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Angary 11-13-2011 05:49 PM

Exterior/Main Door Doesn't fit frame
I'm new to Airstreams and the renovation process, so any and all info/help is appreciated...
I just purchased an exterior/main door for my 1962 Tradewind (it's original door was cut, cracked and torn apart). The door fits nicely at top and bottom of frame, but when lining it up I noticed the curve of the door comes out an inch further than the frame at the sides. Therefore, the door cannot even latch due to this gap. I am wanting to get this fixed and the door installed before winter really hits, so I'm hoping there is an easier fix than major welding, removing skins, etc. A friend (that doesn't have much experience) mentioned using wood blocks to somehow bend the door into place? Not sure if this is a feasible option but I'm up for anything at this point...

reinergirl 11-13-2011 06:12 PM

Some ideas here...

If you do a search for sprung door or bent door , you'll find other threads that may help too!

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