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JaceBeck 08-13-2003 11:05 AM

Airstream Article W/Airstream Furniture Photos
Check out this article from today's Minneapolis paper. Click on the "Related Content" link to the right of the article for the "photo gallery" to see some of the new Airstream home furniture and new CCD models.

Edie 08-13-2003 11:40 AM

I get this message when I try to view the articles:

"To access content and features, you must be a registered member."

Astrodokk 08-13-2003 02:49 PM

I got in OK. The link to was cool. Wonder why this forum isn't mentioned?

Davydd 08-13-2003 07:04 PM

Getting to the StarTrib Article
The Minneapolis Star Tribune seems to be hit or miss in reading articles. Sometimes you get in and sometimes you don't without a name and password. They want you to register with a name and password without any further obligation or cost. That seems to be the trend with a lot of online newspaper editions. Once you do that you should have no problem reading their articles. Unless you have Minneapolis ties you may never revisit the site again.

I thought the article was well written and the online supplemental picture gallery was interesting. The article featured three airstreams--two vintage 60s models and one new International CCD. The online version has a 360 degree mouse interactive view of each of the three trailers' interiors.

I now know what CCD means. It is the initials of the designer, Christopher C Deam, an architect in San Francisco.

proxak 08-14-2003 12:04 AM

Link to the pictures
How odd, I was able to get in the first time, but then many tries later, still couldn't. Good thing for the "history" in IE, though, I was able to get back in to see the pictures with no problem. You can see them here... The navigation is in the upper right-hand corner (the arrows with the blocks between, it should be obvious but it took me a minute to figure it out). I like the interior shots of some of the vintage trailers.

pronunciation: "za-k" :D

53flyingcloud 08-14-2003 12:48 AM


That was quite the treat~

I enjoyed the picture~!!

(You folks never cease to amaze me..that's what makes this group the best~!)


proxak 08-14-2003 01:19 AM

You're Welcome!
I was earnestly trying to find a "back door" way in to the article but wasn't able to. At least the pictures seem unguarded, though. :)


85MH325 08-14-2003 06:17 AM

oh, puhllleeeezzzeee...
1 Attachment(s)

Airstream style doesn't end at the tail lights. A new line of Airstream furniture by William Alan Furniture of North Carolina echoes the curves of the famous trailers and replicates its simplicity and functionality.

William Alan Furniture of North Carolina introduced a line of Airstream furniture for the home last year and plans to add more pieces this fall. Crafted of leather, walnut and cherry wood and aluminum, the furniture interprets the "timeless style" of Airstream, said Alan Price, president of the company.

Courtesy of William Alan, Inc.

Published August 12, 2003
Copyright 2003 Star Tribune. All rights reserved.

I'm obviously as taken with Airstreams as everyone else... but furniture? What next, a line of designer Airstream beer cans? Capitalism at work...


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