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Casino Camping and GAMING? Nevada Style.

Many States have Casinos with large parking lots. They welcome Travel Trailers to spend the day/evening to dine, browse or... play the slot machines, video poker, keno as well as Table Games.

Which have you been tempted to play? If none... that is also fine. The Casino tries to make temptation with Free Play and Meals for new Players.

My favorite Table Game is Craps.

Nancy like three hand Video Poker, 5 cents/credit that requires 15 to 18 credits.

Being 'Locals' we receive calendars for each month to get you to come into the Casino. We keep a record of Wins and Losses.

The Casinos are now closed in Nevada. What is your Game?

Human Bean
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My game is craps as well. Favorite casinos are Turning Stone in Verona NY and Silver Slipper in Waveland MS (near Bay St Louis). I also like the Hollywood in Tunica.

No free parking for overnights, but the campground in TS is well above par, and the SS cg is right on the gulf.

No casinos here in VA (yet) so we stop when we are traveling.


Somebody, please, point me to the road.

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I'll chime in on the casino parking aspect...

We have stayed at a number of casinos. Don't know how may but probably well over a dozen. We call ahead, determine if there is a particular area of the lot they want us to park, etc. There are the big casinos that most people think of when pondering the word casino but we're surprised how many are not much larger than a big name restaurant with a number of electronic games to be played. No "tables" like poker and such - just electronic games. When we stop at the big, trendy places they usually have a beer special or perhaps food service that attracts our attention.

When we travel in our Interstate it's easy to use casinos at stopping points. We stayed in Omaha, NE for a 5-day stay and used casino lots exclusively. Staying in one then another and another. That wasn't our first choice but the traditional campgrounds were all closed due to recent flooding (at the time).

Other than staying in the parking lot and buying some food and drink we very seldom have played the slots or even considered sitting down at a card table. Not that we mind others doing those things, just not our cup of tea so to speak.
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I used to book concerts in Vegas back in the late 70's/early 80's back before it became another Disney World Park. The Alladin, Convention Center, and MGM. I enjoyed the casinos back then and mostly played blackjack. The hotels would comp us and extend a line of credit...very dangerous. Could have a sell out show and wonder what happened to all the profits. Learned that playing a high roller can have consequences.

When we lived in CO, I put the trailer in winter storage in Phoenix to avoid having to tow in the occasional blizzard when ready to travel. There was a casino across the street where we could park after loading up and preparing to leave the next morning. But the casinos are so smokey these days which I can not tolerate any longer, I only step in for some take-out.

Many casinos have banned overnight parking by RV's because they have abused the privilege by staying to long and putting out the camp gear. This has occurred at several casinos in high tourist locations. The Talking Stick in PHX now charges for parking overnight. But with all the casinos closed, there is plenty of camping space and if you have a good wifi signal you can play online poker all day. And smoke'em if you want'em.
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Casino Parking and Common Sense

When we would leave Denver to Boondock in central New Mexico, we would spend an evening, about the half way point, at the Sandia Casino just north of Albuquerque, New Mexico. When the Balloon Festival began to grow in popularity, campers would fill their parking lot. Obviously few played and the Casino decided to ban all RV parking.

You could pay $50 or so to park in one area they could control those parking for days. We ended up stopping at the large Casino/Truck Stop parking lots on the west side, leaving town, along Interstate 40. (Route 66 Casino)

Twin Arrow Casino to the east of Flagstaff, Arizona on Interstate 40 has an area for free RV Parking. Good Buffet. We do not like the high denomination machines and they do not have table games.

Many Western Communities have RV parking areas for those moving through. Rodeo parking lots off season have been available without any complaints from the town, for an overnight stay. Some want to protect the local RV Camps that depend on overnight stays and will be... Posted, so. They, the local police, will knock on your door and ask you to use the commercial RV Park.

We have spent an overnight at a Costco in Tucson, Arizona. Away from the parking area. We are there to 'have Nitrogen added to our tires'... Or shopping when it opens at 10AM.

Nancy and I enjoy small stakes gambling. We like to win. Breaking EVEN is better.

We had a Gaming School in Missouri and understand that this is for entertainment and not to make a living. Other than Live Poker... which some do very well at the expense of the majority who think they can leave as winners.

