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excellaf350 09-14-2012 09:14 PM

New Airstream owner from NJ
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Hi all I have been lurking this board for a long time. My wife and I started looking for an airstream early in 2011 we found our new trailer in November 2011. Its a 1990 29'. Rear twin beds and pretty much all original. Almost every appliance and feature was original and it was pretty clean with detailed service records so we bought it. Since purchase I tore out the carpet and had to repair the rear subfloor behind the beds it was leaking and rotted out the floor. but its all fixed up now, put in new laminate wood floors thruout, new toilet and fixed a couple odds and ends.

We have several friends (and my wifes parents) who have airstreams and we have been out camping/rv'ing with them severla times. Our kids had so much fun we decided to get our own. Its lots of fun we took it on an 800 mile trip a few weeks ago an dit was great!

I have a 2003 F350, ccsb, 4x2 with the 7.3L psd that I tow with. I bought that a few weeks after getting the trailer its an awsome truck. Set the cruise at 65 and it will cruise up thru the mountains with the trailer and a bed full of gear and doesn't even come out of OD.

Anyway new to the fourm and I look forward to the future with out airstream:

here is a couple pics of our airstream and truck, and a pic of our last trip cruising with our friends.

reinergirl 09-14-2012 09:20 PM

Congrats! You know it's really nice to hear from a new owner that actually gets to use their trailer right away. I've owned mine for 18 months and have yet too spend a single night in it. And its probably going to be another year before I do ! :( Welcome to the forums :) or at least the posting part!!!

Michigander 09-14-2012 10:47 PM

Thank you for the photos! And welcome to the forums. My lawn looks a lot like yours. What a dry summer!

excellaf350 09-15-2012 11:19 AM

thanks for the warm welcome. Yeah the wife and I decided that if we took the plunge and bought the equipment we would be sure to use it soon. Between the trailer, the Hensley hitch and the truck I have well over $30k tied up in it but the kids love it. I have a girl who is 3 and a boy thats 5. Several of the people we go with also have kids in the same age range so its great! We thought it would be good to later in life when they can say they loved the camping trips. Memories are what counts right?!

The grass is bad thats actually my neighbors back grass he lives on the corner and his back yard is at my driveway. they took out all the bushes and planted new grass in the spring. the heat just destroyed it! new grass is very hard to keep going in the hot dry summer we had. I fortunately have a sprinkler system and even with that I lost some grass in areas!

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