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TrailerVamp 08-05-2010 10:53 AM

Desperate for help- accessing '75 Intl. (rear bedroom) galley leak
Hi folks. Still learning and searching! I have a 75 29 ft International rear bedroom, been trying to get moved in for full timing. Plumbing is stopping me. Here is what has happened so far: When the trailer arrived the owner of my RV lot jumped in to 'help' hook everything up. He insisted over and over I didn't need to wait and get a pressure regulator, and had his workman hook up the water while I was inside. Water came gushing out of the bath sink and popped off a small clear pipe under it, so the inlet was disconnected and the owner and his worker were sent away. About a week later I came back with a pressure regulator and fittings for my inlets, hooked it all up, turned on the water about half way, and instead of water from the sink, got water pouring from the low drain points and a few other spots in the belly of the trailer. Awesome. I turned off the water and went home to sort out my next steps, and find help. Later when I came back to check on the trailer one evening my neighbors stopped me to tell me they had to come shut the water off one evening when they came home and found it running across the road in a small river from under my trailer. I thanked them and went to inspect. My pressure regulator was missing, the leaks were the same. I hired people to come help because I'm a new Airstreamer, single female with few tools. They came out a week later. After three hours, we located the source of the leak. Maybe. Under the kitchen galley cabinet after removing the water pump and looking with an extending mirror below the subfloor, we found one pipe that an elbow had been blown loose on- fixed that, but the main problem *appears* to be a pipe that runs under the water tank. Well, not quite under - at least where I'm looking at- the tank has a groove along the underside and the pipe fits into it. The end cap of this pipe appears to be gone, water fills this entire area when turned on and never makes it to the faucet plumbing. I can only assume that either the first time the water was tested, or at some other point, once the pressure regulator went missing, this was blown off by high water pressure. Aside from the problematic landlord (don't worry, I'm moving my trailer as soon as this is repaired), my immediate issue is how to get to this. The rest of the trailer is in excellent condition and I really don't want to disassemble it. I ordered a service manual, and looking at the schematic, I don't see this pipe. I see what looks like the groove, but no pipe matching what I am looking at. Last week the plan was to cut a small hand hole into the underbelly to reach inside and fish the cap out/put it back on. To find the right spot we'd planned to drill through the belly with a small hole from the top, under the sink cabinet where you can reach through to the subfloor, and use this as a starting point from the underside. Started drilling and went as expected until hitting something steel. No amount of looking at the schematics helped figure out what this was, so we decided to stop and regroup. I have spent hours looking here since then and am just at a loss. The belly of the trailer has a small shallow 'box' dropping down made of 4 L shaped iron pieces to form a square ledge, this has a piece of tin as it's floor, and one of the L pieces looks like it can be unbolted to slide this tin piece out to access plumbing. The gas lines run through it and would need to be cut to do it. Am I right in thinking this might actually be the best way to get to this area and fix my problem? I think it may also be what the repair friend was hitting with his drill. I hope, anyway. I am about to meet with the repair guy again this afternoon and will take and post pics from the trailer then. ANY help is appreciated, I've been preparing to full time in this trailer since May and my time in my stick house is now very limited.

TrailerVamp 08-05-2010 10:56 AM

huh. I spent a lot of time formatting that post... anyway, sorry it's all one big paragraph now. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

BessieB 08-05-2010 11:07 AM

Oh boy!!!!!
We just got done fixing ALL our plumbing. You get to contort and do all kinds of things. Some plumbing is accessible from underneath the trailer at those access points. We had to remove the lower false panel in the kitchen. Had to remove all the cabinetry within the lavatory under the sink there. Had to remove toilet and expose the pipes running in front of that. Had to cut a hole to get to shower plumbing and all that was there. Had to open up to the plumbing than ran along the floor below the shower towards the water heater. Had to create openings as you can see. ALL the pvc had to be replaced in our trailer. We did not have to cut any gas lines, just sometimes it was a 2 man job to meet the contortions of the pipes and fittings. Good flashlight and patience. Patience, patience. Best prices for the fittings and pipe were at Lowe's for us. Have fun!!!!!!

77Ambassador 08-05-2010 11:47 AM

Save yourself some time and use PEX with all of the water lines. Very easy, the cost far outweighs the time spent with copper.

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