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towneboy 02-26-2004 06:10 PM

cost of Airstream Motorhome
I am new to the Airstream Motorhome game and don't have one yet. But, I found one parked nearby and the owner wants to sell it in March. It is a 1984 30' with a new engine and new refrigerator. We still haven't discussed price. It has been stored on his lot for about 3 years without being run. The body is in perfect shape except it needs a good pressure wash. Does anyone know what price I should expect to pay for this. I want to be ready when that comes up. Thanks.

ALANSD 02-27-2004 10:19 AM

I would suggest you do a search on the forum for more info on pricing and buying a motorhome. There is so much more than simple quoting a range as you will see reading some of those posts. Good luck!

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