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Jammer 08-12-2010 01:28 PM

Painting furnace outlets
I have the round plastic hot air outlets. They don't match the woodwork and I'm thinking of painting them a sort of "sand" or "tan" color so they blend using one of the new spray paints on the market that's supposed to stick to plastic.

Anyone done this? How did it work?

r carl 08-12-2010 02:36 PM

Should work just fine, as long as you get the plastic clean b4 painting.

Cantrell 08-12-2010 03:59 PM

I primed and painted mine some years ago with just regular Krylon in a rattle can and they have held up perfectly.
Something to consider is that all sorts of heat outlet vents are made in wood in various shapes and sizes and woods. If you want to get really fancy, you could do somethng like this and match the wood exactly. Just a thought.

Gene 08-12-2010 05:31 PM

I went looking for registers to replace the ones Airstream uses for two reasons—they don't match anything and you can't close them to keep the bedroom cooler. I didn't look very hard and didn't find anything.

Painting them would solve one problem, but not the other. I have considered duct tape for the bedroom register.

Thanks for reminding me to start looking again.


bizetwo 08-12-2010 06:37 PM

Hi, I replaced the white registeres with a tan colored ones ordered from Winnebago. They have a adjustable damper built in. Part number 056464-11-000 cost $ 6.10 ea.
Hope this helps.

triplenet 08-12-2010 08:51 PM

I bought the 4" round dampered ones at the bottom of this page:

RV Floor Heat Registers / RV Ceiling Air Conditioning Vents.

I have now decided to paint them.
I bought a spray plastic primer.
Krylon (or similar) make a special plastic spray paint, but the colors weren't what I wanted.

Cantrell 08-13-2010 06:25 AM

I was thinking something along these lines.

Dave Park 08-13-2010 06:51 AM

Those are nice, and they can be stained too...

Jammer 08-15-2010 08:29 PM

I painted the outlets today and will post pics next week some time.

Jammer 10-13-2010 03:55 PM

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Pics as promised

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