Hi the community;
I am bruno from France ( brunoffrance...) and the happy owner of an Overlander 27' from '71.
The blog -story was made to tell the uncommon story about our Airstream from USA to France, step by step in 2002.
After that I've tried to tell stories with this new toy and other american toys came in my life.
After the caravan , it was the pick-up truck to tow it, then an Harley-davidson, then travels in USA, my wedding in USA....
I try to post interesting subjects on what it's passion for my wife and I, with lot of pictures and comments ... from me.
hope you ll read it with great pleasure.

the adress is:
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This is the end...

Posted 09-13-2008 at 11:18 AM by brunoffrance

Today is not the day i prefer; It's the day i let our Airstream in storage... yes the Airstream season is over and no more plans for this year !
This season is already finished and, Le´la & I haven't seen the time running. It 's always too short and we thing only one think, the next time we 'll live inside again... Not before next june but we have to be patient...

In storage , you can see I don't let the LPG bottles in place; it's forbidden and i don't want they are stolen too. idem for the tyre under the caravan... same reason about the possibility to be stolen and I have to buy a new one ... this one has always the white side ... may be a genuine ( ' 71) one so it can't be used if necessary...
The black panel , in front of, says that is forbidden to touch the A/S and , if needed, I can moove it myself so you have to phone me 24h / 24h...

Before going back home, I take photos to proove the good body , the good shape, of the Airstraem, if during the storage, there 'ld be damages, that I don't hope , really; I've known that before ( see the blogger blog: crash in '04) and i 've told the story to the storage man ( and the cost...) . now he knows and he certainly takes a great care on it...
I can be reassured now, the travel trailer is in security, there.
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  1. Old Comment

    Ford F150

    Hi Bruno,

    What vehicle do you use to tow your A/S?

    I have been reading your posts. I don't envy all of the rules and laws that you have to deal with. My wife is from Switzerland (where every picture needs a frame <G>...) where most things are "verboten".

    It's great to see that we have a friend in France!


    Hi jerry;
    Good question when you see what kind of european cars, can tow this heavy caravan...
    I' ve choosen the famous american pick-up trailer ford f150 because I have to carry my harley-davidson in vacations... and only that pick-up Ford, can do.
    As the A/S from USA to Europe, I wanted to import a F150 but it's very difficult with all the laws to be able to take the road legally... I'm not specialized in importation and only dealers can convert US car for the european market;
    The F150 I've found was ready for France and was found in Paris area...
    You can see it on my blog from Blogger:

    Sure , it's not easy in switzerland to do something when this country is not considered as a part of the EEC ( European Economic Community)...

    Posted 09-14-2008 at 12:22 PM by Pookie Pookie is offline
    Updated 09-14-2008 at 11:44 PM by brunoffrance (reply)
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    Andy R's Avatar
    That's a nice looking storage unit! Nice clean and safe for the winter. At least you can spend the winter here warm with us on the forums!
    Posted 09-15-2008 at 04:29 PM by Andy R Andy R is offline
  3. Old Comment
    juel's Avatar
    Do you only have good weather from June to September in France? We use our trailers from March till the middle of November here. Such a shame you have to leave your wonderful AS alone and worry about all those things that could happen to it. Can you not park a trailer at your home in Europe? Guess I don't know much about Europe; however, we seem to be free to do more over here. I have a Sovereign and an Argosy and a boat and a car hauler sitting in my yard all winter here in Oklahoma, and no one thinks anything about it. They are sitting out in a side yard away from the house, so it doesn't look like a salvage yard, but I can go out and play with them any time I want. Heck, Winter is when I do most of my repair work.

    I live in the north of france and weather from June to the end of August is rarely very good...
    this year was medium so as we continue to work, it's not really a problem except when it's raining all the night, for the noise . So when the sun shine, we really know how to appreciate it because it's always for a small period.
    hopefully we drive to the south of france for the Real vacations ( 3 weeks ), near Bordeaux and weather is better...
    About my home, it's in the center of the city and it's an apartment... so no way to park my toys in front of the city hall....
    My brother' s house is the place where, from april, I can do repairing and some works but i don't want to let the A/S , all the year , outside...
    Posted 09-19-2008 at 08:09 PM by juel juel is offline
    Updated 09-23-2008 at 11:02 AM by brunoffrance (Reply)
  4. Old Comment
    Hi Bruno,

    It appears that you like American things. What comments have you received from your countrymen. I am sure that the A/S is not something that they see very often.


    I agree with you, most of frenches and european people have never seen an A/S before, except in few ads or movies...
    Always great comments , sure I think they envy us to live this kind of American life...
    Never meet people that don't love that and it's a very good way to know interesting people with other passions, often American passions and it's a pleasure to have this kind of contact.
    Posted 09-19-2008 at 11:17 PM by Pookie Pookie is offline
    Updated 09-23-2008 at 11:09 AM by brunoffrance (reply)
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    Thank you

    Hi Bruno. We are new owners of a '72 Overlander and we also tow with a Ford F150, which I love. Sadly, we put our AS in storage a few weeks ago as we have two small children and work full time jobs, so it is difficult to get away for a weekend. Also, the weather is getting cold now. I feel heart broken to have the AS in storage and cannot waite until the spring. You gave me some good ideas about keeping our AS safe, so thanks for that. We met many people this summer on our trips and everyone commented on our AS, including several Europeans. I really feel our AS and this new lifestyle filled a void in my life and gave our kids a broader sense of community. I feel so calm and relaxed behind the wheel and will dream of new adventures all winter long. Thanks for your passion.

    Nancy, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

    Thank you Nancy for this message.
    You'll see it'll be a great moment when you 'll come back to your Airstream for the new season... About me, I'll take it again, in April...
    Always a bit impatient to arrive to this date.

    Posted 10-01-2008 at 05:55 PM by Fancy Nancy Fancy Nancy is offline
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    whitsend's Avatar
    Bruno & Nancy - Sad to know your Airstreams are in winter storage. They're fun to camp in when the weather is mildly cold too - snuggle weather!! My 2003 30' Classic lives in a shed beside my barn (we live outside the city, in the countryside) and the AS also serves as a spare bedroom when we have too many visitors for our small home. The visitors get the 2 bedrooms (and where ever else they want to sleep in the house, like the sofa or a pad on the floor) and my partner Judi & I sleep out in the Airstream!! We love having company!! When the company asks to sleep in the Airstream - we just tell them no, that's OUR favorite get-away spot. You might want to see if the people who own your storage buildings will let ya'll do the same. Re-install the propane bottles, get some adaptors for the electricals, turn on the furnace & have some fun. And - try some winter camping too.

    All the best - Jim
    Posted 11-20-2008 at 07:30 PM by whitsend whitsend is offline

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