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scorpiontimo 04-16-2011 08:31 AM

Central TX Rally Events San Marcos
For all who want to come I have put together a bit of planning for this get together

Fri June 3rd, 6pm meet and great at the Gazebo
7pm showing of long long trailer in rec room bring a dish to share or just come by I will be serving peach cobbler from a dutch oven oh and pop corn.

Sat June 4th, enjoy the area and park plenty of time for the pool and Frisbee gulf. 1pm Tubing on the river meet at the tube shack the park rents the tubes for $7 ea good for 24hrs, the shuttle will be free for us and I am driving, the normal tube run is hour to hour and half.
7pm Pot luck let us know what you want to bring I will be cranking up the TX BBQ pit with ribs and chicken bring your own drinks ,location by the pool but this may change to the gazebo area.
830pm happy hour location yet to be determined.

Sun June 5th What ever goes
any one that has and event or something they want to do let us know this is just a get together with a few things planed and no rally fee's outer than space rental and if you need tubes.
Must make reservation soon as the park fills up quickly during the summer when making it let the park know you are for the airstream rally and request the 300 area the best sites are the 320s, 220s, 420s stay away from the 500s as those are the only ones with out shade. the park web site is also check the rally calender for the central TX click it and let us know RSVP if you are coming so we can start a head count or just e mail me Hope to see you here in San Marcos

soldiermedic 04-16-2011 09:26 AM

Sounds like a great plan. I know we will head up for a day trip on Saturday at the very least for toobin and fun. Staying the weekend will depend on lodging.

Is there an AIRforum sign up page?

soldiermedic 04-18-2011 11:30 AM

Ok, the MWR on base rents trailers out for the weekends so we are definately going to be there. We'll be in a fiberglass Twinkie! Never stayed in a Casita, but it's only $100 for the entire weekend, and that works for us.

We booked site 318, and look forward to enjoying some toobin and BBQ.


scorpiontimo 04-18-2011 12:39 PM

Steve great to have you that is a nice site and close to the river access and thanks for the advise we are proceeding full stream ahead we hope to get more vet's also mama still gets on me trying to convince me I am retired guess old SGM never die as long as she keeps the silver barracks in order we don't have a issue I hope she doesn't read this I may me on KP duty for a month

soldiermedic 04-18-2011 02:31 PM

Retired SGM ehh? Amy keeps telling me she wants to make SGM, as she thinks her name would sound good with it. As for the NCO corps, I am done. Finishing nursing school and joining the ranks of the Nurse Corps officers. I know from experience that keeping my enlisted happy and well informed will make them more efficient and work better for me in the future.

I surely hope that if we do trailer tours you aren't flipping bunks if hospital corners aren't tight, or the floor is scuffed.

This rally is also days before my birthday, so I think we'll bring a cake or somethin. We usually host or attend a rally each year on or around my birthday.

Here's to a great time in 6 weeks!


bwoodtx 04-18-2011 09:03 PM

All right!!! guys. we just sent in our reservation request. Asked for site 320 we will see. lookin forward to it.

scorpiontimo 04-18-2011 09:36 PM

Great to have you good site you put in for any of the 320s, 330s are outstanding. which unit are you bringing?

soldiermedic 04-18-2011 09:45 PM

I'm willing to bet that Bruce is bringin da Argosy.

bwoodtx 04-18-2011 09:49 PM

actually i will probably bring the excella as the argosy's are not complete and the 20 footer does not have a/c.

linc54 04-22-2011 09:03 PM

John and I will plan to attend. Will call park in the morning.

J&C 04-22-2011 09:26 PM


Originally Posted by linc54 (Post 982205)
John and I will plan to attend. Will call park in the morning.

Charles did not mention we are winding up a Hawaiian vacation on May 14th, and my birthday is June 4 so maybe Soldermedic and I will share refreshments! John :D

scorpiontimo 04-23-2011 07:42 AM

great to have you guys on board ah a year older I gave up on the birthdays after I retired and its working I still feel young its like a new pain every day. We are planing on a open house during the rally Steve reminded me on how fun it is to see everyones personal touches well actually I like to steal new ideas.

soldiermedic 04-23-2011 12:07 PM

Do we have a rally graphic for this event yet? I would like one as soon as possible as i will have rally button magnets made for the attendees. Only 3-4 of us so far...come on folks, this looks like a nice place to go to, and lots of stuff to do there. I'm going to be fishing and floating up a storm.


J&C 04-23-2011 02:36 PM

Reservations are in

Originally Posted by scorpiontimo (Post 980494)
Great to have you good site you put in for any of the 320s, 330s are outstanding. which unit are you bringing?

We are in site 325! Charles and I will mostlikely bring a 30' Excella. Really looking forward to being there! JB

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