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Keyair 04-21-2011 11:23 AM

Mallory Ignition Upgrade?
In clearing my Storage up and little I found a Gem!
A used but good, Mallory Performance HEI Distributer Model #8548201.
It has a High Output Coil #29212 fitted.
I thought it only fitted the Small Block, but it seems that it will work on my Big Block too!:D

I looked up the Distributer, and Coil, and it seems they are good upgrades, however it is marked as not Smog Legal in California....



Makes no sense... its a higher performance unit that gives a better spark, and therefore better combustion...
I think I might "Try it" later...;)

Anyone have any experience or comment on these units in a Motorhome?
Is the Mech/Vac advance, etc ok for a Torque Biased Motor?
Anyone suggest a really good set of plug wires?

I am planning to get a new Coil, and Distributer Cap, and keep the used ones as roadside emergency spares.

I read somewhere about the stock HEI having modules that go bad..
Does this one have any issues or spares that I should carry?

Also found an upgraded internal part that they say gives a stronger spark..
Mallory Hyfire HEI unit...
Mallory 699 Mallory HyFire HEI Module

eubank 04-21-2011 11:41 AM

I can't speak to using a Mallory in the motorhome, but I've had one for years in our MG. It's a Mallory dual-point system. What's kind of nice about it is that it doesn't burn points. I've changed out the points exactly once in 20 years of use, and then only because I felt bad about using 10-year old points.

Keyair 04-24-2011 10:26 PM

I wrote to Mallory to ask if they had any information or baseline settings...
This was the answer I got...

"We do not have any setting for that set up. We recommend trying different ones to get the correct set up for your engine.
Thank you."

Not much help...

DanN 05-01-2011 03:32 PM

Not to bash Mallory as I have used their products, but your stock HEI is more than adequate for this application. The modules do fail occassionaly from heat, but the Mallory and MSD HEI ignitions also uses a similar module. There's no way tell if the Mallory module is better than the OEM. Some of the aftermarket modules require some other internal partsto function properly.
I would just use the Mallory cap, rotor, coil and module in your existing distributor, and save existing items for spares.

Best regards,


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