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LI Pets 06-05-2011 06:25 AM

25FB vs 27FB
Thinking about a new one, in the floor plans they appear that the active living area is exactly the same the difference is mostly in the sleeping area, the wardrobe & pantry a bit smaller.

There appears to be about a $6,000 spread between the two.

Are there any other differences pros/cons?


moosetags 06-05-2011 07:44 AM

We have the 25FB that we have spent a lot of nights in (860). We looked hard at the 27FB when it came out. Both floor plans are very livable. The little extra space would be nice, but if we had to replace Lucy today, it would be with another 25FB. I just would not want to deal with the additional 2 feet. For instance, at the campsite that we are in this morning in Idaho, another 2' would be difficult.


JFScheck 06-05-2011 08:40 AM

I had a 25FB and if had to choose between the 27 & 25 I would go with the 27, I like the bed's orientation better in the 27, the little bit extra room and storage would be nice, I don't think the extra 2 feet would be noticed in daily towing and parking duties...

dkottum 06-05-2011 09:13 AM

Two peas in a pod, how much do you want to tow, store, park, and pay for. We thought this over and bought a 20. Wish we knew how much we would like it, six months a year now, so are thinking of a bit larger.

Expanding the choice the 23 offers four significantly different configurations, and the 28 has more of the comforts of home than either 25 or 27.

doug k

mutcth 06-05-2011 09:26 AM

...and the 27FB is actually the same length as the 28.

To me though, a 25FB with twins takes care of what seems to be the most commonly reported complaint of that floorplan - the awkward east-west running queen.


blmitch5 06-05-2011 09:33 AM

I just like the Bed room on the 27' But I like the size of the 25'. Were in a 19' Bambi and love it but when we were able to go on longer vacations and retire were going to a 25' or 27' FB. By that time (10-15 years) AS will have even more choices. :)

Just spend a lot of time (sit on the lounge, lay on the bed, sit on the toilet, watch tv etc) in the unit your interested in before you buy it.

LI Pets 06-05-2011 10:31 AM

The towing size is of no import to me driving my 31' for several years, RV parks on the east coast to date have had no size issues as well, but I heard from several folks with 34' that have been refused out west.

What is the size restrictions in some parks out west?

My wife and I are going to the International and I'm sure there will be a dealer there that will have a few to spend time in.

I still haven't figured out the how the MRSP's are floating around for what appears to the model/options.

Discount wise I called Colonial (NJ) they said 18-20% off on the phone so I would assume there's a few more points to get with good negotiations.

When we narrow down the unit I'll shop it nationwide to see who's hungry.

As far as the bed orientation I customized my 31' cross ways so that no issue, just concerned about loss of storage space?

That's something that's hard to get figured out at a dealer.

We live full time for 4 months a year in the winter.

I'm used to the space of a 31'

I was also looking at the '09 & '10 used market the low is 35-40K on a 25 and 40-47K on the 27.

But I really would want to sell my current trailer before hand but it is so custom restored I need to find the right person.


ROBERT CROSS 06-05-2011 01:43 PM

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:wally:Another vote for the 25'....The FB wasn't available when we got our new AS, but I do like that FP a LOT.;)

Like Brian said...where we camp most often, (just the two of us + 1 four legger), It would be quite difficult getting about.

Sweet Streams...:cool:

BrianDL 06-05-2011 02:06 PM

We have just upgraded our 23 to a 25FB. We looked between the 27 and 25 and chose the 25 for optimal storage, towing, and to ensure that we could get into most state parks, etc. The orientation of the bed was the biggest decision point. The 25FB still does not allow a complete walk around experience. We also do shorter stays so the 25 made more sense. If you have the space and towing capacity, either one will be great. The new rig has been out already this season and we have been happy with the 25 and would buy another until we full time.

hhendrix 06-05-2011 02:32 PM

I looked long and hard at both the 25 FB and the 27 FB before buying the FB. At the time there was also a rear bed version. My wife liked that floor pland a little better until I explained that most of your awake time sitting in the trailer we would have a great view of the truck, not the campsite. I don't know if there still because the FB's seem to be much more popular. I had wanted a 25 because I had heard that with the 25it was easier to find and park in campsites. I just haven't found that to be the case yet. I have found campgrounds (only a couple) that didn't have room for my 27, but I doubt the 25 would have fit either. It came down to the issue of the bed. I didn't want to have to crawl over my wife or bump my head on the overhead cabinets to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. The other plus comes when you make the bed having access to both side.
One thing I'm curious about though is the $6K disparity between the 25 and 27. Could it be the rear window was different? I know the full wrap around window in the rear was about a $2K option.

Gringo 06-05-2011 04:37 PM

we went for the 27FB for the bedroom location and layout. I had a 26 ft. Class C for years, with the bed in the corner. Never again.

wayner61 06-05-2011 04:40 PM

If you haven't read through this thread, it has a lot of pro's and con's on each --


THEPILL 06-05-2011 05:52 PM

25'..Main reason is STATE PARK regulations. I don't do RV parks. I just wouldnt want to limit myself.


THEPILL 06-05-2011 05:53 PM


Originally Posted by Gringo (Post 1001664)
we went for the 27FB for the bedroom location and layout. I had a 26 ft. Class C for years, with the bed in the corner. Never again.

The 25 FB does not have the bed in the corner,btw.


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