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nm1oqrz 03-13-2011 09:26 AM

Roadside Assistance Clubs?
Greetings. Requesting thoughts on best auto club to join. I now have AAA but it is comming up for renewal. I just got a flyer for Good Sam but don't know much about them. Most of my travels are in the eastern part of the country. I have an Airstream and a slide-in truck camper. Thanks ion advance for your input.
Regards nm1oqrz

mojo 03-13-2011 10:47 AM

I use Good Sam because they cover the trailers and all the cars. They have flatbeded my all wheel drive TV when it needed repairs and reimbursed me for a lockout situation.

safari57 03-13-2011 11:43 AM

I have both AAA and Good Sam. We travel quite extensively in the mountains so the mileage allowed for towing can limit my options of repair facilities to shops that under any circumstances I would not use. With the two combined I have a significant distance covered. Since in almost every case the two companies use the same towing companies I don't have to worry about one firm dropping me and then anothe having to pick me up. For the price per annum it is so inexpensive, particularly if you don't renew your Good Sam until it is almost expired and they get nervous and always offer a good deal.

The one thing that gets me about Good Sam is that five months before my renewal date they start sending me renewal notices with warnings on the envelopes about pending doom due to expiration of my service. When a company takes those approaches it always leaves me with the impression that they are really in need of the renewal fees, and are just a tad less than professional.

With my own experiences I found AAA to be good, quick to respond, and since we have the RV package, having a flat bed show up with the ability to tow the trailer has not been an issue. Good Sam seemed confused about our location and because we were in an area when cell phone coverage was non-existant and had to be driven to an area where it was, that caused even more confusion for the rep on the line. I spoke as clear and concise English as I could but it just wasn't getting through to the person on the other end of the line, and he was a bit hard to understand. His use of the only language I speak was not up to what I'd of expected from a person on an emergency line. But with some patience on both our parts, eventually he understood and from there the service was exactly the same as I've had from AAA. If I had to choose just one I'd be hard pressed to say which is better based only on my experiences with both.

au_ee 03-13-2011 12:10 PM

IMO AAA is a waste of money. We have used Allstate RV Roadhelp Allstate Motor Club - Welcome to RV Roadhelp for the past 10 years. The features we like the most are: they don't limit the towing distance, they will send two tow trucks if needed, and when we've used them (twice when out west) they had great service. In one instance the company they had on contract was already on a run so they found another company and sent them. Our wait time was less than an hour. We were about 70 miles from the nearest Chevy dealership. We had a MH and the truck that arrived said we couldn't ride in the MH when under tow and he lacked seating for the four of us. Another truck was called (to act as a taxi for three of us). Allstate paid for both trucks with no question.

They also have trip routing but since we use GPS and normally change our plans during our trips we don't use this feature. If you camp at KOAs, RV Roadhelp provides a KOA discount. We rarely use the discount because we prefer NP and SP campgrounds.

nswhite 03-13-2011 12:10 PM

We have Good Sam and have used them several times with no issues. AAA has a limit as to how far they will go out to get you, I think it's 100 miles. Good Sam has no limit.

I find the Good Sam mailings no worse than any other company and it's disposed of the same way. Into the recycler.

Lily&Me 03-13-2011 03:57 PM

We have had AAA for about 10 years, for the RV's and our home car, and would have nothing else. I don't know about any limit on how far they will go, we have used them in Illinois and Colorado.

In addition to the occasional roadside assistance, we get lots and lots of discounts with that membership.


noreen&sal 03-13-2011 04:12 PM

We use American Modern Insurance. We used it only once last year when the tranny blew. No problem. Towed TV to ford dealership and then took trailer to a campground. Very good service. I need to keep a trash can near the mail box for all the junk I get weekly from Good Sam.

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