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So, my Banks System gave me more torque & power (&, hopefully, better gas mileage....if I add the Jacobs ignition, Accel wires & ceramic caps, womder what I'll get?
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Don't know, but ...

So, my Banks System gave me more torque & power (&, hopefully, better gas mileage....if I add the Jacobs ignition, Accel wires & ceramic caps, womder what I'll get?
An engine is basically an air pump. I installed a Granatelli Mass Air Sensor and noticed a small, but noticeable, increase in power in the 2000+ RPM range. Helps get air into the cylinders where the Banks helps it get out..
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Most of the mods we are talking about now (and I've also done the Granatelli Mass Air Sensor) are more seat of pants than actual increase in HP , performance and MPG. Most will smooth the idle or give faster response time, etc. I know the Granatelli posts a comment on 10-15hp, but on the dyno in my case it made little difference, however, the off the line response and downshift feel was much improved (again SOP measurements here).

In the end these mods are fairly inexpensive compared to some (except for the Granatelli Mass Air Sensor, those can cost upwards of $300.00). If you like to add some SOP and throttle response, these will do wonders, but again, don't expect much in the realm of measureable MPG, HP, etc.

The largest mods to increase HP and MPG are headers, free flowing intake (with a good MAF--F-Body, Granatelli, etc) free flowing exhaust, PCM program upgrades, delete or installing high flow converters. Then you can get into the cam, but at that point, you start to weigh HP vs. MPG which are at polar opposites when it comes to cams in my opinion...........

One side mod that has been done in the B-Body community has been the throttle body bypass. GM pumps heated coolant through the throttle body. Dyno reports show that bypassing the coolant from the throttle body was good for between .25 to .5 HP. Best of all the mod is mostly free. It keeps the air colder going into the engine. Since colder air is more dense, HP and torque increase. On the same note, adding a 160 degree thermostat also help keep the engine a bit cooler (but there are no dyno info on that mod).

Me, I love to tinker, and it's kind of a hobby of mine, so I would do the mods everyday of the week and twice on Sunday if you have the time and the means. Be careful though, like Airstreamitus, moditus is very contagious.

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[QUOTE]Originally posted by autoist
[B]OKAY! First trip results with the Banks System installed....but first, here's a photo of the rig:


I first took a short 400 mile trip without MG on trailer on interstates & 2-lane highways as a control on & 70mph in 'OD'...thing flew...engine barely working....10mpg

Then, drove down to Gulf Shores from Huntsville pulling MG on the trailer...425 control on & 70mph in 'D' .....lots of torque, no problem with that speed or even going faster, hills didn't bother it at all (in fact, cruise control held 70mph going up hills).....8mpg (but, we stopped along road for an hour or so & ran generator for AC)

Finally, coming home from Gulf Shores pulling MG but tried something control on but 60mph in 'OD'....occassionally had to pull it down to 'D' for steeper hills...but when in 'OD' at 60mph, engine seemed almost at idle....used 11 fewer gallons of gas & increased to a little over 9mpg

......oh, filled up when I left Huntsville, again when I left Gulf Shores for return trip & then when I got home

So, I dunno....over my long trip to Alaska this summer I should be able to save a few gallons by dropping interstate speed to 60 &, of course, in Canada & Alaska I'll be doing less....&, the torque will definitely help out on the mountains in Canada & Alaska [/B

Well , I just picked up my 1995 33' Airstream after having the Banks Power Pak installed. WOW!!!!! What a difference. I have not measured mileage yet but I agree with your comments related to cruising speed. I cruised at 70 MPH and there was plenty of power left. Starts were much quicker and in general the engine was much more responsive. I installed rapid fire plugs and a new oxygen sensor. The bonus was the sound of the engine at idle...sweet...very sweet!
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I am also a 1995 33.5' LY MH and I had some "power issues" . As most people in this tread quoted the Banks is a real nice system but big $$$'s. After buying my Chrismas gift to me a new MH, I found myself a little on the light side of cash. So how did I make more power.
1: a new "high flow 3 inch cat" $165.00
2: A Flowmaster SUV muffler (its not loud at highway speeds) $125.00

$75.00 in labor
3: New wires $50.00
4:O2 sensor $40.00
5: K&N filter $39.95
6: reset the timming it was off by 4 deg.
7: "Tornado" $69.95
8: Fuel filter ( that got bad real quick and make the motor go lean)

Total $577.90+ a bit of elbow grease
The results are 8.25 MPG and can pull realy big hills over 70 mph
Thas a $2400 dollars in savings that you can put in you tank
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Nicely done. The only thing I question (being the skeptic that I am) is that tornado thingie. I saw them on TV and I have never met anyone that installed one that could give me a tumbs up or down. Kind of like the air foils. Could help, but no info as to HP gains, etc.

Any info you can share on the tornado?


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Thanks Eric,

As for the "tornado thing" I was also on the fence about the tornado. The "idea" is quite simple it messed with the air flow to make it more efficient, more air in more air out. Is it like a supercharger or a turbo NO, what it does it makes the air go in smoother so in return the motor runs more efficient. I installed one on my 1996 Jeep G.C. and now I am getting highway/city a solid 17.5 mpg from a 14.5-15.0 mpg and I know a few other people have seen no less 1.0 mpg gain to a 3.5 mpg gain. The best of all its a 30 day money back guarantee you cant loose. Don't buy it on TV buy it in a retail store so you wont pay S/H.Here is the web site for the Tornado or you can locate it in a store near you. Try this web site ,they have tons of retail stores all over the states. I have a big trip for me at the end of April NY to TN towing a Jetta. I will post the results of my trip when I come home. Jim
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Hey All,
I got my Excella 28"in New Mexico, and when I got it back to California, had to spent a bunch putting the air pump and CA emissions gear back on. This had a huge effect on power, so now that I'm back out in NM, I just un-pluged the hose, and put a cap on the header end, and I'm back in biz. Mine also has headers and a K&N, and has the no wood interior so it's lighter, but it just hauls on flat or up hills! My in dash AC was also shot, so I removed the pump, and have the belts just running what I need. OK it's an amature fix, but I don't know better.

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Well I am back from my trip and here is the brake down.The trip was from Westchester NY to Jellico TN. I took 84w to 81s to 40w to 75n. All they way there and back I think it was all up hill. On the way down to TN I had a few other freinds in pickup trucks with me . Nothing in tow 60 gal of water a gear for 3 people.I stopped every 200 miles because of one truck (a V-10 Dodge) was getting 200-220 per tank full of gas, so the fist leg with an avg. speed was 69 mph I was 7.00 mpg.Second stop 8.53 avg. speed 64 mph. Third stop 7.50 mpg avg. spped was 67 mph. and the last leg was 8.99 mpg avg speed 62 mph. Over all I got 8.06 and on the way back I got an 8.00 mpg as well with an avg. speed of 66 mph and a top speed of 85 mph .No Banks just plan old school working on the motor making it run right. And no lack of power made the hills look flat.
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