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osolow 02-25-2011 10:51 AM

Wet bath to shower?
i Have been going through threads for about an hour now and was trying to find something that pertains to converting and older wet bath to a shower basically splitting the two from each other.

i haven't found much so thinking this doesn't get done that much or at all.

My thoughts would be to completely gut the Wet bath, and fix any and all issues found with the floor and or pluming because for a 40+ year old trailer I'm sure there will be issues. then find a shower housing or build one from fiberglass or stainless steel and then go back together.

the Reason for this question is i have found a AS but it has a wet bath and the wife doesnt like the idea of a wet bath and wants a shower. So it's pretty much a No unless i can figure out or show that it can be done.

so if Any one on here can help me out with pictures and info that would be great

InsideOut 02-25-2011 11:20 AM

Usually, a wet bath is used as a method of saving space dedicated for bathroom purposes. There's no real reason you couldn't separate the two as long as the space can be reworked and you don't mind giving up some living space to do so.

You might not have to (or want to) use fiberglass surrounds - they don't really fit well in a curved trailer. If the walls and pan-to-wall joint are sealed properly, you could just Zolatone the aluminum walls like they did in the 50's trailers. Of course, the wood panel walls need to be protected somehow - we used sheets of stainless steel but fiberglass panels could be used there instead. Building the shower is actually the easy part...moving the toilet would be a little more tricky because of the tank rework that might be required. I would say if you could move the shower and leave the toilet in it's current location - it would be an easier project.

What year/model trailer are you looking at? It may help others help you with the feasibility of the project...

Shari :flowers:

osolow 02-25-2011 12:08 PM

Its A 71 21' GT with rear wet bath

or if any one could give me some good reasoning points to tell the wife why we should leave well enough alone and use it as it is that would be probably better

Aerowood 02-25-2011 12:38 PM

We got rid of the dedicated shower in our 71 Gt because we felt it took up to much room. We also want a dedicated bed that we don't have to tear down every day. With an aft dedicated bed we can also install a more comfortable mattress instead of a dual use mattress sofa. With the aft bed my wife can take a nap and I can still puts around fwd with minimal bother to her. We weighed the options like, how much time do you really spend in the shower with only a 6 gal water heater to how much time do you lay or sleep on a comfortable bed. The bed won for more space for it then the dedicated shower. It's all about how you utilize space for your own personal comfort with the space available. I can take a 5 minute shower in a confined space easier then being uncomfortable sleeping for 8 hours.

sempi2 02-25-2011 12:52 PM

I didn't think I would like the wet shower much. But after a couple of years taking some trips, find that I don't mind it at all. A lot of times if we are at a campground with showers we will use theirs. Saves our holding tanks from filling up too much, too fast.

osolow 02-25-2011 01:00 PM

Im with Aerowood i would rather have a nice Bed to sleep in at the end of a day.

besides when were on vacation or camping it seems like were go go going all day long and are wore out by the end of the day.

plus i like the mid bath idea i think with some good planning it should trun out pretty good with a bigger shower and bed if i lose a little kitchen space i cool with that we usally grill out when we camp

but the wet bath will get used for one mybe two seasons depends on holong it takes me to get a good plan of action and the trailer lol

webspinner 03-24-2011 10:25 AM

We gutted our wet bath, replaced the toilet and black tank with a composting toilet and are in the process of building a separate shower.

The bathroom in our '71 Tradewind had a closet that didn't quite keep all the shower water out, so what's the point? Using that space gives us room for an adequate shower and lets the toilet and sink area stay dry.

We're building the shower pan from scratch, using wood and epoxy/fiberglass for the new walls. The original walls of the wet bath were already waterproof. We haven't finished yet, so we can't report on results. Just wanted to chime in as someone who did what you're considering.

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