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jaco 02-08-2004 09:33 PM

Posting Drawing from MS Paint...too big
I have attempted to make a drawing in my Paint program. I have done so and saved it to My Pictures file in windows XP.

It is a bitmap image and for some reason it is 3.7 Megs in size.
I want to post it . but I'll not even attempt to put that big an image on the forums. It sure doesn't seem like it is involved enough to be so big... but what do I know..? Nothing (about Paint)

Is there a way to reduce it's size or compress it or such?

I have used a number of colors on it for purpose of IDing its' parts.

The properties function does not give me a pixel resolution size.

I'm flunking graphics...!:(
and floor repair too..:confused:
among other subjects.:eek:

jim8860 02-08-2004 09:55 PM

Save as... a *.jpg or *.jepg file. This will let you to save it a lower file size.The Save as should let you have a drop box to change your file ext. type

jaco 02-08-2004 10:30 PM

Thanks Jim that seems to have done the job.

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