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Bud Brown 08-18-2003 06:36 PM

Removing rear twin beds
Has anyone removed the rear twin bed frames and night stand from their 2001 Safari? Any issues or is it just removing screws?

Princer 08-18-2003 07:05 PM

rear twin bed removal
I have gone the other way. I removed the bedside nightstand and queen bed from a 2001 Sarafi--and it was only a "remove screw" activity. I used much of the removed materials to make a new "between the beds" night stand and bed boxes. Under one bed box is the outside storage compartment. Under the other is storage , made out of the under bed storage cabinet from the queen configuration. I sort of know how to do this. What I did looks professional--especially since I experimented with many stains on the oak plywood I used to do the modifications. It is nearly impossible to tell what I stained and finished, compared to the rest of the Safari interior. You can call me to discuss the project, which included moving the circuit breaker box.
John Prince at or 936-449-4345

dcasr 12-24-2010 07:29 AM

I have removed rear twins and night stand in my 1990 Excella and I have an absolute I have learned the hard way. Photograph how things look before you start, then at every significant level of disassembly. Have a box of plastic baggies and put the screws or nails in a separate labeled baggie for each area and part of the disassembly. You may think you will remember, but most likely you will only come close. Good Luck.

1966mustang 05-25-2013 10:47 AM

Putting back twin beds from previous bad conversion to double. The nightstand was cut to fit conversion. Does anyone have the side panel dimension & counter top dimensions for a 1986 Soveriegn 29 ft.

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