I dealt and trained Craps Dealers and Players. Nancy did Let it Ride Poker, Blackjack, Roulette and dealt Craps during rotation on the Craps table.

When someone hears Hard Eight... and knows what it means... we understand. Pays 9 TO 1, or 10 FOR 1. Understand TO and FOR before counting your money.

Seven Out can be a WINNER and a LOSER, depending...

Reminds me of the song "The Gambler" Kenny Rogers.
Human Bean
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If you are traveling through Oregon Severn Feathers RV park in Southern Oregon just off i-5 is one of the best I have ever seen. Large spots, indoor pool, private restrooms etc. If you want to gamble the casino is across the freeway and has a free shuttle. The only draw back is no poker room here.

Spirit Mountain on the way to the coast has a seperate area for rv with no hook ups but has a dump station. Large non smoking area. All table games and a great poker room. And yes it has a nice crap table (Ray)

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So far, my game is one quarter lost in a non-paying antique slot and fifty cents in a Vegas airport slot. Seventy-five cents invested and the fun of playing, as well as telling the story, was the payback.

Best payoff was for a cousin who went every week on the kids eat free night. Helped to extend her limited paycheck.

Looking forward to trying some Casino parking. Only one so far. It was a $35 fee and not such a good experience. We hit a motorcycle party weekend. Not as bad as it might have been. We were there on a Friday night. Would not have been so good on Saturday and Sunday, I suspect.

Enjoy the camping when all safe. . Pat
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Nothing I like better than a nice game of blackjack. But, I just canít tolerate the smoke anymore. With very few exceptions, very casino in the USA is blue with second hand smoke...
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Gambling is Mathematics, also known as Luck

I kept three Mills mechanical slot machines, with stools, made in 1948. A nickel, dime and quarter. Dust collectors. Also a 1947 Wurlitzer 1015 78 rpm 'bubbler' that I occasionally play some of the 24 selections.

I believe that with the Casinos closed for some time... those who had been addicted have passed onto other things... like gardening and working on projects in the house. I do not expect the Casino Market recovering for some time. We do not miss any.

Why? We play two person Pinochle every evening. For the year, Nancy is up 3 games. This is a 'blood sport' for us for an hour. I have not been ahead at the end of any year, although on the road in the Airstream... I do.

My favorite experience(s) at a Casino are watching Craps Players' and their 'game'. The majority play by instinct? and not solid mathematical common sense strategy. Often they wager against themselves.
Human Bean
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Originally Posted by Ray Eklund View Post
My favorite experience(s) at a Casino are watching Craps Players' and their 'game'. The majority play by instinct? and not solid mathematical common sense strategy. Often they wager against themselves.
Iím evidently the worlds worse money manager when gambling. I play perfect odds based craps and I never win. I then go to the blackjack table, build the roll back up, back to the craps table, rinse, repeat. Meanwhile the guy next to is betting the 6/8 in the corner at even odds, the hard numbers, the craps/any - and winning. Evidently, itís better to be stupid when playing craps.

John & Vicki
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Keno... play a lot for $20- Win Big for 30 cents

For those who really like Long Shots... five cent KENO machines.

Play 30 cents, pick SIX numbers... six numbers pays $320 for a 30 cent wager. If the machine pays $300, find one that pays $320. The first sign you know what you are doing.

I will use the 'Quick Pick' where you can push a button and the machine picks SIX numbers for you. I like three numbers in the top half and three in the bottom half. Or find a strategy you like. The numbers are 'Random', sort of, but I won three times in three days with $20 Bankroll on the SAME MACHINE for $960 and most of my original bankroll remaining of $20.

Came back the fourth day and the six machines were... ribboned off for... service. Hmmm. I had written the six numbers down after the first win, so I would not forget them.

I never went back to those machines and those lucky numbers did not work anywhere else, either. I now prefer the machine to pick at random... and if... 'does not look pretty', push for another group. Pure luck, but you are not going to win if you think SIX numbers from 7 to 12 have a chance. You should then be a spectator. This is where Common Sense is valuable.

But... anything is possible. I made a one game wager where they have the Keno Balls for $1 on three numbers. Won $100 the first time. Quit and no doubt left it somewhere else...

If you have a Winning Strategy... wrong. There is no skill. It is all random luck.

Human Bean
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