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vishwa 09-07-2003 06:37 PM

Removing Black water tank
Yesterday I was puzzled to get my toilet out of my '73 Land Cruiser. Thanks to Chuck's reply now that is done and all the pieces are in good shape.
Now I have enough space to remove the black water tank.
I don't understand how the dump assembly--accessible from outside and the connecting pipes work.
I need to be able to disconnect all this stuff and I'm hoping to not have to sawsall it out.
I can see that once I manage to unbolt or whatever the whole discharge assembly, I'll be able to work the tank out of there.

for anyone's help!

thenewkid64 09-07-2003 07:01 PM

The tanks should be held to the underside of the trailer in a sheetmetal pan. Looking from underneath you will see a steel box, 1 to 2 inches deep hanging off the frame rails. This is attached to the frame with bolts. This pan will drop out of the trailer and the tank(s) should be lying on the floor of the pan, on top of a styrofoam wedge that holds the tank in position. This should be under the bathroom area, if you ar working above the axles you are dropping the fresh water tank. :eek

I would reccomend that you have a couple of floor jacks under the pan as you pull it. You also need to pull the inspection plates before dropping it and detach the dump handle(s) as well as the outlet from the tank.

Two other things, you will get more responses to your questions if you fill out your profile more completely, and the model of your trailer would help too. I do not know of a Land Crusier model. Most are called Land Yachts, but there is also other identifers such as Tradewind, Globetrotter, Sovereign, Etc.

yukionna 09-08-2003 11:54 AM

>> Yesterday I was puzzled to get my toilet out of my '73 Land Cruiser.

"Land Cruiser?" Is that the same thing as a "Land Rover?" Since when is Land Rover installing black tanks in their tow vehicles? :D

vegas73globetrotter 09-08-2003 12:44 PM

Land Cruiser is actually made by Toyota, Land rover makes the Discovery, Free Lander, Defender 90 and Range rover. lol

On 73' airstreams where do the grey water lines enter the black water tank, fore or aft of the valve ie. left or right side?
I am having a problem emptying my shower! It keeps backing up with black water, I have tried pushing, pulling and twisting the valve. It backs up while pouring water down the kitchen sink and the toilet.



Safari Tim 09-08-2003 01:08 PM

On my '71 the grey line connects to the dump line AFTER the black tank valve.

So, you should keep your black tank valve closed or the handle pushed in. Then the grey water will drain straight to your sewer.

If your seeing black water in your shower and sinks, it is likely your dump valve is leaking or something is blocking it from shutting all the way.

If that happens and your dump cap is on, then the black water can find its way up your grey drains.

It could also happen even if everything is working properly and the sewer or or sewer hose is plugged. When dumping the black water if it has no where to go it would back up as well.

Chuck 09-08-2003 01:19 PM

There is no grey water tank on most 1973 airstreams. On mine, the grey water lines don't go into the black tank; they connect to the 3" outlet pipe below the dump valve. If you leave the cap on that outlet pipe, and open the dump valve....sewage will flow into the shower, because the black tank sits above the floor, up higher than the shower drain.
Grey water in this era was meant to just empty on to the ground, or be collected in an external auxilliary tank.

When you run water (sinks or shower), you should have that cap off of the 3" waste water output, or connect it to an external tank. the dump valve should hold back the black water inside the black tank, if it is working correctly.

vegas73globetrotter 09-08-2003 01:29 PM

Thank you verymuch for the help, we just aquired the trailer and are starting the unwanted task of removing the contents in the black tank, it has been sitting for 2+ years. The ingeredients of the tank are solid at this point:( but oh well it was a great deal anyhow!

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