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Dastardly 04-01-2011 11:20 AM

1977 Trade Wind hubcap?
Hi, I'm the proud owner of a 1977 Trade Wind with only three original hubcaps. You know the ones, protruding stamped metal with air holes and the red and blue logo in the centre. The missing hubcap made a successful bid for freedom somewhere between Edinburgh and London on a trip last year. I know that the hubcaps don't stay on very well - in fact the same one jumped ship on the Rome ring road a couple of years ago. Luckily that time I saw it cross the carriageway in the mirror and was able to retrieve it from the long grass by the road. Now I kick myself every time I see the dirty discoloured steel of the wheel, as I recall that I knew it might happen again and that I could have prevented the loss by simply removing the hubcap(s) before our trip. The really galling thing is that it happened on the way back. 600 miles into our trip. Vanity made me leave it on. The trailer looks lovely with the hubcaps on. Browny black wheels just detract from the aesthetic. Now I have the worst of both worlds. It's not that we can't live without our AWOL hub cap. I mean, at least we have our health, right? But a replacement would be really great to find. Do any of you have one I could buy or know where I might find one? Cheers

kevin242 04-02-2011 09:20 PM

Watch and search the classifieds here on the airforums. I have seen them for sale fairly frequently.

EXCELLENT choice of year and model if I do say so myself. Let me know if you need an owner's manual or service manual for your 1977 Tradewind. I have .pdf copies I could send you on CD.


Action 04-03-2011 03:58 PM

E-bay would be another source.

I found some correct baby moons at a used hub cap store. They did not know what they had. They were OEM caps. The store thought they were some aftermarket pieces and were priced very low. Give the web a search. It is time consuminghowever in manny cases will produce results.


Dastardly 04-04-2011 06:42 AM

Hi and thanks for your posts. The year and model of our Trade Wind really suits us. It's just great. Although I admire all Airstreams, it's funny how attached I am to ours. Thanks for the offer of manuals - I've got some already. I've been trawling the web on and off since the hubcap's escape looking for a. Initially in the vain hope that some enterprising roadside scavenger might stick my one on ebay. No luck there. One of my challenges was that I wasn't sure what to call them in American english! It turns out hubcap was right. It would have been great to happen accross someone that didn't know what they had! The first hit I got for the type I'm after was last week on this forum. But it was sold. I have been in touch with the member who sold the hubcap and he says he has another - so fingers crossed!

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