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purman 08-23-2011 10:51 PM

Using The Bathroom In Your Trailer
Ok the search feature still isn't that great. (can we work on it)
I found a thread about "do you use the shower and toilet" but didn't want to highjack it.

Here is my question. For those with light stomaches and don't like potty talk (STOP READING NOW)
How do you stop the mountain of poop under the toilet?:sad:

With two kids and two adults, and another two kids soon to be out of diapers, that mountain gets up to the bottom of the toilet door pretty fast.

I had to use a stick to take care of the (mountain) twice on our last trip...:angry:

So here is what I started to do to try and help.

- Fill toilet with water
- Then poop
- Then flush
- Then wipe
- Then flush down the tp

This seemed to help some. and the more water down below in the tank the better it seemed to be too.

So does anyone have a better idea on how to deal with this problem?? Please.!
AND no I don't want to use the campground toilet. I have one in the trailer, so I'm going to use it. Mountain or not. Even if I have to have a poop stick in the rear bumper. :D

ROBERTSUNRUS 08-23-2011 11:15 PM

:) Hi, My toilet has a ridge as a guide line for filling with water, I fill it half way up to this ridge. But first, after emptying the black tank, Fill the toilet to the ridge three times, flushing each time. On one of the three flushes, I add a drop-in tank sanitizer. Now fill the bowl half way for the next use and to seal out odors. After using your toilet, push the pedal down just enough for the water to run into the bowl and until it surrounds all of the debree, then flush. While flushing hold the pedal down for a few extra seconds letting the water wash the bowl. Then fill it half way for the next use or user. Never leave the black tank valve open. You can leave the gray tank valve open, but I like to have it nearly full to flush out my sewer hose after dumping my black tank. Don't dump your black tank too often, it needs plenty of water to do it's job. While traveling I don't dump my tanks daily; Driving with a half full black tank causes agitation and helps break down solids.

Simply put, the mountain is caused by a lack of water.

Stefrobrts 08-23-2011 11:57 PM

The more water the better. So having that many people using it may cause problems. I'd say a 'swishing stick' might come in handy!

Bob, I am curious about your description of your toilet process, because mine does not really allow me to put extra water in like that. I would prefer to put a few inches of water in the bowl, but it only trickles maybe an inch at most.

Last time we were out for a long weekend we had trouble dumping because there was not enough water in the tank to 'flush out' the tank at the dump station. It's a fine line, because you don't want to fill up the tank, but you need to use lots of water to keep it all running smoothly.

tpi 08-24-2011 12:24 AM

I don't know what else you can do besides pre filling the black tank with a gallon or two of water before toilet use, and flushing with plenty of water.

At least if it were me, I'd try to divert as much of the poo to public facilities as possible.

Lacking that at least the toilet sits right over the tank, unlike some RVs with a problematic slanted drain pipe to the tank. So your approach to agitating with the stick, flushing should get it out.

crispyboy 08-24-2011 05:13 AM

Haven't had your problem but it sounds like you need a little more water in the process. As I heard a sanitation worker once say "the solution to pollution is dilution"!
When cleaning the black tank out I dump a couple buckets of water directly down the toilet which moves things right toward the drain - quick and simple.

Steve & Susan 08-24-2011 05:23 AM

When parked on a sewered site, we ascribe to the 'more water' theory and dump the black tank more frequently. When boon-docking, we try to use the bathroom for #1 only (with minimal filling before and after use) and the campground facility for #2 as much as possible. Since you WANT to use the trailer toilet for everything, more water is best. Also, from time to time you might want to take a bag of ice cubes and pour it into the black tank through the terlet (A. Bunker) and add some water before you travel from one campground to the next - the sloshing while driving will help dislodge any solid waste in your black tank and you can dump it at the next stop. Add some digester to this process too. Happy streaming and eliminating!

LiLNomad 08-24-2011 06:35 AM

Whenever I get a new trailer im gonna go with the Natures Head toilet no dumping yipee i think i just turn the handle..guess its like giving it a stir hehe..then I was wondering if i could use the black tank for addtl gray water or fresh water.

