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doctormark 08-22-2010 08:31 AM

'77 Tradewind interior panel removal
On the front starboard side, or the curbside front quarter if you prefer, I have a sizable dent that looks like it would push out pretty easily. I see the interior panels are riveted in and these could be drilled out easily.

The problem is that it the way the panels overlap, it looks like I need to undo panels and remove other hardware (curtains, etc.) all the way over to and maybe past the door. Am I right about this? Any hints?

wasagachris 08-22-2010 08:42 AM

Doctormark You are right that you will have to remove all the furniture and other hardware first. A/S installs the lower panel first then the next upper panel. You will have to remove the first level of rivets to release the lower panel from under the upper panel and then it can be removed. A 1/8" drill bit will remove the rivet heads to release the panel and after repairs are done make sure all rivet holes are clear of the rivet shafts before installing the panel and riveting together again. You might want to try painless dent removal first. They use a suction cup device to pull out the dent from the outside thus eliminating the need to open up the inside. Good luck. Pics would help!

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