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Drat! Caught Again.

Posted 01-19-2011 at 11:58 PM by LawChick

We aren't going to get out of here before the snow. I'm a sad puppy.

Oh, not really! I'm having bee-g fun playing with Esmerelda. By the way, I spelled her name wrong in my last post to this blog. I kept thinking something looked strange about it. Realized the problem today. I had a senior moment, ok?

Today is our younger daughter's birthday. She's had sort of a rough time lately. She's the mother of two of our four precious grandchildren, is recently separated, and just failed to score high enough on her state exam to get her EMT certification. She'll get it later, I'm sure, but she's sort of down in the dumps and I just couldn't bear to leave her on her birthday - with danged ole snow about to start again.

So, we're now thinking maybe it will be the weekend - if the roads are thawed and it's not snowing again. Listen, we have a hard enough time moving this behemoth of truck and trailer around without snow. Biggest trailer the Mister has pulled was a fairly big boat trailer for his seaworthy cutty. He's still learning. I just tell him how he should do it.

Today, we took the trailer out of daughter's driveway to reposition it so she could get under her carport before the snow comes. We get in a big yelling fuss fest every time we move the thing more than an inch or two!

We decided after the last performance we should use the cell phones to communicate, since Mister B is always yelling, "whut? whut?" Or, "I can't see you!" Or, "how close am I," and I try to answer but he doesn't like the way I yell it or something. The other day, he suddenly hopped out of the truck, proceeded over the hitch (I don't think he could do that before we got the trailer and got more exercise) and I thought he was coming after me. But he was just cussing and muttering about having to look himself, and stuff like that. Hey - although he ain't none too good at backing it up yet, am I supposed to be instantly a good ground navigator?

Some friends said their favorite entertainment is watching and listening to husbands and wives fight while trying to park the traylah. Does that mean we are always going to have a hard time with this? Oh, well, there's always pull-throughs and Wal-Mart, although we did get stuck on a pull through already.

So, as I was saying, it's going to snow. But we started stocking up Esmerelda today and laid in our bed for a while, and found that she will get pretty toasty with the oil heater if it's around 40. When it was 24 the other day, it didn't get so warm.

I discovered new nooks and crannies and Ray fixed the ever swinging mirror on the cabinet above the vanity. I got some Command hooks to hang stuff and some industrial strength Velcro for some little jobs I want.

And hey, we have two rolls of duct tape and Gorilla Glue, so we're pretty prepared that way.

We bought a four-way lug wrench, batteries for the smoke detector, etc. and so on.

I think we're going to just have to sleep in 'er on daughter's driveway because I never want to come home when we are in the traylah.

I haven't had this much fun since I beat up the girl voted class queen in fourth grade.


"If you ever reach total enlightenment while you're drinking a beer, I bet it makes beer shoot out your nose." by Dennis M. Sweatt
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  1. Old Comment
    Mr & Mrs S's Avatar
    Its always such a pleasure to read your blogs becasue I know I'm going to get a laugh everytime I read one.

    On the subject of backing up...its funny now but wasnt then. Mrs. S and her mother-in-law decide they would flag me into our camping spot on our FIRST camping trip. They would get out of the mirrors and I couldnt see them and We were hollaring back and forth as they were guiding be back onto the camping pad and I would ask is everything ok........."Sure" they said "COME ON BACK" then I heard C-R-U-N-C-H .......While they were doing such a great job looking down and making sure the tires would roll on top of the leveling pads we laid they never thought to look up and see if the trailer would reach the small shed with the picnic bench under it. So needless to say they will never flag me again if they are together...LOL... they always seem to get into some sort of trouble ...but the funniest thing is they knew Id be upset so when I got out the truck they were pointing at each other. But all and all it wasnt to bad I popped the dent out after we got home and all was forgiven.....Moral of the story is look up, down, and side to side when your guiding your husband.

    O one other thing..... becareful with that gorilla glue. My first and last experince with that stuff I got it all over my hands and then I tired to wash it off not thinking about it being WATER activated....only thing that would take that mess off my hands was a course grit sand paper and Im not even joking...will never use it again....LOl

    Best wishes to you guys Hope your enjoying your new toy...Im about to go work on ours got lots of new things to install...
    Posted 01-21-2011 at 05:09 AM by Mr & Mrs S Mr & Mrs S is offline
  2. Old Comment
    NevadaGeo's Avatar
    Backing happens. I'd reccommend sitting down and developing a fun way to communicate to each other while backing. Start with a given, you can't hear each other. And probly cant see each other- That you probaly can fix, the steerer stays where the driver can see them in ONE mirror, decided on prior. Then point and give finger signals you decided on prior too. A big fist up in the air is usually used for STOP. Don't be afraid for the driver to get out at least 6 or 4 or 2 times to go back and see what the trailer is trying to get into.
    (I can still hear some nasty backing sessions of a past....oh it didn't last.)
    Posted 01-31-2011 at 01:28 AM by NevadaGeo NevadaGeo is offline

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