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JBinKC 04-10-2010 08:57 PM

Bottle Jack Maintenance
Friends: My bottle jack failed us this weekend when we needed it to change a flat. After ignoring the little guy for years, he let me down. So I vowed to do the following annual maintenance, which I shamelessly stole from another manufacturer, since my instructions are long gone:
1. Replace the complete hydraulic jack oil at least once per year.
2. Use good hydraulic jack oil, such as Mobil DTE12M or equivalent. Do not mix different types of fluid and never use motor oil or other substitutes.
3. With the saddle fully lowered, remove the oil filler plug.
4. Turn the jack on its side and drain the fluid into a suitable container. Dispose of the fluid responsibly.
5. With the jack upright, fill until oil is level with the filler plug hole. Reinstall oil filler plug.
Iíve vowed to do periodic lubrication by applying a coating of light oil to pivot points, axles and hinges, and to periodically check the pump piston and ram and to wipe it with an oily cloth.
Hope this helps the community. Best wishes, John

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