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Frank's Trailer Works 07-01-2010 05:27 AM

Crawfish Festival 2011
This may seem way off to some, but those who attended Crawfish Festival 2010 will be glad to know that June 3,4,5 2011 will be our dates for next years event. Put it on your calendar in PEN. Hope this gets some of you excited. I also hope this gets some of you talking about your plans to attend. As the festival web site changes over to the coming event, more will be posted.

Frank's Trailer Works 07-01-2010 05:46 AM

you will find this rally listed on the rally calendar also...:brows:

A link to the festival web site is here, but it is still for 2010 and has not been updated for 2011 yet. Yes, I am already looking forward to it....

DEITZ645 07-01-2010 05:53 AM

Planning Ahead
We'll be there again, for sure!!!:brows:

M&M CAPECOD 07-01-2010 07:04 AM

Looks good for us, will put it on the calendar.

biggoofball 07-01-2010 08:01 AM

I put it on my calendar. Registration should be in early October again, right?

Frank's Trailer Works 07-01-2010 08:15 AM

Don't tease me Skip:angry:

tkowalyk 07-02-2010 07:44 AM

Ready to get down......
Calendars marked ---

We will be there

biggoofball 07-02-2010 08:37 AM


Originally Posted by 62overlander (Post 866681)
Don't tease me Skip:angry:


I am the very definition of the eternal optimist. :bounce: I always look ahead with confidence that all will be well and good and I will get to do things other than care for my wife. :w00t: She will be well and we will be there. :cool: With bells on. :band:

Ruby4980 07-29-2010 08:38 AM

Hey everyone:

Got a message from Michael on Facebook this morning - tickets go on sale this Sunday at 9am. The first 150 will be only $100.00 so put it on your calendar!

DEITZ645 07-29-2010 08:58 AM

Thanks for the heads up. I will definitely try to be one of the first 150...That's if Saturday night isn't too rough. We'll be at Penn Wood for our buddy rally / pig roast:brows:.

M&M CAPECOD 07-29-2010 03:33 PM

Thanks Deborah, I'll put a reminder in the cell.....hope your summer is going well.

pattimarty 08-03-2010 10:38 PM

62 .... thanks for the advance notice. We hear RAVE reviews about this years event but unfortunatley found out about it too late to join. We've put the dates on our 2011 calendar and hope to be able to see how great it is for ourselves!

Frank's Trailer Works 08-15-2010 02:03 PM

I dawdled, dragged my feet, waited too long and ended up paying full fair. We are however in....

DEITZ645 08-15-2010 04:51 PM

The Early Bird Gets The Worm
I was one of the goofs up early that Sunday morning in order to save a couple of bucks. We got out tickets printed already and are just waiting for the crayfish to arrive.

Frank's Trailer Works 08-15-2010 06:12 PM

oh, Carl... you just reminded me, send check to Penn Wood for Fallium

nayl 10-05-2010 01:44 PM

Is there a gathering of Airstreams at the Crawfish Fest 2011? If so, which campground should be selected when purchasing tickets?

DEITZ645 10-05-2010 01:57 PM


Originally Posted by nayl (Post 903510)
Is there a gathering of Airstreams at the Crawfish Fest 2011? If so, which campground should be selected when purchasing tickets?

Heck yeah there's a gathering of Airstreams:wally:

You need to select Camp Madisonville in order to get water and electric.

This is a great rally and Frank and Don do a great job of hosting it.

munimula 10-05-2010 02:01 PM

2011 early line-up announcement
Michael Arnone sent out a 2011 teaser email yesterday. Here's an early look at the 2011 Crawfish Fest line-up...

We have already Confirmed Artists for our 22nd Annual Crawfish Fest:
Friday, June 3rd (Campers Only)
George Porter Jr & Runnin' Pardners, The Tin Men, 1 TBA

Saturday, June 4th
Headliner TBA, Sonny Landreth, Tab Benoit, The Savoy Family, Geno Delafose & French Rockin' Boogie, Nathan & The Zydeco Cha Chas, + 4 TBA’s

Saturday Late night for Campers Only:
Carolyn Wonderland, Geno Delafose & French Rockin' Boogie, +1 TBA

Sunday, June 5th
Headliner TBA, Cowboy Mouth, Anders Osborne, Guitar Shorty, Iguanas, Nathan & The Zydeco Cha Chas, + 4 TBA’s. All tickets are now on sale
Online Store.

nayl 10-05-2010 03:45 PM

Made our reservations. Save me a spot in the Airstream section.

Frank's Trailer Works 10-05-2010 04:19 PM

nayl, have no worries, we got an awesome spot for ya..

Dave, you beat me to the punch!!!! Seeing Anders Osborne on Sunday is a huge deal for Beth and I. We have seen him twice since he played last Crawfish. He is unbelievable. Hopefully you will be able to spend a little more time at the gathering with us.

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