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ddgall 01-22-2011 02:18 PM

1992 Land Yacht, 36' TAG - 3 year report
Greetings all - thought I'd start here with our ownership experience: Bought our rig on ebay in '07 and went to northern WI to pick it up and drive to OK. Trip was uneventful and I was lucky because it had not been used for some time, but had only 52K and new batts. Realized that I would need to spend some money to get it to my liking and am still crossing things off my list! Major items repaired/replaced: replaced all six tires on the beautiful ALCOA rims; added tach and put on Heddman Elite headers, dual pipes and huge dual port truck muffler (2 mpg improvement); added large capacity alum trans pan (trans runs 20% cooler); replaced shocks, brakes, steering damper, repacked wheels; replaced both roof AC's; replaced isolator, alternator & converter; replaced master cylinder, TAG electric brake shoes; replaced bell crank with Henderson unit; replaced both front & rear tube TV's with LED/DVD combos; replaced one furnace motor; installed outdoor BARBQ gas valve on LP tank; converted dash AC to new refrigerant; rest are in tuneup and "maintenance" category. We love the LY and take 2-3 long road trips a year, both winter and summer. I get actual 60 mph @ 2000 rpm and 9-10 mpg consistently. We really like the huge side windows and I especially like the exhaust note as we cruise. Just got back from Corpus Christi. D&D

masseyfarm 01-22-2011 02:26 PM

The wallet is always open, but ain't it GREAT!!!!

gloran 01-23-2011 08:26 AM

You probably have it in better crusing form than when it was new. I did many of the same improvement on mine. Must give you much satisfaction and pride inproving your coach, putting new life in her, It did for me on mine.

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