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greyzeth 06-15-2012 08:36 PM

Power Draw? New AGM group 34 Batteries
89' 25' Ecella Decided to go camping only i found that my DC was dead.
Found one of the Optima Blue tops (5.5 yrs old) hada dead cell.
Bought two new Batteries Plus GRP 34/78 AMGs (they said they outperformed the optima’s (we'll see)
Found that they only lasted a couple hrs and where drained empty.
Had two overhead lights and a fan on (this was for testing) and three hrs later batteries are drained.
My intelipower 9100 provides 45 AMPs of power (more than enough to charge these quickly. They only charge to 3/4(a clue?)
When i test the batteries they show 13.5 v when plug into shore power.
when unplugged from shore power they both showed 12.8 v
I found that when I tested from frame to POS i get may 13.5 or 12.8 volts respectively.
When I test DC from frame to NEG i found something interesting:
The battery on the Street side (drivers side) shows .001 volts from frame to NEG post.
The Door side (Passenger side) battery shows .9xx volts ???????
Could this be my problem or is this within specs??


rv battery .9 volts from neg terminal to frame

Tom Nugler 06-15-2012 09:13 PM

Are you testing the voltage from the negative posts to the frame with the negative cables connected? If the cables are connected and stuff is turned on then the .9vdc you're reading indicates you have high resistance in the negative cable or a bad/loose connection at the post or frame.
In any event this is not related to the battery draw.
If your meter has a 10amp position I would connect the meter in series with one of the positive posts and check for draw by turning everything off. Check that reading and start pulling fuse to see if the the amp reading drops.
If everything is off or disconnected then I would suspect there is a wire rubbed through and has a high resistance short in the body. Check for warm wires at the fuse block. A dead short would show by a burnt wire.
Hope that helps to get you started finding the problem.


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