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Fear vrs faith

Posted 12-03-2015 at 06:53 AM by Kathys quilt

About a thousand years ago an Army of so called Christians took the Holy City, holy to many different faiths. In taking the city, it was ordered that every man woman and child be killed. (not very Christ like order) and so the army went about following this order. Every Muslim, Jew and Christian was to be killed. The so called head of the church ordered this to be done. I hope you can see now why some hate us to this day. The leader of the church was not acting in a Christ like or Godly way.
During the Gulf War I got to know many Muslim clerics and soldiers. None hated the US and most wanted to come live in this land of the free as Muslims. There are Muslims living in our land and love America. Dr. Oz does no hate you but does his best to save lives. The list could go on and on.
Just as the head of the church was a radical calling himself Christian but acting just like any thing but a person who truly followed the teaching of Jesus. There are many ultra conservative Muslims that pervert the teachings of the Koran. They are RADICALS and not true followers of the Muslim faith.
If they did they would know that their teachings say that when you over take and capture a city that Christians and Jews were to be treated as "Brothers of the Book" and not as hethans are to be treated.
Our nation was attacked by these radicals again on 2 Dec 15 in Calf. Some news station jumped all over it when it was told that the couple man and woman were Muslim. They may of claimed this but there actions were not at all Muslim or Islamic but that of some one who thinks and acts like Hitler did in WWII ands before and this is what we must remember. When they yell out in aribic the English version of God is Great they are not speaking for the Muslim Alia or Great God, to me they are calling out to their God Satan and that is what seems to be the truth. When soldiers in the name of Christ attacked the City that is Holy to three of the worlds greatest faiths that all believe in the same God, the God of Abraham, it was Satan they were unknowingly serving and not the God of their true faith. A thousand years ago the common man could be put to death for owing a Bible - by the very people who claimed to represent God in the name of Jesus. The Pope ordered a whole village be killed by his army because there were a few Hugeknot (miss spelled) families living there and he want to make sure none. of them lived.
Our so called church was so bad that the order was given to take Constainenoble and rid it of Easteran Orthodox Christians whom the Pope hated and feared because they gave too much freedom to the believers in their form of Christian faith.
I could quote to you story after true story of what has been done in the name of Christ but had nothing at all to do with what Jesus taught, but was the desires of men's hearts fed by evil in it's ugliest forms.
I spent 21 years defending you freedom and rights while giving them up while in the Army. Today there are me and women doing the same and having the same rights removed in order to maintain law and order for you and I. We need to continue to back all who serve and most never knew they were giving up personal freedoms to defend your rights to freedom.
Your enemy to freedom is the radicals using the name of Ali while at home we have those that would take our freedom, they say is in the name of God and Christ. It is up to us all to defend our freedom from the home grown radicals hiding be hind the cross as well as those radicals that hide behind the cresset moon. Freedom has never been free and some one will always pay the price for it.
Our country has fought several unjust wars in the past that were more about greed than freedom. Make no mistake, we are now fighting a just war. Our enemy is not the Islamic and Muslim world NO it sick radical thoughts of a few. I saw a resent editorial that said the real leader of the radicals and it showed a drawing of Satan or the devil or what ever name you want to give evil.
As one who majored in Religion I could give you story after story on the wrongs all so called followers of God have done. But go back to the Holy City. When the Muslim forces took back the city from the so called Christians, they did not kill the ones holding the city, Their leader who's name I know but could never spell without looking it up, gave the occupants the choice of staying and obey the Muslim laws, or they were free to return to where ever in Europe they came from. His army was very mad, but his reply was "That is the way of Alia "
We too should be able to say our conduct is done in the way of God as taught to us by Jesus "love thy enemy" Jesus taught, "forgive if you want to be forgiven" I bet you know a few of such quotes but most will quote the Old Testament Law and not what Jesus said God was truly like.
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    noreen&sal's Avatar
    so I guess we are being paid back for 1000 years ago? By cowards who attack soft targets?
    Posted 12-04-2015 at 12:42 PM by noreen&sal noreen&sal is offline

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