM   #55
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Truck arrived today....
Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	7A62A4F8-C5A9-432B-A0BE-D00AC46E8C3D.jpg
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Originally Posted by Batman0424 View Post
Truck arrived today....

Looks like itís in great shape. PowerStroke diesel badging? What is the payload number on the door sticker? Curious because of the CrewCab Long bed style (and diesel engine weight).

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Old 10-19-2020, 08:55 AM   #57
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Originally Posted by ExploreUT View Post
Looks like itís in great shape. PowerStroke diesel badging? What is the payload number on the door sticker? Curious because of the CrewCab Long bed style (and diesel engine weight).

It is the PowerStroke 6.7L. The truck is super clean. Some minor scratches (most can be buffed out), two small holes (1/8 inch) in the leather (rear seats - previous owner had dogs) and two golf ball size dents on the tailgate. Otherwise, the truck looks great. No rust on the frame (not even surface rust).

The payload from the sticker is around 2050 or so (it is a Lariat and rather well optioned). The GAWR for the rear is around 6000# and it has aftermarket airbag system in the rear.

From what Iíve read on here (and through other forums and some research), the truck is capable of hauling more weight given the engine, brakes, suspension setup, tires and axel ratings. Regardless, with the tongue weight and my family, we have about 800# of room before we hit the payload sticker and another 800# in the camper (with full fresh water and the solar package).

Based on what we would take, we should be well within written limits.
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