Chuck 08-24-2011 06:59 AM

yeah, its a problem with these tanks, as they're all so shallow. There needs to be enough water in the tank when you start out to give the solids something to dissolve in, and/or at least float around and away from "ground zero". But the amount of water needed to do that puts a serious dent in your overall capacity.
In my original setup, the toilet sat on the tank, and not terribly far away from the deepest part of the tank, where all the liquids go...and there would still be this "black hills" syndrome. (and we're not talking about a "long term" situation, where cleaning between trips, or driving around with a half-full tank is in any way helpful; we're talking about a single stay in a single spot).
I'm planning on putting in a bigger tank with my re-do, but this is one of my concerns. The bathroom arrangement requires the toilet to be mounted toward the curb-side of the trailer, but the deepest part of most of these stock aftermarket tanks (wedge shaped) will be quite far away, on the street side. Water won't rise to a level directly under the toilet until the tank is mostly full. I'm thinking of using a horizontal run of 3" drain pipe toward the deep-end, so that the effluent enters the tank over the deep end. Problem there is that the toilets weren't designed for that, and the small amount of water may not be enough to push everything all the way through the pipe. I'm planning on setting up a test using the old toilet and some scrap pvc pipe before committing.
One other thing I noticed with the original tank out of the trailer is that the bottom of the tank is not sloped much; That may be a big part of the problem. The new stock-tanks have a pretty steep slope, so that would aid gravity somewhat; still, though, it doesn't seem likely to completely solve the problem, unless you poop golf balls. :o

jcanavera 08-24-2011 07:02 AM

Your question of the mountain brings about the thought of if you are leaving the black tank valve open when you are at a full hookup site. If so, that's your problem. I only open the valve when dumping the tank and even then I make sure I have plenty of liquid in the tank. If the tank isn't full before dumping, I add water to get it as full as possible.


Chuck 08-24-2011 07:11 AM


Originally Posted by jcanavera (Post 1037192)
Your question of the mountain brings about the thought of if you are leaving the black tank valve open when you are at a full hookup site.

no--it happens with the valve closed, too, if there's not enough water in the tank to float/dissolve the solids.

ROBERT CROSS 08-24-2011 07:14 AM


This the foulest thread EVER!!!

Try Prunes at every meal. :blink:


Pahaska 08-24-2011 07:26 AM

Push the pedal halfway down and pre-fill the bowl with plenty of water before #2 and the pile will never build up. I also stand on the pedal for a while before dumping. When I dump, I hook up the flush and let it flush for at least 10 minutes while I hook up the tow vehicle. I know it works, because when I look down the toilet, I see the white bottom of the black water tank.

In our trailer, yellow paper goes in the covered garbage can and only brown paper gets flushed. That reduces the amount of paper in the mix by at least 1/2.

I also pour some Pinesol in the tank along with the usual deodorant. Keeps the dump valve lubricated and keeps down odors.

AirsDream 08-24-2011 07:29 AM

I've never had this problem... but the received wisdom is that there are three things that prevent it:

1.) be SURE you've got a gallon or two of water in the black tank (with the dump valve closed, of course ... lest solids build up while liquid drains off) before you start to use the toilet. That helps prevent solids from sticking to the tank right below the toilet ... then the slight trailer movement caused by folks walking around, etc. causes that water to undergo some sloshing that keeps things getting dissolved and mobile;
2.) flush the toilet with plenty of water when dealing with BM. If you're just getting rid of a little urine and/or tp, very little water is needed to flush (I mostly boondock, and actually try to use AS LITTLE water as possible, and when dealing with only urine, sometimes "flush" by using an old detergent squirt bottle full of dishwater - and this regime hasnever cause me a problem; and
3.) motion ... the "movement of the movement" caused by in-tank sloshing when in transit seems to do the job for most everyone. Sometimes adding a bag of ice is rumored to add a "scouring" effect when you're driving, but I've never done that.

And when it finally comes time to dump the black tank, I make sure I have a toilet bowl completely full of water ... then open the dump valve, and when the contents have quit draining, dump the toilet full of water down into the tank to flush it out. Close black tank dump valve, then dump gray tank, followed by a sinkfull of water. Done. After dumping, the tank always looks spotless when I shine a flashlight down the toilet with the water turned off.

richinny 08-24-2011 08:14 AM

you need liquid for decomposition. are you sure your black tank valve isn't dripping the liquid a bit? maybe addind some warm water would help reduce the pile?

maybe the title of the thread sould read: Potty Training :-)

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