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66Overlander 02-10-2011 09:05 PM

2011 WBCCI Membership Directory
I was just looking through the 2011 Membership Directory and noticed one way that they cut out pages that I am not happy about. They completely removed the listings of past Airstream Company and WBCCI caravans that were on pages 44 to 55 of the 2010 Directory. Instead, the 2011 Directory merely provides this statement on page 43:

"Past Caravan listings are in the website under General Information.
Those caravan listings were a standard feature of the Membership Directory beginning with the first one in 1955.

To me this is an unacceptable cost savings move. There are times I look at that information in the directory when we are traveling and have no internet access.

If you agree that this is not a good change, please speak up to club officers, or contact WBCCI HQ directly to let your opinion be heard. I am certain it will take a number of complaints from the membership to reverse this direction and have the listings returned in the 2012 Directory.

EDIT: If you do choose to speak up, please do so politely, especially if talking with the staff at HQ. They are great people who are doing their best. Thanks.

66Overlander 02-11-2011 10:23 PM

I heard back from HQ today that I was not the first to notice and react unfavorably to the removal of the past caravan information. I was told it will be discussed again before the 2012 Directory is assembled. Hopefully, the direction will change.

jansfella 03-15-2019 04:07 PM

WBCCI number search

Are you still researching vintage airstreams for people? If so, please help me with a trailer that I have just purchased. It is a 1972 23' Safari SN L23T2-JI459, with 2 previous WBCCI numbers that I can tell. The older number is 27028 and the newer one 14767. I know it has been used in Alabama and possibly Delaware. Any info you can provide would be appreciated. I am trying to track down a title if possible.

Thanks so much,
Bob Garver

jansfella 03-16-2019 07:05 PM

Correction, new number is 14476.


azflycaster 03-16-2019 07:09 PM

You might want to post your question in this thread:

jansfella 03-18-2019 04:40 AM

Thank you.

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