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Silver Otter 03-26-2011 04:19 AM

Hand Spray #19289 sprayer seals/gaskets missing
BACKGROUND: PO installed a nice new Thetford Aqua Style II china bowl toilet, with water saver hand spray. Unfortunately he left off ALL the seals, compression fittings, and gaskets at the plasti-chrome spray head. :(

EXCITEMENT: You can imagine my surprise last night when I stepped on the pedal :lol:

QUESTION: Does anyone know of a place to buy the parts. A thorough search of the internet seems to reveal I can buy a whole new set-up for about $35, but all I need are some rubber thingys. Hmm . . . .

cojer 03-26-2011 08:11 AM

i've seen rubber thingys of all types at my local hardware store. don't know if they would be the right type of rubber thingy that you're looking for but that's where i would start.

Aage 03-26-2011 08:24 AM

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I'm assuming that the PO cannot be contacted to see if he has those parts...?

Also, have you looked at Thetford's website to see if they have a set of them? IIRC their site is quite complete with regards to replacement parts.

I can imagine your surprise and shock when you discovered that they were missing! :shock:

[Edit: I looked at the Thetford site] Attached is the instruction sheet for installing your sprayer,and other than one clamp, I don't see anything else that could be missing. Are you perhaps referring to clamps that connect the spray handle?

That part is not shown at all, which makes me wonder if there are any parts to assemble in the handle part.

These sprayers are something that often gets overlooked when winterizing, i.e. they don't always get effectively drained. Could something be damaged?

Silver Otter 03-26-2011 03:35 PM

Thanks, folks, and yep I did both those things. It appears the rubber elements are not sold separately, but my local hardware store DID have a full replacement head with all the parts included. So, for 9.95, I'm back in operation. Local ACE guy, very helpful; Thetford, not so much.

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