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RivetED 01-27-2004 08:54 AM

1st Timer A/S: Tow-Hitch Question
We are going to pick up our Safari-25 this week and I have a question about weight-dist. &/or sway-cntl. set-ups. I have done a lot of towing but never an A/S before. I'm told (by a salesperson!) the A/S tows better than anything else, especially in crosswinds.
We tow with an '03 F-250 7.3l diesel. Do I need/want either a weight-dist. hitch or a sway cntl. set-up??.

Big Dee 01-27-2004 09:07 AM

I currently tow my 25' Safari with a WD hitch with friction sway and I have NEVER had a problem. Plus it is still a heavy load so my truck appreiciated the WD hitch.

If you lived in Nor Cal, I'd say drop by and I would give you the one I am using now. I am upgrading to a Hensley hitch with my new 30' Classic. But Texas is a little toooo far....

RoadKingMoe 01-27-2004 09:08 AM

Look at the sticker on the aft-facing portion of your factory hitch receiver. It's too cold for me to go look at mine right now, but if IIRC, its maximum is 500 lbs tongue weight and 5,000 pound trailer weight without a weight distributing hitch. If that's the case, yes, you need weight-distributing for the 25' Safari.

Have you ever watched cops in a much lighter Crown Vic turn a much larger, heavier vehicle sideways by giving them a push on the rear bumper? Yes, you need sway control.

Lower, rounded Airstreams are a little less susceptible to crosswinds, but like any trailer, they can sway. Bigger, heavier trucks are less likely to be affected by sway, but they certainly can be.

smily 01-27-2004 09:10 AM

A WD hitch is minimum.
A sway bar is highly recommended.

There are a few to choose from.
The most common and probably affordable is the Reese Dual cam.

A high ended WD hitch is an Hensley Arrow which many swear by and most AS dealers sell this with their new AS's

Another brand that I am a fan of is the Equal I Zer. Easy to use with minimal parts

Blue OX I believe makes one

You can learn much on this forum about Hitches, simply search WD Hitch


RivetED 01-27-2004 04:34 PM

My search produced a vast amount of data, opinions, brands, & etc. I feel I'm on info-overload!. I've viewed the sites of the top 3 brand-names mentioned. It looks like the Equal-i-zer seems to fit the 'best for the buck', but ...??

ajjohnsons 01-27-2004 08:10 PM

I have an 03' Safari 25', and I tow with a E250 Ford van. I recomend the Reese Dual Cam. IMO for this trailer,this setup offers the best performance for a modest price. If money is no object buy a Hensley. Best of Luck with your new Trailer. .......Al

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