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monkeypants 03-19-2012 05:36 PM

The "95" Question
As someone who travels from Jersey to Fla and everywhere in between, I have always scouted these forums for input as to the "best" route. Of course, everything is subject to what makes you comfortable ( speed, distance, rest areas, campgrounds, etc ). Our most recent trip, we took 301 from Richmond to the Delaware Mem. Br. Overall, just as much time as 95, but a lot less annoying than 95 and less lights than 13. Now that we've traveled all 3 ( 95, 13, & 301 ), my opinion is that 301 works for us. I'd like to hear your input. Thanks!
P.S. Just got back from the keys, passed 2 airstreams, an argosy and an avion. Good stuff!

wahoonc 03-19-2012 05:44 PM

I always look for alternate routes. I have to travel I-95 for a living :( so I am always jumping off and running one of the parallel routes. I have used US 1 from DC all the way to Southern Pines, NC took a bit longer than I-85 but a much nicer drive, I have driven 301 from Florence, SC to Richmond, VA on more than one occasion. It does take longer, sometimes. One 4th of July weekend I had to travel (normally try to avoid that) I used 301, the other part of my crew was stuck on I-95 in a 4 hour back up due to multiple accidents. If you have a good set of maps, like DeLorme, or a GPS re-routing onto an alternate US route is almost always a good idea.

Aaron :cool:

polarlyse 03-28-2012 05:11 PM

We just got home yesterday from a 6 week trip from NJ to Florida and back. I will go through all sorts of hoops to avoid "95" if I can. We took Rt's 78 & 81 to 77 south which got us into South Carolina. We visited with friends and then winded our way to US 301 down into Fla. Did pretty much the same heading homeward. Last year we did the Richmond, VA to NJ using 301 also. Would do that again also. We do enjoy getting off of the interstates from time to time just to see a bit more of the country.

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