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BrandonJenna 08-10-2011 05:26 PM

2012 Airstreams
My new wife and I our awaiting our new 2012 27FB International!!! Is anyone else an owner or soon to be of a 2012? Anything we should know or anything to look forward to which I may not already know regarding what's changed for the 2012's?

urnmor 08-10-2011 07:59 PM

My wife and I just purchased a 2012 25' FB Flying Cloud. Not sure of all that is new for 2012 however the TVs are bigger and it does come with a blue ray player and an upgraded radio that allows you to play your IPOD. The toilet was upgraded to a china toilet. I also think the decor lighting is upgraded. There may be other stuff but I can't remember off hand.

We should be picking it up in a week or two. Hope to see you on the road and enjoy

Aquabud 08-10-2011 08:46 PM

The television, blueray player and color changes are just about it.

BrandonJenna 08-17-2011 08:16 AM

A couple more weeks!
Any suggestions for our first outing? My driveway is all setup for power, etc. but I think we want to drop out of civilization for a few days, just to test everything out.

RamblinManGa 08-17-2011 09:26 AM

Hi from Ga. . . When we bought ours, I searched & found the closest RV park to the dealer and spent 2 days checking,trying,learning. Some comfort in having the technician guy 2 miles away. :cool: I called him 4 times and took him a 12 pack on our way out of town. Enjoy the new girl ! regards, Craig

justretired 08-17-2011 10:53 AM

We picked up our 2012 27 FB Classic in June. Nice unit, small changes like the Tv, toilet, Some models have more led lighting than earlier. I think they all come with front generator prep but not sure. Enjoy it.

BrandonJenna 08-17-2011 08:05 PM

Thanks for the responses. Can you tell me more about the generator prep? I opted for the aftermarket 190 solar panels but I also know that won't always be enough.

justretired 08-18-2011 05:20 AM

The generator prep is a plug in for the power cord in the front of the trailer. Easy connect for generator in the bed of the pickup.

oun1111ish 08-18-2011 11:57 AM


TinCanLand 08-18-2011 12:43 PM

Rambling Man:
Now THAT is a good idea.
Practically like having an au pair trailer mechanic/tutor on hand.
You know not everything is going to be right, or you will know how to work it, but still, 99% drive right on out of there.....

Traildog 08-18-2011 04:09 PM

Our 2012 25FB FC is slated for the assembly line around 9/1/11. Can't wait...just hope it cools off by the time we receive it, hopefully in Oct. or Nov. In the meantime, I'll just keep reading these threads and making preparations for its arrival. We also plan to spend two days at a park near the dealer to check it out thoroughly before taking it on its first trip back home.

Congrats on getting your new AS soon! :)

Traildog 08-18-2011 04:12 PM

Here's a link to what's new on the 2012:

BrandonJenna 09-16-2011 11:45 AM

I have to say, for being certified green our Airstream off gasses way too much formaldehyde! My eyes and nose as well as Jenna's eyes especially have been very irritated. We have since opened all of the windows and have constantly run the fans for the last 5 days straight. It is getting better. I have also been running the heater for an hour each morning while we have been out. That way we can lesson the winter-time formaldehyde exposure.
The off gassing is the worst when closed up and heated so I have found a filter I am considering purchasing for the winter, check it out: GCX ChemiSorber

Has anyone else experienced this and if so how can I address this formaldehyde off gassing issue?

smhx4 09-16-2011 11:52 AM

We haven't experienced this at all. But we have camped in our every night since delivery day, august 5. Only one night with no AC a few nights ago. We had every window open and 2 fans a running. I remember our SOB had so much gas it was completely intolerable. Hope it gets better for you.

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