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rroessler 06-22-2002 12:04 PM

Strange noise?? Univolt?? Brakes??
Just bought a '76 Excella 500, central bathroom. When plugged in the 120 V hear a noise behind the oven that sounds like a motor running. Its not the water pump that can be turned on/off on the panel above the range. Any ideas?

About the Univolt... do I understand correctly the the 120 V circuits, lighting, etc., will operate off of the 12 V battery?

Brakes... the brakes on the wheels are hydraulic, yet the trailering electrical connector has a terminal for brake? I'm confused. Also there is some sort of "plunger switch" extending from the front, sort of behind the propane tanks, that is labelled about pushing to release the brakes. More confusion!

Any and all help and enlightenment will be greatly appreciated. Thanks:confused: :confused: :confused:

83Excella 06-22-2002 03:09 PM

First things first, Congratulations on your new Airstream.
I may be mistaken but I think the univolt is in the oven area on your year/model and the noise you hear should be a humming or low buzzing is your univolt at work.

The same lights should work off 12v as 110v unless you have a seperate circuit for certain lights to run off 110v only.

The electrical terminal for brake is probably for brake lights, the rest of the system I am not familiar with.


davidz71 06-22-2002 05:41 PM

Check out my response in the Community Forum to virginiak question "What do I have to get to tow?" I explained how the 4 wheel hydraulic/vacuum disc brakes work. The hose is connected to a coupling mounted on the vehicle which gives you a vacuum source from the engine. The knob behind the tanks and below the brake system reservoir releases the brakes once the trailer has been parked. To fully appreciate the system, you need a service manual.

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