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chris_parks 02-16-2012 10:38 PM

Wanted to share our rebuild...
I suppose I will tread gingerly. Some folks will like it, some may not...
We recently acquired a 1967 Airstream and converted it into a mobile demo lounge for our company.
You will be happy to know that we found homes for most of the parts which we salvaged and made every effort to keep it in a condition that someone could restore to full camp trailer status.
All that said...
Check out the demo lounge... I wanted to share as I used alot of advice and tips from this community to get it in this condition.

Maiden Voyage of the Mobile Demo Lounge - Quilter Labs

It was about 2 months of effort including disassembly, replacing the wood floors, re-wiring and reassembly. We paid to have it professionally polished and did get some help with adding the marine carpeting which we used to help soundproof the booth. This Airstream had languished for probably 12 years in a backyard and was in pretty sad shape when we got her.

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