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akroyd 04-03-2012 12:07 PM

Basic noobie question - add shelves?
I just yesterday brought my new to me 25 Safari home and will start to try to make it mine. I have a really basic dumb question. I would like to hang some photos and put up a few small shelves for light objects and create a place to hang waders to dry. What is the accepted technique to affix things to the walls in a somewhat sturdy fashion? I have seen some incredible things that you all have done with your pride and joy Airstreams and want to get a start on mine. Thanks for being here.

Mike91208 04-03-2012 12:17 PM

Use the 3M Command products as they won't damage your interior when you remove them. Here are the various products:
All Products:*Command Products

Alumaholic 04-03-2012 12:25 PM

Sturdy Fashion?
Sturdy implies piercing the aluminum, inner shell.
This means permanent holes.
Try the 3-M fasteners first.
Delay hole drilling until you are very sure.

50KIP 04-03-2012 12:29 PM

I've used 3M Command products on the laminates and suction cup devices on aluminum. I don't want to drill any holes.

Travel Bird 04-03-2012 12:43 PM

Congrats on your new travel home. Please post some pics!!! Safe travels.

mojo 04-03-2012 01:11 PM

If you are looking to temporarily hang some fly fishing waders to dry, you might want to consider some kind of "over the door rack" hooked over the shower door. That way they can drip into the shower pan. There is also some narrow shelf space above the overhead cabinets at both ends of the trailer where you could velcro attach nic-nacs.

zlee 04-03-2012 03:18 PM

Welcome to the forums! I also vote for the Command strips, they're great and you'd be surprised what you can hang with them. I have a magnetic spice rack, magazine rack, hooks of many sizes, art, all hung with Command strips. (My blog has more info, search on "Command".)

The waders are pretty heavy, so you'd want to use either 2 or more large Command hooks in the shower (which would hold 5 pounds each) or try something like Mojo suggests.

And as Anna! :)

akroyd 04-03-2012 08:08 PM

I appreciate everyone's insights. Much of the interior of my AS that has blank walls has a carpet like covering. Does this Command system work on it also? This is primarily the area that I am looking to hang things. Thanks again.

Foiled Again 04-03-2012 08:30 PM


Originally Posted by akroyd (Post 1129180)
I appreciate everyone's insights. Much of the interior of my AS that has blank walls has a carpet like covering. Does this Command system work on it also? This is primarily the area that I am looking to hang things. Thanks again.

NOPE. You have what we call a "Mouse Fur" interior. Command works great on laminates and bare aluminum.

I've never had one of those but I might try the prickly side of Velcro - and see if it would stick directly onto the mouse fur. (It IS a little like the fuzzy side of Velcro). You could probably hang light pictures that way. You might also be able to run a long pin or needle down into the mouse fur at an angle so that it doesn't hit the wall, then hang something from that.

Remember monofilament fishing line is a universal mounting tool - and you can thread beads or crystals onto it to make it decorative in and of itself.

You might even safety pin stuff to the mouse fur. Or for that matter, hand sew something like your favorite sock monkey onto your wall. (Now that could be fun.... Felt vines and leaves, and monkeys as decor!):lol: Just a few loosely basted stitches! You might change your mind.


glogeo 04-03-2012 08:37 PM

just be mindful of the weight of anything you hang...remember"a chain is only as strong as its weakest link" so.. if the glue behind the mouse fur or wall covering is not "strong" enough to support the hanging item..all will fall..I know from experience with our SOB glogeo

akroyd 04-03-2012 10:31 PM

It is in these areas that I am giving thought to using screws. The thought being that if there was going to be a change the holes would be camouflaged by brushing the "mouse fur." Has anyone tried that? This wall treatment covers a good deal of my new trailer and those blank walls beg for attention.

ROBERTSUNRUS 04-03-2012 11:34 PM

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:) Hi, I use automotive 3M body side moulding tape to hold decorations onto the fake wood walls. I use Velcro to hold pictures to the mouse fur walls. I used a two piece picture hanger to mount my wall clock. [two little screws]

Lily&Me 04-04-2012 09:50 AM

We use double-stick tape on the aluminum surfaces to hang pictures. Works well.

Also had a carpenter fashion and build magazine racks in the rear and a larger one behind the driver's seat for campground books, etc. He stained them to match the interior, attached them directly to the wood surface and they look very nice.


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