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SL4BLLT 05-28-2012 05:12 PM

Big Red Numbers
Recently there has been a pretty decent campaign to help bridge the very seasoned Airstream Owners with the more recent members of WBCCI. For years we were part of the WBCCI, but never posted our "Big Red Numbers" (RBN), due to the fact, we were always getting worked done on our coach or the time was never right.
We were fortunate enough to retain and through the staff of the WBCCI find the history of the numbers to the original owners of our now 1972 International which wore four stars prior to them selling it back in 1992 to the PO in whom we purchased it from, in 1994.
This last weekend while camping RBN #1921 were spending the night at the same campground we were and the owners wife came over, rang our 8" brass bell that we have attached on the Int'l LY and introduces herself.
She is a former president of the E. NC Unit, had a wealth of knowledge and we had a great conversation that lasted for an hour.
We've always maintained a general membership status, but after this conversation, we now will re-look at that due to the discussion we had and next year most likely join that Unit.

BLUF- The Red Big Numbers Campaign WORKS!! Even though we have seen America a few times in our Airstream, have "refurbished it" to today's newer systems, we were in the Company of someone who has been part of a big team, seeing the bigger picture to ensure that the generations of Airstreamers are connected. Like many things in this world, things can become a thing of the past or obsolete real quick. I will do my part to ensure this does not happen with the RBN.

I've seen some of the threads debating the various personalities, challenges of the community. MHO and advice as a somewhat world traveler and can reflect to life's chapters knowing I left places better than I found them is life is nothing but "Stages and Phases". Get something to the next level while at the same time your developing new leaders or a generation and leave it while your on top. Let the next one to follow, bring it to the next level once you have achieved your goal.

I applaud WBCCI for their campaign to re-energize or reinforce the Legend which allows a bunch of groupies in shiny silver trailers to have a common theme. I also want to thank folks like Mrs. W, for extending that warm hand of welcome. I plan on being that person 20 years from now passing on that torch of fellowship that the Airstream Community is all about.

A Happy Memorial Day to all! Remember those that fought and paid the highest price, in allowing us this freedom that is available as we tour the great highways and byways of these America States, that were built by the "greatest generation".

Happy Airstreaming!


SL4BLLT 05-28-2012 05:23 PM

I need to clarify the Big Red Numbers abbreviation as (BRN), NOT RBN.

4RXLA 05-28-2012 05:37 PM

I'm a fan of the BRN myself. My trailer just doesn't look the same without them and the stars. I think they are traditional and club members should display them proudly. All that said, they can also be a big PIA to affix correctly, hence the plexiglass placard method.

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