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George 09-02-2003 05:06 AM

Oil Smell
Smell? what smell,
#1.When you don't smell it, Feel it, or mind it, You are a "Mechanic"!!
#2 when SHE don't mind it , You are A SUCCESS, :^)

I remember the first bunch of hogs I brought home in the old station wagon,Many Many years ago that my Twins used to use to drive to High school,
They weren't too happy about that. TILL I let them have 1/2 the profits we got come markett time.
Then they used to tell there friends, Smell?what smell, oh THAT smell, that is the smell of MONEY!!
One boy paid for his college from raising Hogs,the other let the do it.
It is all in what you get used to, A feller told me once, that you could get used to dieing if you did it enough. I did draw the line on that one tho. HA,LOL!!
Luck with your "rustfroof tools"
Ol' George

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